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G.O.S.S Chapter 252: Bets

“Hey old man, do you want to have a bet with me?”
The person in charge of the casino stared at Fujitora coldly then waved at the dealer who was sweating.
Fujitora picked up his chips and seemed ready to stand up and leave, but when he heard this sentence he stopped.
The thugs surrounded him with their swords.
“Since you are interested in playing, this old man will gladly accept.”
Fujitora took out his chips and looked at the boss of the casino in front of him then turned toward the table again. 
The person in charge saw Fujitora’s expression and couldn’t help but be stunned. He already inquired about this blind man before, he didn’t seem to have any strange background and he lived in a simple boat and wore simple clothing.
“How about this? We will have the same amount of chips and whoever wins take everything.”
The boss of the Casino said as he went leisurely toward the roulette and sat down in front of Fujitora.
A smile appeared on Fujitora’s face as he nodded and said: “Is that so? Then I’m in. I will bet all white.”
“Then I will bet all black.”
The boss of the Casino smiled and turned the wheel.
The roulette quickly stopped and it was White.
The boss of the Casino saw this and slowly said: “It seems that you are unlucky, it’s black I have won.”
Fujitora sat there silently and slowly said “It seems that I’m really unlucky.  I’m blind so even if I want to see anything other than black I can’t.”
Roja sat there leisurely watching this show and listening to their conversation.
In addition to gambling, it seemed like this guy didn’t have any other thing to do. When he made his appearance in the original story, everything he said has a deep meaning to it.
But it seems that even now it’s the same.
Roja felt that in most bets, Fujitora won’t interfere with the roulette with the power of gravity and can still make the right choice.
This made Roja has doubts, he didn’t know whether Fujitora reached the state where he can see the future or not?
That wasn’t impossible.
It’s very likely that everything Roja thought about before is wrong, after all this is the real world now, so blindness is a normal thing.
Roja ignored the casino’s boss next to him and looked at Fujitora faintly. “If you look at things, you don’t see a thing other than black, but you are alive and standing isn’t that the white?”
Fujitora smiled as he heard this and said: “Your advice is really profound.”
“Your words are the same.”
Roja quietly replied.
At this time the casino’s boss couldn’t help but be confused about this dialogue between the two but he still didn’t let Fujitora go.
“Hey, old man! You lost your money so what are you still doing here? Leave the chips and get out now.”
The Owner of the casino was no longer polite.
However, Fujitora and Roja calmly sat there and completely ignored him and his men.
Roja lightly said: “How about you bet with me?”
Fujitora calmly said: “I don’t know what you want to play.”
Roja’s eyes flashed slightly. “We’ll use the Roulette.”
Fujitora smiled and said: “What do we bet on?”
Roja looked deeply at Fujitora and said: “I don’t have money, So if you win I can do anything for you and if I win you will walk out with me.”
Roja wasn’t afraid that Fujitora won’t accept. Because in the original story Fujitora joined the Marine which means he didn’t mind joining the Marine.
Only that Fujitora is arrogant, he didn’t want to join from the beginning but he wanted to directly join as an Admiral.
“You tow…”
The boss of the casino looked at Roja and Fujitora with anger. He was ignored by those two and he couldn’t bear his anger anymore.
Even if Roja was a noble, this was his Casino.
He didn’t want to offend him but he will if he needs to.
“Throw them out now!”
The boss of the casino glanced coldly at the two and issued an order. The people holding the swords and guns immediately rushed forward and prepared to attack Roja and Fujitora.
But as soon as they took a step, They felt a terrifying weight on their shoulders which instantly caused them to fall to the ground with some of their bones broken.
All the people except Roja fell to the ground and their faces were full of horror. The boss of the casino didn’t know what just happened.
The boss of the Casino looked at Roja and Fujitora as nothing happened to the two of them and shuddered.
“You broke them…”
Roja sat beside the table and suddenly shook his head.  Then he turned his head toward the boss and his people.
This was the first time Roja looked away from Fujitora.
Such a simple look gave off a horrible momentum. When they saw Roja it was as if they looked at Towering Mountain.
And this mountain was made of numerous bones.
The boss and his man were scared. It was as if they looked at someone who wasn’t from this dimension.
They finally lost consciousness.
Fujitora stopped the gravity and looked at Roja seriously and said: “Your powers are really confusing.”
There was no one who could recognize his powers and of course, Fujitora couldn’t. Roja didn’t look at them normally. He used Haoshoku within his look.
Fujitora knew who Roja was and Roja did actually have the Haoshoku as the rumors said. 
“If it was that easy to see through, then wouldn’t I be too easy to understand?” Roja shrugged slightly.
A slight smile formed on Fujitora’s face, he didn’t expect Roja to say such words. He immediately felt that he couldn’t understand him even more.
Fujitora looked at the Roulette and said to Roja with a gesture.
“Please, please.”
Roja laughed and said: “If I chose white and you do the same there is no point in this. It’s better if we think of another way. I will be the dealer and you make the bet or the other way around what do you think?”


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