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G.O.S.S Chapter 256: Respect The Elders

Shabondi Shotō, This was an island made of huge mangrove forest growing out in the middle of the ocean, with each tree serving as an island. This was the closest place to the Fishman Island.
 On one of the shores of the island, a thin gray-haired old man was coating a large boat with the bubble.
Not many in the island actually knew who he is. They only know that he is an excellent coating Mechanic.
But his name is really known throughout the sea.
He is Silver Rayleigh.
“It’s done.”
Finally, the entire ship was coated. After he was done, Rayleigh took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead looking satisfied at his own work.
“Thank you very much!”
The owner of the ship wasn’t really a pirate, he was a businessman. After the coating was done, he looked gratefully at Rayleigh and gave him a bag of money and said: “This is the payment you can count it.”
Rayleigh took the bag and weighted it. He didn’t look closely. After that, he laughed at the businessman and turned away to leave.
Although he retired as coating mechanic, too many people still come to him for coating. He would accept or refuse depending on his mood, and he won’t really accept pirates who seemed like they can’t pay.
“This single business isn’t bad. I can buy a lot of wine now.”
Rayleigh carried the coating tool, pulled a jug and drank then smiled.
At this time, he suddenly stopped.
Because there was a man in front of him, this man was wearing the Marine Admiral’s outfit while standing and looking at Rayleigh faintly.
“It seems like Rayleigh-san likes to drink a lot. Do you want to have a drink with me?” Roja stood in front of Rayleigh as he talked.
When Rayleigh saw Roja appearing, he didn’t panic, instead, he smiled and said: “That will be on you, I am afraid that this pile of old bones can’t afford it.”
While talking Rayleigh untied the coating on his back and suddenly a sword was drawn from somewhere. He held it in his hands and his whole movement seemed casual.
Roja chuckled: “Oh, you said you can’t afford it but you have such a look. I’m not here to fight… But if you want to we can.”
As he spoke, Roja stretched his hand and grabbed the air, suddenly Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hands.
When Rayleigh heard Roja, he couldn’t help but laugh as if he was looking at an old friend of his and said: “There is no way. When you meet the Ghost Sword, you will have to subconsciously put the sword out.”
“Rest assured, I don’t bully the elderly.”
Roja said this and suddenly took the sword with both hands and waved at Rayleigh.
Getsuga Tensho!
Sturdy white sword energy emerged and went toward.
In the eyes of Rayleigh, a flash of strangeness appeared. The sword energy that Roja shot out was intensely strong and condensed. And it was stronger than a Grandmaster Swordman’s attack.
But as a Grandmaster realm swordsman, he felt that something was wrong.
Rayleigh greeted the sword strike with his. The sword energies collided.
The power in Roja’s strike was beyond Rayleigh’s expectations. In the midst of the collision, Rayleigh was pushed about ten meters before he stopped.
“The young those days really don’t respect the elders.” Rayleigh finally blocked Roja’s sword but he showed a trace of helplessness.
Rayleigh didn’t panic at all.
He was too old. But since he was in too much danger that he could remain calm in any situation he was in. Even if the entire Marine headquarters surrounded him he won’t panic.
As he said before, a bunch of old bones.
 “I respect the elders… This joke isn’t funny at all.”
Roja snorted, he didn’t expect the dignified Rayleigh to come up with a joke like this.
Just that sword strike was on a higher level of swordsmanship.
In this world, there wasn’t such a realm as Grandmaster Swordsman. it’s just a way a bunch of people called themselves.
However, in Roja’s view, Only people who understand the sword way can be called Grandmaster swordsman, or else everyone who holds the sword can say he was one.
The strike just now although looked simple, it was extremely eye-catching.
Almost instantaneously, countless eye gathered on them. Some pirates far away also noticed and were shocked.
“That’s… Admiral Ghost Sword Roja!”
After seeing Roja’s figure, some pirates directly knew him and were scared. Almost without hesitation they turned around and ran.
What a joke!
Even one of the Yonko was killed by Roja. Even f they felt confident in their power, they weren’t so arrogant to think they were more powerful than a Yonko.
There were also some courageous, calm and strong pirates there, When they first looked at Roja then they looked at his opponent.
“That guy is… Dark King Rayleigh?!”
Roger’s right hand.
Many people identified Rayleigh now, and since they knew Roja, their foreheads were overflowed with cold sweat.
Roja was the person standing at the top of the world right now, while Rayleigh was one of the last generations. How could those two big shots appear here?!
“Great news!”
There were newspaper’s reporters who happened to be in the vicinity. After seeing this scene, they continued to blink and then swallowed. Then they took their cameras out and started their scoop.
Although they couldn’t really get them on the camera, it can’t be helped as they couldn’t get too close. But it didn’t matter as they already thought about the title.
The strongest Marine Admiral Ghost Sword Roja, Fighting the legendary Dark king Rayleigh One of the Pirate king’s crew members and his right-hand man.
Between Roja and Rayleigh, there was a ravine that was nearly 100 meters in length. This ravine just passed from Roja’s feet to Rayleigh’s.
Rayleigh noticed the situation and couldn’t help but smiled.
“I am afraid that I could no longer stay in this island.”
Roja looked at Rayleigh and couldn’t help but smile: “You are not afraid that I really send you to hell?”
“I am old anyway. I will go to hell sooner or later.”
Roja shook his head and laughed: “Okay… Let’s take care of the elders and love the young ones.”
Roja no longer talked nonsense. He waved his sword and didn’t use anything other than Getsuga Tensho that moved toward Rayleigh.


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