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G.O.S.S Chapter 261: Ace Suffers!

Roja walked out of the crowd without taking out his weapon. He walked as casual as he could while Ace’s gaze continued to change.
Other may not know Roja, but how could he not.
“It’s been a long time since I saw you. Did you come to catch me?”
Ace has already grown up, he no longer resembled that little kid from before. After calming down a little, he wasn’t afraid anymore.
The power Roja used before was terrifying, but now he is a logia fruit user.
Ace’s remark made the people around look surprised. Originally, they thought that Roja was an idiot who was looking to die, but it seems like Roja knew Ace since he was young.
What was the relationship between the two?
“No, I don’t want to catch you, you made some trouble for your elder. I just want to beat you up for your grandfather.” Roja continued walking as he talked.
When he heard the words Grandfather, there was a slight apology in Ace’s eyes.
But he knew that becoming a Marine is impossible. His father was the pirate king, Roger. Sooner or later this secret will be known to the world and at that time he won’t be able to stay as a Marine.
His only way to live is to be the pirate king just like his father.
“I’m not his biological Grandson. Since your already here, let’s make a deal!” Ace said then looked at Roja showing his battle intent in his eyes.
He knew that Roja is a Marine Admiral.
He wanted to be the pirate king so sooner or later he will become stronger than anyone even Roja. He obtained the Mera Mera No Mi and was confident in Fighting Roja now.
“Deal? Forget about it, I’m coming.”
Roja rubbed his waist and made preparation to attack. He didn’t wait as he waited for Ace to prepare himself.
A roaring sounded as flames engulfed Roja.
The people behind Roja were frightened. They fled as far as they could and the people on the other way couldn’t help wipe their cold sweat from their forehead.
“That guy is really an idiot. He wasn’t afraid of death.”
“He was burned completely.”
The people looked at the flame and couldn’t help but swallow.
But, the next instant, all the movement and voices of all people stopped and their expressions solidified.
Inside the fire, Roja’s figure appeared, he stood there while the flames were starting to extinguish without doing him any harm.
Roja’s hand was in front of him which meant that he caught Ace’s Hiken with his bare hands.
“This is…”
Not just the crowd of pirate and hunters, Even Ace was shocked.
In the next instant, Roja lifted his fist and just like Garp did it, he hit Ace on his head.
After Ace ate his Mera Mera No Mi, this was the first time someone was able to feel pain from someone hitting him with their fist. Suddenly a big bump appeared on his head.
Everyone’s jaws dropped to the ground in shock.
“What the hell!”
“Isn’t His fruit a logia type?”
All of Ace’s crew had their eyes pop out.
Roja looked at Ace as he slowly pulled his fist back and carefully said: “You’re still too tender to beat me. Oh yeah, I could light a cigarette using your flame.”
Ace as stunned by Roja’ words, he burst into flames as he rushed at Roja again, but it wasn’t an accident that Roja could hit him.
Ace was resolute in defeating Roja.
Roja didn’t take the initiative, he waited for Ace to rush at him, then moved.
Roja used Soru and disappeared from his place. No one could follow his movement while he moved.
At this time, Someone finally started to notice Roja’s identity.
“That guy… Is he…?”
“Hey, what are you talking about?”
Someone next to him noticed the expression on his face and couldn’t help but swallow.
The man looked in horror as he looked at the fight. Not only his tone, even his body was trembling when he shouted: “That guy… Is an Admiral!!”
The voice was trembling but everyone heard it after that shout, it was like a bomb falling on the crowd of people.
The one who talked to Roja before was like a sheet of paper as he turned paler as he remembered how he talked to him.
That guy turned out to be an Admiral!!
The name that all Pirate’s fear.
Most pirates here even after facing the Marine countless times, they didn’t see a vice Admiral before, let alone an Admiral.
Even if this was the Grandline, it’s just the first half.
Although many people found it hard to believe, they were seeing how Ace was being abused by that guy, Only people of the ranks above could make Ace suffer so much.


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