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G.O.S.S Chapter 251: Fujitora

Hearing this, Roja’s eyes flashed slightly, but he responded calmly: “Ok I got it.”
There are many things that Roja was annoyed by after turning into an Admiral. There were many things to deal with, he also needed to visit Marijois frequently.
When Garp repeatedly refused the promotion, on one hand, he didn’t want to assume the responsibility and on the other hand, he found it annoying to deal with so many matters.
Roja and Garp had the same mentality.
Although Roja was prepared for a long time for the responsibility after becoming an Admiral, he was still annoyed. However, Roja didn’t stay at the Headquarters. There are many things normal people couldn’t handle, so an Admiral should do them.
Roja threw most of the document related thing to his aide. And the things that should be dealt by an Admiral personally were given to Aokiji and Sengoku to deal with.
Roja didn’t care much about what Sengoku said. The latter found it annoying that Roja was disobeying him but he didn’t mind helping.
“If I can recruit Fujitora, All those annoying things will be thrown at him. That would be quite good.”
Roja put his hand on his chin as he thought, after getting stronger Roja didn’t want to manage things, he needed to be the King of the Marine, not their commander.
In Roja’s view, Aokiji was the best at managing stuff, Even Fujitora was good.
Hancock leaned against Roja with a blush on her cheeks and whispered.
“What is it?”
“Nothing, it’s a little thing.”
Roja shook his head and tossed the matter of Fujitora aside. He smiled at Hancock and said: “We should do our things first.”
Hancock saw Roja‘s expression and suddenly her heart jumped in panic. “What’s our thing?”
“This one.”
Roja smiled and suddenly lowered his head and gently kissed her lips.
Hancock’s mind blanked as she didn’t know what happened or where she was.
On an unknown island which was medium sized and was full of hotels and people.
A middle-aged uncle was dressed in a plain coat inside a casino. He sat in front of a roulette table with his eyes closed. He had a lot of chips in front of him as he seemed to have won a lot.
Beside this man, a huge crowd of people gathered. They were all staring at this Middle-aged uncle full of smiles. They were waiting for him to make his bet.
Because he won more than ten consecutive times.
“I bet, White…”
The middle-aged uncle slowly took a stack of chips and pushed them forward slightly as he opened his eyes.
His eyes were extremely scary, there was no pupil, only the white of his eyes appeared, on his face, there were two obvious scars across his eyes.
He was blind.
There was no doubt that this guy is Fujitora of the original story, he was the one that replaced Aokiji after the war.
He wasn’t called Fujitora yet as that was his codename in the Marine, his name was Issho.
No one could think that this simply dressed guy who was sitting inside a casino could be an Admiral in the future.
“I also bet White!”
“Me too!”
As soon as they saw Fujitora make his bet, a large group of people made the same bet as him.
The dealer who was responsible for this roulette watched this scene and suddenly his forehead was full of cold sweat.
He bit his teeth and turned the wheel.
After the roulette wheel rotated, it finally stopped on a certain number with the color being White.
“Sure enough, it white!”
The gambler beside Fujitora all cheered up. The sound resounded all through the casino, causing countless people to cast strange looks at them.
And the dealer stood there with somewhat soft legs
At this point, a voice sounded.
Without anyone knowing, a young man in his twenties with a handsome and gentle face appeared.
It was Roja who came in plain clothes.
The appearance of Roja brought many strange looks from the gamblers. But the glanced for a little bit and lost interest, although Roja seemed like a wealthy merchant, he had nothing to do with them.
Only this Uncle who can help them win money is related to them.
Fujitora touched his chin and revealed a peaceful smile. Although he was a blind man, he still turned his head accurately to where Roja stood.
“It’s just luck, I am nothing compared to you. I am proud to get complimented by you.”
Roja’s eyes flashed slightly, but he smiled and repeated the same word.
Although he said the same word, the meaning is completely different.
Fujitora sat there and smiled again at Roja, then he turned his head toward the roulette again as he seemed to think about his next bet.
The dealer just paid Fujitora’s chips. At this time Fujitora continued to bet which made the dealer full of cold sweat.
At this time, Many people wearing black appeared suddenly from inside. They seemed to be the guards of the casino. Some held their swords and Some held guns as they walked over.
“Hey! All of you should leave!”
One of the guards said coldly as he glanced at the gamblers present.
After seeing the swords and guns, they all swallowed and abandoned their chips and retreated.
More important than money was, of course, their lives.
Quickly, only Fujitora and Roja remained beside the table.
Seeing that Roja didn’t leave, one of the guards was ready to step forward and attack, but the head of the casino frowned slightly and stopped the guards as he shook his head.
Roja’s looks and temperament weren’t ordinary. Obviously, he wasn’t a normal person. Even if they were aristocrats, they shouldn’t do anything to a noble.
In any case, they weren’t dealing with Roja but the blind man over there.


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