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G.O.S.S Chapter 255: Threshold

A deep pit full of magma formed in the area where Sakasuki was.
This scene was shocking.
All onlookers couldn’t help but swallow as they look at Fujitora with a look full of fear and awe.
Although they know how powerful Akainu was, he was crushed into the ground with a single blow. This kind of power is too terrifying.
The magma gathered and formed Akainu’s body. Even though he used his Haki to the Maximum he still was injured and blood overflowed from his mouth.
Fujitora attacked him and he wanted to resist then return the attack, but he lost that opportunity as he was injured. In a matter of fact, if Fujitora couldn’t injure him he would be too weak.
“You asked for it!”
Akainu was furious. Although he was not heavily injured his pride was. After getting beaten by Roja, he was injured by a new guy.
Akainu’s magma surged out as it moved to attack Fujitora.
But at this time, Sengoku’s voice was heard.
“Sakazuki, enough!”
Sengoku leaped from the top of the fortress and fell directly beside the pit and shouted at Akainu.
Inside Sengoku’s eyes, there was still a trace of shock. Although Roja said that he was extraordinary, he didn’t expect him to be this extraordinary. He has the strength of an Admiral at least.
“Sure enough!”
Sengoku couldn’t help but praise Fujitora.
Fujitora smiled at the praise and didn’t feel guilty at what he just did as he responded calmly.
“Small ants can’t do anything to a tiger.”
After hearing this, Sengoku felt like he was about to spurt out blood.
Small ant!
The Fuck is a little ant!
Akainu knew that Fujitora didn’t mean it like that, he was just expressing his humility but this made him suffer even more.
Because there is some idiom that says: “Unintentionally showing off does the best effect.”
After this simple confrontation between Fujitora and Akainu, the former’s reputation soared within the Headquarters.
Even if Akainu was stepped on by Roja, his strength was still at the top in the headquarters. And now Akainu actually lost to Fujitora showing how strong he was.
Like this, Issho officially got his code name “Fujitora”.
An existence with this kind of power had the right to possess a codename. After some suggestion from Sengoku, they finally decided on the original name he had in the story.
After being away for more than two months and a half, Aokiji returned to the headquarters and heard about Fujitora.  He directly went to Roja’s office.
“I really admire you Roja… Just going out you pick someone that impressive and come back.”
Akainu’s strength is well known, and him losing with just one move to Fujitora was something that no one could ignore.
Roja hesitated then he waved his hands.
“It’s just luck… By the way, you’re finally not busy anymore?”
Roja said the latter half of his sentence with embarrassment because the thing he had to do were originally his, Roja threw them to Sengoku and Sengoku pass them down to Aokiji.
Aokiji had a helpless expression as he said: “I really want to sleep for a few days.”
Roja smiled and said: “Then go to sleep. When you find time let’s grab something to eat, what do you think?”
What Roja wanted most now was sending Akainu to stabilize the chaos in the New world and make Fujitora take over his responsibility.
The Headquarters now have many talents, not only Roja will have his share of workload reduced, even Sengoku and Aokiji will have less work to do.
If he could find the Ryokugyu (Green Bull) In advance, then his life will be easier.
“Then I won’t be polite.”
Aokiji smiled at Roja then left.
After he walked out, Roja sat leisurely and began to sort out his thoughts.
Now using the Kenbunshoku Haki allowed him to see a few seconds from the future, which was a really useful ability.
Unless his opponent also has the same ability, then he can use it with his swordsmanship.
Mentioning the swordsmanship, Roja was stuck at the threshold of being a Grandmaster Swordsman.
His abilities, whether Senbonzakura or Ryujin Jakka has a very special style to them, they weren’t just some abilities without any profound secrets.
The reason Yamamoto was so strong wasn’t just because of the Ryujin Jakka or Zenka no Tachi, He was strong because of the sword style and moves he practiced.
“I think that if I was facing all the Yonko together, it will put an enormous pressure on me and my chances of winning are extremely slim. But if I was to ascend to the realm of Grandmaster Swordsman, even if my strength won’t have that huge of a leap it should make me stronger.”
Roja estimates what he needed to be able to face the world alone.
“However, The Grandmaster Swordsman realm is really hard to achieve. Although I already saw Kyoshiro, I still can’t really go past half a step into the realm. What is the reason?”
Recalling the scene of the fight, Roja couldn’t help but deeply think.
But he seemed to see was like a fog. He couldn’t see it clearly. He felt really close to achieving what he wanted, he felt so close that his hand could actually reach it, but he still couldn’t grasp it.
Just as he was thinking like this, a piece of information was transferred to him.
Taking a glimpse he saw that a former member of the King of Pirates’ crew, Rayleigh appeared on Shabondi Shotō.
The Marine has long known that Rayleigh was on Shabondi Shotō, But no one dared to do anything to him, because if they did start anything they will provoke the old crew of Roger.
Not to mention his own strength, even Shanks was part of Roger crew.
This terrible background and his own strength were what made Sengoku always close one eye to Rayleigh and that also included the world government.
As long as Rayleigh doesn’t make a move against a Celestial Dragon then everything is ok.
The officer who gave Roja the information stood in front of Roja and looked at him awkwardly.
At this time, Roja stood up and stretched slightly and said: “If so, then I will go there for a moment and relax for a bit.”
The officer couldn’t believe what he just heard. Didn’t the government and the Marine always close one on to what Rayleigh do?
And also, what did he mean by relaxing?!
Looking at Roja’s going out of the room, the Officer couldn’t help but swallow.


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