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G.O.S.S Chapter 254: Fujitora Vs Sakazuki

Marine’s headquarters, Fujitora was being led by a Vice-Admiral under Roja’s command, He was getting familiar with the place when suddenly Sakazuki came over. The Vice-Admiral and Marines surrounding them saluted him.
Although Sakazuki was no longer an Admiral, his status was similar to one.
“You are Issho?”
Akainu walked to Fujitora, he arrogantly said: “Although I don’t know how powerful you are, you think you can wield the banner of Justice?”
In Akainu’s eyes, Justice can’t be measured by how strong a person is.
For example, Akainu still didn’t recognize Roja. Even though Roja was the strongest now if Sengoku retired one day, he wouldn’t vote for Roja to take his place, he would rather vote for another one.
“Dare I ask you who you are…”
Although Fujitora noticed the reaction of the people besides him and knew who was in front of him he till calmly said.
“This Issho, although lives in the Darkness without the ability to see anything, But my heart is like the sun.”
Fujitora placed the cane in front of him and said with a very calm tone. He was very smart. He could guess everything from Sakazuki’s attitude.
But he didn’t fight back, because he just came to the Headquarters and will serve directly as an Admiral advisor. There must be many people who are unconvinced of this.
On the surface, Fujitora was calm and easy to get along with, but his heart was very proud, he didn’t like someone looking down on him.
In the original story, when he came to assist the Arrest of low, he deliberately added someone from Doflamingo’s crew to his attack, so to prove his strength and make Doflamingo know that his an Admiral.
When Akainu heard Fujitora, he narrowed his eyes.  He thought that Fujitora was better than Roja.
However, the position he was going to be given was equivalent to an Admiral.
This world respects the strong, this guy wasn’t good looking, and he never heard of him before. He didn’t think that Fujitora would be strong.
If a person can casually appear and possess the strength of an Admiral, Sakazuki would doubt his entire life.
“It’s not enough to be just, you need the strength to apply justice everywhere…”
“This way.”
When he heard Akainu’s words, Fujitora slightly pulled out his sword half an inch and smiled at Akainu.
“If you want to test my strength, you need to make your move, right?”
Akainu snorted and no longer nodded.
The vice-Admiral and everyone who saw this scene couldn’t help but swallow. If they were joking they should stop now.
But looking at Akainu’s appearance, they obviously knew that they weren’t joking. They couldn’t stop them so they could only hesitantly retreat.
Although they didn’t know Fujitora’s strength, Akainu’s strength was well known. Losing to Roja doesn’t mean that he was weak. It’s just that Roja was too strong.
At the same moment, In the corridor at the top level of the headquarters, both Roja and Sengoku were walking while looking at the confrontation between Fujitora and Akainu.
Roja took a look lightly and said: “I think will need some repair work soon.”
For the battle, Roja wasn’t worried at all. Fujitora was directly promoted into the Admiral position which is very rare and to do that one had to possess an extraordinary strength to do so, even the Akainu, Kisaru and Aokiji won’t be able to do something like that.
Moreover, Fujitora had some strange gravity fruit. It should be able to easily suppress Akainu’s magma. As the later was a logia type with liquid form.
Sengoku shook his head and said: “There is no harm, if the Marine had another strong person, they should always show off.”
“That’s right.”
Roja leaned against the wall while watching with interest.
“In that case please be careful.”
Fujitora showed a gentle expression toward Akainu, but in the next moment, a terrible moment projected out of his body as he pulled his sword out.
The sword waved a few times toward the sky and disappeared, it wasn’t someone going toward Akainu.
Akainu furrowed his brows. He was ready to receive the attack but he didn’t expect Fujitora to have such a strange ability.
He couldn’t help but look at the sky, not only him, everyone looked at the sky above their heads.
The sky was blue without any cloud, but at this time the light suddenly appeared and was getting closer and closer. It was a meteorite.
Even Sengoku’s pupil shrank while he was utterly shocked.
“A meteorite! Are you kidding?!”
Although the rock wasn’t huge, if they don’t stop it, it will be enough to destroy half of the island.
Akainu’s pupil also shrunk, obviously, he didn’t think that Fujitora was this strong, he suddenly shouted and punched toward the sky.
A fist of magma suddenly shot up and greeted the falling meteorite in the sky.
The magma was splashed by the meteorite but it also got smaller, yet Fujitora made another move.
Actually, one meteor is enough to prove himself but he heard about Akainu from Roja.
With Roja’s guarantee that nothing would happen even if he provoked Akainu, he didn’t hold everything back, but he still didn’t go all out.
A terrifying weight suddenly fell on Akainu.
If it was anything else, Akainu didn’t fear it, he could directly turn into magma and avoid any damage, but this was different, this was gravity. He didn’t have any way to deal with it.
There are meteorites falling from the sky and under the gravity, Akainu couldn’t do anything to Fujitora, he finally turned into magma and everything around him turned into magma as well.


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