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G.O.S.S Chapter 260: No One Dares To Provoke Him

Just after ace punched and killed that pirate hunter, someone flashed from his back with great speed and swept his sword at Ace’s back.
“That’s another great figure specialized in killing those with bounties over 100 million.”
Looking at the swordsman slashing at Ace, a lot of people started screaming as the sword went through Ace.
But, the sword passed through without any damage to Ace’s body, in place of blood there was only flames.
Logia devil fruit is common in the new world, but in the first half of the Grandline, it’s extremely rare. Every person who had a Logia devil fruit in the first half is a famous person.
“It didn’t work?”
The pirate hunter pupils shrank, he immediately retreated but ace already turned toward him.
A cross-shaped flame suddenly burst out, it hit the pirate hunter making him fly toward behind him, then he crashed into it. The house collapsed with flames all over it.
“Fighting a Logia user without Haki… At least use some Kairoseki.” Roja was in the crowd as he shook his head as he saw this scene.
Someone next to Roja heard what he said, he gave Roja a glimpse then snorted.
This isn’t the new world, Maybe there Haki users were normal, but here few people knew about it and fewer can use it.
But Kairoseki was known to almost all people in the seas.
At this moment, a voice came from the crowd: “It’s quite insightful… But even if they used Kairoseki, Captain Ace can still win easily!”
The person who spoke was one of Ace’s crew. The battle was because the hunters wanted Ace’s bounty so Ace said he will deal with them himself.
“Is that so?”
Roja glanced at the one who spoke.
Ace’s crew admired their captain, so hearing Roja he snorted and said: “Before this, wasn’t that guy using a weapon made with Kairoseki, but in the end, he Fell in front of Captain Ace.”
Roja smiled and said: “That’s awesome.”
Ace’s crew members heard that Roja also recognized Ace, They felt good in their heart. Roja now was pleasing to their eyes: “Brother why are here?”
“I am a Marine.”
The pirate exposed a touch of helplessness and said: “Stop joking around, you look more like a pirate. What is your bounty? 50 million?”
Roja: “…”
Without a word, Roja couldn’t help but touch his chin.
Do I really look like a pirate? Even if I don’t wear my uniform, don’t I look more like a noble? How can it be that I look like a pirate?
Seeing that Roja didn’t answer, he thought that Roja’s bounty was too low that he was embarrassed to say it out loud. GHe laughed then continued to watch Ace’s battle.
At this time, someone shot Ace, normally bullets don’t work on Ace, but this time his face changed.
He felt danger so he jumped to the side to avoid the bullets.
The bullet passed beside Ace’s body and a blood stain could be seen on his body.
Kairoseki bullets.
Perhaps Marines won’t use them, but some snipers would certainly use them.
Ace was a little angry, his eyes scanned the crowd while he was covered in flames he rushed forward.
As the flames swept by, the crowd of people suddenly felt while ace stopped holding someone in his hands.
The man caught by Ace was panicking as he fired two bullets at Ace.
Boom!! Boom!
Ace’s body changed directly as he opened two holes to let the bullets pass through. Ace couldn’t use Kenbunshoku so he couldn’t avoid bullets, but his instinct played that role which was amazing in itself.
Ace pressed on the man’s head and flames suddenly lit on his whole body. He looked at the crowd calmly and said.
“Does anyone still want my head?”
His voice fell, the audience was silent and no one dared to provoke him.
A lot of pirates looked at Ace full of envy, they were jealous of his fruit.
Still, no one dared to say a thing which made Ace full of smiles.
Seeing that no one else wanted his head, so he said: “It seems like no one wants to fight anymore, then I’m going.”
The people saw Ace started walking away.
At this time, a voice comes over saying: “I didn’t see you for a few years, it’s really been a long time, Ace.”
After this voice was heard, The field was silent.
There was someone who dared to provoke ace?
The people separated instantly so they don’t get caught in Ace’s anger. Finally, the one who talked stood against a wall with his hands folded on his chest relaxedly.
Here in the first half of the Grandline, Most people didn’t know Roja, but some could vaguely feel that Roja was familiar. Still, they couldn’t tell who he is even after searching their minds for a while.
“Who is this guy? How much is his bounty?”
“I don’t remember him at all, I estimate that his bounty in less than 20 million. he even dared to provoke Ace?”
Many people here were pirates, seeing Ace’s strength and daring to provoke him, either he was too confident in his ability or he was stupid. They didn’t have any impression on Roja’s bounty. Most of them estimated that he was stupid.
Ace felt the voice was familiar, very familiar, he had heard it before and he couldn’t forget about it.
After searching for the source of the voice, his eyes finally landed on Roja’s body, and the moment he saw him, his pupil shrank.
It’s Him!!


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