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G.O.S.S Chapter 262: The Revolutionary Army

Ace once again turned toward Roja, but he was still struggling to get up and continue the fight. But even if his will is firm, his physical strength is limited.
“Are you still trying to get up?”
Roja stood in his place while smiling. When he went to visit Garp last time, he wanted to give Luffy and Ace a lesson, but they were still too young back then and he couldn’t bully such youngsters.
But now, there was no problem at all.
“Well, I’m going to say a few words and only you should hear them, let’s make sure of that no one else can listen first.”
Roja looked at Ace who was still struggling to get up and smiled, then his expression became a little serious as Haoshoku shot out from his body.
Roja’s Haoshoku swept all directions, other than Ace, no one else was spared.
Ace’s eyes flashed, in the next moment, all the people started to fall to the ground like some pieces of domino.
After a few seconds, there was no one awake other than Ace and Roja.
Roja didn’t attack Ace anymore. he turned around and walked a few steps.
Looking at Roja’s back, Ace didn’t think of attacking again, he just took a deep breath and calmed down.
“Truthfully speaking, uncle Garp already knew that you can’t become a Marine, Something like that won’t ever become possible.”
Roja spoke slowly.
Ace was Roger’s son, if he were to join the Marine and become an Admiral, one day the news of his identity would be leaked, the impact would be terrifying.
Even Garp, Sengoku and the world governments can’t push down something that big.
Didn’t Garp understand this?
In fact, Garp was very clear about this fact, he just intentionally pretends he doesn’t. Garp wasn’t stupid, he just pretends he is.
When he heard Roja’s words, Ace stayed silent for a bit then said jokingly: “How can I become a Marine with this blood of mine? It is the same thing with Luffy.”
Roja waved his hand and said: “I can’t say anything to make you go back from the Grandline. What I want to tell you is that you have only one option to consider to make less trouble for Garp.”
“Although you are a pirate, there are pirates different than other pirates. Some things could be avoided. If you do anything like burning and looting, then you can forget about having Garp as a grandpa, I will throw you personally in jail.”
“Okay, I said what I come here to say. Now then, I’m going.”
After turning around to look at Ace, Roja shook his head and then left.
Ace looked at Roja leave, and all the strength that was supporting him to stand up was exhausted. He lied weakly on the ground while looking at the sky.
Garp, Roja, Luffy, Sabo…
One after another, those figures flashed in front of his eyes, eventually, he closed his eyes and sighed.
After giving Ace a lesson, Roja’s Den Den Mushi rang before he left the island.
When Roja picked up, it wasn’t Sengoku’s voice, but Garp’s. Roja heard Garp laughing through the Den Den Mushi.
“Roja did you meet that Stinking brat Ace?”
“I did see him, and I gave him a good lesson,” Roja responded with a smile.
“He deserves it!”
Garp clenched his fist and a bong suddenly sounded from the Den Den Mushi, then he said: “That brat still went out to be a pirate, does he want to anger me to death.”
Roja couldn’t help but smile as he shook his head: “You know why Ace is doing this better than I do unless we overturn the world Government, there is nothing we can do.”
Garp was speechless. Roja said that without overturning the world government, which means he’s thinking of doing just that.
Even though Garp hated the world government he still didn’t have any idea of overthrowing it.
“What about Luffy, Is he still going on all days saying he wants to be the pirate king?” Roja chuckled as he shifted the subject.
Luffy was fine, but every time Garp hear his name he would get angry and couldn’t help but curse.
“No!! I should go back to the East Blue again!”
Roja could hear Garp’s frantic tone and when he heard him saying he was going back to the East blue, Roja prayed for Luffy’s well being.
After hanging up, Roja walked on the sea as murmured: “This world has me, if something shouldn’t happen, it won’t happen.”
On the Grandline, Roja was sitting inside a hotel in some large islands. He sat beside a window, he held a glass of wine in his hand as he enjoyed the view.
After dealing with Ace, Roja didn’t return the headquarters. instead, he temporarily stayed in a nearby island.
While sitting by the window, he suddenly saw a familiar face in the corner of the street. He slightly narrowed his eyes.
An orange haired girl walking across the street then disappeared.
“Who is she… I feel like I know her from somewhere?”
Roja vaguely felt that she was very familiar. He thought about the name, but he shook his head again. Nami can’t appear in the Grandline. He thought again and eventually figured out who she was.
It’s Koala.
Like Hancock, she was a slave of the Celestial Dragon. She was freed at the same time and joined the revolutionary army. She was calm and often helped Sabo dealing with all kinds of things.
“The revolutionary army is here. It seems like Ace really cause a huge problem.”
Roja touched his chin and revealed a thoughtful expression.


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