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G.O.S.S Chapter 253: Best Uses

This gamble is not really that important.
Fujitora was good at gambling.
As a Marine Admiral, Roja personally came and was willing to gamble with Fujitora. This already expression enough of what Roja wanted and there wasn’t any need to say it in words.
“White Number sixteen.”
Roja saw Fujitora holding the roulette as he glanced at it.
Roja didn’t know whether Fujitora really could see the Future with Kenbunshoku Haki or not. If he can, then no one could win as the two of them could see the future as the future can change.
After it changes they won’t have the time to see it again, as they could only predict that moment once and it will happen after a second, so if it changes it will be unpredictable.
“Good number.”
Fujitora responded gently and turned the wheel.
As the roulette began to rotate, the atmosphere between Roja and Fujitora became solidified. Crack even began to appear on the roulette in front of Roja.
At the same time, the table cracked from Fujitora’s side too.
After the tables, even the ground from both sides began to crack, the air seemed to have twisted and ripples started to appear but Roja still didn’t move.
Flames suddenly rose from Roja’s body and broke the restriction of the gravity. It burned the chair and table after it came out.
Fujitora’s look changed, he tried to suppress the flames, but under the heat, he couldn’t help but take a step back.
After this simple step, the flames around Roja suddenly disappeared. The table corners had already turned to ashes along with the chair. Only the roulette in the center of the table was left untouched. But it still caught some fire so only a little blurry character could be seen.
This somewhat rotten wheel stopped and the ball was actually on the 16th.”
 “Good ways.”
Fujitora didn’t show any expression of anger. Instead, he smiled and took back half of his sword that was drawn without anyone noticing.
Roja smiled and said: “You’re good as well.”
In this simple confrontation between the two sides, you could guess who is stronger. Fujitora’s ability is more suitable for this kind of games then Roja’s, but he still lost.
Roja stood up and shouted at Fujitora with smiled: “The Headquarters will need someone like you. There are three things that can be given to you.”
“You can make this old man do a little bit of effort.”
Fujitora smiled a bit. He had a long since thought about joining the Marine. But he had his pride, he didn’t want to join and start from the lowest rank to become an ordinary soldier and then get promoted little by little.
Roja personally came here and invited him with a bet. He already made his decision the moment he made the promise. All along he wanted to test his strength.
In Sengoku’s office inside the headquarters, An Admiral advisor started reporting to Sengoku angrily.
“You want this person to serve as a chief superintended of the headquarters.”
“According to Roja, this Issho is extraordinary. And since it’s Roja who said this, it mustn’t be wrong.”
Sengoku was sitting while drinking tea, If even Roja said that Issho had an extraordinary strength then he should be really extraordinary.
“It shouldn’t be a problem to directly assign someone to a high rank. It’s not the first time. However, how do we check the strength of this new guy?”
This rank will allow him to go to any meeting in the headquarters. Just live Z and Akainu still can attend and also like Tsuru.
This position just has less power than an Admiral but it its equal it in any other aspect.
“What you mean is…”
When Akainu and the one with him listened to Sengoku, they couldn’t help but stop for a moment. No one had any doubt about Roja’s strength. Even if he had nothing to do as an Admiral, he was more than qualified to be an Admiral.
The title of the strongest Marine in history alone is enough.
Even without him doing anything but standing on the Marines side can give a lot of pressure to a lot of pirates so they won’t dare act.
However, this Issho wasn’t anyone known before which made people doubtful.
At this time, Roja’s voice sounded from outside the door, and at the same time, Roja walked freely into the office as he laughed at the way Akainu was talking about his decision.
“Sakazuki, do you have a problem with the people I bring? If you think he isn’t strong you can try him yourself. I won’t stop you.”
Roja leisurely sat on the sofa inside Sengoku’s office. He swept a glance at Roja and said: “I think Sengoku wouldn’t mind either.”
Sengoku saw Roja coming. Of course, it was impossible to refuse Roja’s. Even he had some doubt about this Issho guy which Roja brought.
Seeing this, Sakazuki’s eyebrows frowned then he snorted and turned to get out of Sengoku’s office.
Seeing Sakazuki turn away, Sengoku wanted to stop him but Roja who was sitting comfortably on the sofa chuckled.
“I don’t care anymore. There is nothing I can do. We’ll talk about this later.”
Sengoku hesitated then he shook his head and looked at Roja and said: “Are you really to let this Issho into the new world at times like this?”
In the new world now, many people were trying to get Big mom’s seat as a Yonko which made the sea really chaotic these days.
The Marine finally managed to destroy one of the Yonko. And according to Roja’s opinion, the Marine established a base inside Big mom’s territory and send a strong person over there to protect that territory.
Doing that will completely cut the momentum of any pirate wanting to be the fourth Yonko.
After the Discussion between Sengoku and Tsuru, they thought that this was indeed feasible, but the problem was who to send. Sending an Admiral to base even if it was big would seem really weird.
“Issho? No, let’s send Akainu. I think he would be better as he gets angry too often an itch for a fight, just let him go there, this is the best he can do right now.”
Roja shook his head.
He wanted someone to do his job in the headquarters, how can he send him away after he finally got him.
Instead, Akainu would be best to go there. He originally thought of this so he could throw Akainu there. He dug this hole especially for him.
Sengoku heard Roja and spurted the tea he was drinking and looked silently If Akainu was here and heard Roja, they would definitively fight
Thing about this, Sengoku couldn’t help but curse in his heart. He didn’t know how he could think of this, no matter what Akainu won’t fight Roja even if he’s angry, it was impossible for him to match Roja.


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