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G.O.S.S Chapter 257: Confrontation and Comprehension

Rayleigh saw Roja waving his sword and could only welcome it with his own.
While Rayleigh played with his sword, Roja narrowed his eyes. He drove his Kenbunshoku to the limit and stared at Rayleigh’s actions.
His actions were unpretentious.
Rayleigh’s actions were perfect without any waste movement. His sword was like a newborn, pure and honest as it blocked Roja’s Getsuga Tensho.
“This is good!”
Roja’s eyes flashed and his figure flex in an instant and appeared in front of Rayleigh then waved his sword.
From the edge of his sword, light emerged.
Rayleigh defended while his sword was dyed black by the Busoshoku.
Rayleigh was curious about Roja’s swordsmanship. Why wasn’t it a high leveled one? And he still could use such a terrifying attack that even he found it hard to parry.
After this clash, Rayleigh retreated a few meters, but a crack appeared under Roja’s legs.
“Is that so?”
Roja’s eyes swept over to the corner of his clothes. He remembered the fight with Shiki and the battle Kyoshiro. His eyes flashed as if he found something.
He didn’t hesitate and attacked again.
“I haven’t used a sword for some time now. I’m a bit rusty…”
Rayleigh looked at his sword with a slight sight and finally, his eyes turned fierce. He held the sword with both hands and was going to bring his full power out. He drove his Busoshoku to the limit ready to use his ultimate move.
He was old, and no longer good with long fights. But in a short period, he could use his full power. Even if All the Marine Admirals were here, they should stay on high alert or else they would be injured or even died after this attack.
A Grandmaster swordsman going all out wasn’t a joke.
The swords collided. This time with slightly trembling arms, Rayleigh gained the upper hand as his sword was closer to Roja’s cheeks.
Roja had foreseen this using the Kenbunshoku Haki. He didn’t want to have a scar I his face like Luffy’s so gently tilted his face to avoid the sword.
Rayleigh couldn’t help but be amazed by what Roja just did. He couldn’t see the extent of Roja’s power, however with this simple action to avoid his sword he could see it clearer and clearer.
Although this sword strike seemed simple, It would be impossible for most people to avoid unless they could see it beforehand.
In another world, Roja had practiced the Kenbunshoku Haki to the extreme.
“What a terrifying guy…”
Even with Rayleigh’s experience and knowledge on Roja, He couldn’t help but feel shocked about this.
Many people were saying the next era will belong to Roja, it seems like they weren’t wrong.
Roja and Rayleigh continued to fight. Roja didn’t use Ryujin Jakka or else the Island would be destroyed. He simply fought with Rayleigh using swordsmanship and Getsuga Tensho.
He can predict the future and he can steadily control the situation.
As the continued, Roja was getting stronger and stronger. He had something that put pressure on people. Although Roja wasn’t a great swordsman, he got the determination to master the sword wish was unstoppable.
Even though Rayleigh was a great swordsman, after constant collisions, he gradually found it more and more difficult to suppress Roja anymore.
After another collision, Roja took another step back. At the same time, the ground between the two cracked open and a deep abyss appeared between them. An entire tree was split open.
The place was close to the sea. After Rayleigh retreated, he gently leaped into the air and dove into the water and disappeared.
Roja didn’t pursue after him, he held his sword as if he realized something and quietly contemplated.
Far away, a large group of people who were hidden saw Rayleigh retreat and disappear into the sea. They all swallowed and looked at each other.
“Dark King Rayleigh lost?”
Although it’s been expected that Rayleigh wasn’t Roja’s opponent, it was still a surprise that it actually happened.
Ghost sword Roja, The most powerful Admiral in the Marine History, he is already unstoppable and almost Invincible.
Roja was quietly standing in his place, no one dared to disturb him. They saw his fight just now and they still couldn’t hide their fear.
Just after witnessing such a fight, if he had a brain than he won’t find trouble for him, they could only hide and pray that he won’t see them.
“That kind of attack isn’t the power of air pressure… Or maybe it is after it was totally mastered. Another kind of thing evolved from it, a sword Energy that moves like a sword.”
Roja still without a move as he murmured, the door to the next realm, the Grandmaster realm is close. His soul was powerful which made his comprehension ability is on a whole different level from ordinary people.
If he couldn’t get to the Grandmaster Swordsman realm than he should just give up on learning Swordsmanship.
“I always thought that the sword pressure is the kind of power generated by the sword. However, the meaning behind the sword in that realm is quite different. It’s like giving life to the pressure.”
“A sword can be freely manipulated, Rayleigh isn’t just stronger than ordinary swordsman but he was also more flexible.”
Roja whispered, Even if he didn’t fight with Rayleigh, he could eventually realize this after some time, but in the end, he carefully observed his swordsmanship which helped him realize it faster.
For the first time, while fighting Shiki, he didn’t have any idea how strong that realm was. And if he didn’t awaken Ryujin jakka against Kyoshiro, then he would’ve definitively lost. Only this time did he saw through the Grandmaster Swordsman realm.


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