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G.O.S.S Chapter 259: Fire Fist Ace

(T/N: First chap of the 4th volume.)
Marine headquarters, Sengoku was in his office holding his head as he looked at Garp and said: “Garp, Tell me what the hell is this?”
“Hahahaha, Ace that stinking brat became a pirate.”
Garp’s eyes flickered for an instant, but he still laughed it off while eating with no care about the world.
Sengoku heard Garp’s laughter and couldn’t help but walk and grab Garp by the collar as he yelled: “You still laugh, Garp!”
“If you weren’t the Marine hero, I would have made you take responsibility for this, you bastard!”
Listening to Sengoku yelling in anger, Garp continued to laugh it off.
Sengoku was shivering and breathless but he had no way to do anything to Garp. At the same time, he had a terrible headache as he couldn’t completely ignore ace.
With Garp here, it’s impossible for Sengoku to send an Admiral to deal with Ace, and as for anyone below that level, they can’t deal with Ace.
Fire Fist Ace, Logia fire fruit.
Although the Current Ace is still in the first half of the Grandline, he was already famous. His fruit was one of the most powerful fruits.
Sengoku was still having a headache. he took a deep breath and shook his head: “There is still a vacant place for a Shichibukai, its best if we make Ace take that position.”
“He won’t accept that.”
At this moment, Roja who was sitting on a Sofa spoke while he was leisurely drinking tea.
Garp heard Roja and grinned: “Roja you seem to know a lot about Ace even though you weren’t in touch with him.”
“Garp, Shut up now.”
Sengoku saw Garp grin and couldn’t help shouting at him.
At this time, Roja slowly stood up and said: “Since Ace already reached the GrandLine and we can’t ignore him anymore, then let me think about something.”
Garp didn’t care about his face. Roja knew that he treated Roger’s son as if he was his own grandson, and Garp didn’t want to hurt his own Grandson as well.
Fortunately, this wasn’t Luffy. if it was Luffy than Garp wouldn’t know what to do.
Hearing Roja’s words, Sengoku’s eyes flashed. He didn’t expect Roja to say this. Roja wanted to make the trip himself.
However, this will make Garp more at ease.
“What are you going to do about him?” Sengoku asked.
“I will think about something.”
Roja shrugged and left the office.
Sengoku looked at Roja’s back as he departed and was silent for a moment, he looked at Garp next to him and sighed while shaking his head.
Forget it, Do whatever you want.
If it was only Garp, Sengoku could do something himself regardless of friendship, However, Roja already expressed himself and Sengoku could only hand this matter to Roja and ignore it for the time being.
In the First half of GrandLine, Roja was wearing a casual loose Outfit as he landed on a medium sized island.
“According to the information, Ace should be on this island.”
After landing on the island, Roja casually said and then walked toward the town.
The island was quite bustling.
Before coming here, Roja investigated this island and knew that many pirates were staying here. Because of this most people here are bullies and only a small number of people here are normal civilians.
Simultaneously, because there are Many pirates here, Many pirates hunters are here for the money.
It’s because of this that the Marines always ignored this island. After all, there is no point fighting as it is useless.
There are many pirates, if the Marine did make a move, then they can just go to another island. So it was better to let them be here rather than disturbing other islands.
Roja didn’t move for a long time before he saw a huge burst of flames in the small town in front of him, even though it was far away, Roja saw it clearly.
“Sure enough he is here.”
Looking at the flames, Roja said in interest, then he walked toward the town.
When Roja entered the town, he found many people that had gathered here. Most of them were filthy with some pirates amongst them.
No one cared about Roja coming close.
At this time everyone’s attention was gathered on Ace at the center of the town. Ace had just reached halfway through the first half of the GrandLine and he had a bounty of 200 million berry on his head already.
This is just how powerful the logia fruit is. When Ace just arrived at the town it naturally attracted the attention of the pirate hunters. Despite it being scary, some people took the risk to get the reward.
In the field, Ace smiled handsomely while wearing his orange leather hat as he didn’t put his opponent in his eyes.  After he pressed the hat on his head he clenched his fist and suddenly flames flew out of his fist.
Under the watchful eyes of the pirate hunter, Ace’s punch of flames directly engulfed him instantly. Even the house behind it was completely burned down.
“That’s… Fire fist Ace!”
“What a terrifying power, even the famous pirate hunter who specializes in killing those pirates with a bounty above 100 million isn’t his opponent.”
Seeing this scene, many pirates and hunters looked at the flames in terror.


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