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G.O.S.S Chapter 263: Koala

Koala cautiously walked through the alleyway and entered a corner with a dark door at the end. She then pushed the door and walked in.
“Oh, Koala you’re back.”
There was a figure in the darkness, his eyes were full of alert until he saw Koala and was relieved.
“How was it?”
This was also one of the revolutionary army, the Fishman Hack.
Koala said with a serious expression: “This country has temporarily settled down. What is our next plan?”
Hack looked at Koala and said: “Sabo and Dragon and coming soon.”
Hearing that Sabo is coming wasn’t a problem for Koala, however, Dragon was also coming which made her astonished as she said: “Dragon-sama is coming himself?”
“Well, they’re coming soon.”
Hearing Hack’s response, koala revealed a hint of wisdom and after some thought, she nodded.
“Yes, this country is a very important place after all. After Ace’s accident, although the situation was stabilized, it’s an advantage as well as a disadvantage to us.”
Ace, Sabo, and Luffy were brothers, Dragon saved Sabo but Sabo lost his memories. He joined the Revolutionary army and of course, no one knew about this.
As Koala and Hack were talking, the door suddenly was pushed open. Their heart jerked as they turned around directly. They saw a figure push the door and walk in.
Who was Roja?
With his current strength, he could easily follow Koala without her knowing and he could even listen to their conversation just now.
Koala and Hack were on extreme alert.
“The revolutionary army is moving undercover in this country as well. You guys really are everywhere.”
Roja came leisurely he didn’t have any desire to fight as he said: “I just heard what you were talking about, Dragon is coming right?”
“This guy…”
When Hack heard Roja, he suddenly felt his heart sink, his eyes were cold as he said: “You actually heard what we said.”
After taking a deep breath, Hack hesitated a little then started an attack.
“Kyojin Karate…”
Hack prepared to attack Roja without noticing Koala’s horrified look while she stared at Roja’s face.
When she saw Hack attacking, Koala exclaimed.
“Hack, quickly stop!”
However, Hack was unable to stop his hand and punched Roja.
Roja saw what Hack was going to do and waved his hand
Seeing this, Koala’s pupil shrank violently and her eyes were full of horror with her forehead was covered with sweat.
It’s really him.
When Roja didn’t attack she wasn’t sure about him, but as he waved his hand, she confirmed his identity. She was clever and in charge of all kinds of intelligence.
Marine Admiral, Ghost Sword Roja.
“Yes, I didn’t plan to come. Why don’t you bring a chair and we talk? I’m a little tired.”
After raising his hand and pushing Hack back, Roja revealed a slightly helpless tone then look at Koala with a playful look and smiled.
If Koala was asked to choose the most horrible smile she ever saw, she would directly choose Roja’s.
Thought constantly flashed Koala’s mind. She was smart. She was sweating profusely. She didn’t know what to tell Sabo and Dragon about this.
This is a big problem.
But no matter how she thinks, she didn’t know what to do or have any trick in front of the strongest character in the Marine.
In order to buy some time, Koala brought some chairs and gave one to Roja. Roja directly took it and sat down.
“When did you join the revolutionary army?”
“What is the revolutionary?”
Koala revealed a dumb smile as if she didn’t understand.
Roja snorted and said: “I will give you ninety-nine points for your expression.”
Koala was almost laughing, but there was a hint of surprise. She didn’t expect that the Admiral Roja was completely different from what she imagined.
Some rumors said that the Admiral Roja is a scary monster.
Roja sat there and looked at Koala and said slowly: “If you answer my questions honestly you won’t suffer.”
Koala bit her teeth and said: “I will never betray them! Never! Never ever! If you want to get information from me, it’s impossible!!”
Roja narrowed his eyes and smiled: “Is that so? It’s a waste that a beautiful girl like you will die this young. How about I torture you for a bit?”
Roja deliberately added the word torture when he spoke.
Koala shook her body, but her gaze was still stubborn as she didn’t open her mouth. It seems like she made up her mind to say nothing.
As soon as Roja saw this, he revealed an evil expression as he stood up and walked toward her while staring at her.
Koala was scared and couldn’t help but step back two steps and her body shuddered: “What do you want to do?
“It’s Time for your punishment.”
Roja continued to stare at her with his evil gaze.
Koala bit her lips and finally couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. Her actions made Roja full of sadness, he wanted to tease her a few times but he didn’t anymore. She was like Hancock, a celestial Dragon’s slave.
Roja finally stretched his fingers and flicked her on her forehead. She uttered whisper and stepped back while opening her eyes.
Is this the punishment?
 “Oh, I just wanted to play a little until the dragon comes here.”
Roja returned to his chair and sat down, he tilted his legs and put his hand to his chin.


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