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G.O.S.S Chapter 258: After A Year

Just as Roja was thinking, his Den Den Mushi rung.
“Who is it?”
Roja gave up on trying recalling things and took out his Den Den Mushi and responded.
Just as he picked up and asked he heard Sengoku talking with a nervous voice.
“Roja did you go to Shbondi Shoto? Did you fight Rayleigh?!”
Sengoku couldn’t help feeling nervous.
Once they make a move on Rayleigh, Many forces would group up and attack the Marine. Even if Roja was terribly strong, he won’t be able to be able to fight all of those legends alone. The outcome would be unpredictable.
And knowing Roja, he won’t care about such a thing, that’s why Sengoku was so nervous.
Roja was thinking about swordsmanship and didn’t even hurt Rayleigh. Without bluffing, he won’t be able to win against Rayleigh if he just used Getsuga Tensho and his swordsmanship.
“Rayleigh? I respect the elders, so I let him go.”
Roja responded lightly.
Respect the elders and love the children…
Hearing such words, Sengoku had some black line appearing on his forehead, he wanted to punch Roja in the face.
Are you teasing me?
After recovering, he was pretty much surprised that Roja the troublemaker didn’t cause any trouble this time. To be honest, Sengoku was so surprised that he began to question whether this was Roja or not.
At this moment, sitting on the sofa next to Sengoku was Garp who was laughing.
“Ha ha ha ha, Roja that brat didn’t catch Rayleigh”
Sengoku looked at Garp and gave up the idea that Roja could turn for the better.
After Roja returned to the Marine headquarters, Roja started training and comprehending the meaning of the sword.
He was focused on training and didn’t do anything.
Sengoku was happy for this, it’s better for Roja to stay in the headquarters and do nothing. He didn’t want him to go out and cause trouble like always.
That is not good to his old heart.
One month passed, two months, three months… A year passed without Roja making any new movements. He occasionally leaves the headquarters to Amazon lily.
In this year, Roja broke through and embarked on the path of Grandmaster Swordsman.
The Grandmaster swordsman was really not a realm like he thought, In fact, there was no division of strength in this world, to begin with. There is only the strong and the weak. There wasn’t such a thing as levels.
“The sword field is about ten meters.”
Roja was standing inside of a practice room while he held his sword with two hands. HE quietly sensed the sound in the surrounding area. Suddenly, several bullets shot toward him.
This room helped him train his swordsmanship.
 Roja didn’t look at the bullets that came from every direction. He just made a simple sword movement.
The Bullets that were coming toward him stopped in mid-air after this movement. Although they stopped for a little bit they suddenly cracked from the middle and exploded letting out a mass of colorful paint.
Of course, those bullets weren’t real bullets but simple paint bullets.
“A sword can be a million sword.”
Roja took a deep breath and put away Sen Maboroshi.
The Sword field and the Sword range are two completely different matters. The range of the sword attack was the range that a sword attack can cover through the air. This exists for every swordsman be it Roja or the strongest swordsman Mihawk.
That range can cover a medium island or even a large one.
But Sword field is different.
The scope was smaller from the sword attacks. In fact, the word field is a word used by Roja to describe the realm he was in.
That scope is actually the place that he can display the fullest extent of his swordsmanship.
The Attacks would get weaker and weaker the longer the distance. Even if Mihawk tried to strike a Grandmaster from the edge of a large island to the other edge, he won’t be able to do anything to him.
But in the Sword field, it’s different.
As long as he is within the range, there won’t be any reduction in the power of the strike. Within this zone, he can move the attack as he wished.
The only limit is the number of attacks that he could control.
When he attacks in the Sword field, he can even divide this strike into a million swords.
This is why when Roja faced Rayleigh, even though he avoided most of the strikes, there was a part of his clothes that got damaged slightly.
There is another thing. The scope of the field is closely related to the power of the sword pressure. The stronger the sword pressure was, the wider the range of the field and vice versa.
“I don’t know how big is Mihawk’s field, is it 20 meters or maybe 30 meters? Or can it extend to the 100?”
After Roja had this kind of thought, he looked at the property bar.
Fifth stage: the perfect soul sword +5    
Attributes: Attack +2200, Strength +700, Agility +700, Physical +700, Spirit +700 
Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Met the initial condition)
Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.
Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped White energy attack.
Special attribute: Devouring- If an enemy is killed, Absorb part of their vitality and spirit power to heal oneself and replenish their consumed spiritual energy.
Energy: 216/390
Over the past year, Roja upgraded Sen Maboroshi 3 times. The properties improved so much. Although the improvement wasn’t so great, it was better than nothing.
Facing the two Yonko before, he almost lost in those two times, now he felt like he could win in a short time.
Unless a monster from the world government appeared, it’s not impossible to defeat Whitebeard and all of his crew.
This year Roja reached the Grandmaster swordsman.
This was 19 years after the golden pirate’s era began, Luffy was 14 years old and Ace was seventeen.
This year, Ace began his journey.


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