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G.O.S.S Chapter 264: Monkey.D.Dragon

A large boat was sailing on the sea without a pirate flag not far away from a large island.
On the Boat, a man dressed in a dark green cloak was standing on the deck while the breeze blew his cloak.
“We’re reaching there soon.”
The man was Dragon, the leader of the revolutionary army, and the one talking was a golden-haired teenager, he was the Brother of Luffy and Ace, Sabo.
Dragon nodded and looked at the island. The corner of his mouth made a slight smile. During the last few years, the development of the revolutionary army became more and more rapid.
He is seeing the day where he could take down the world government and nobles. Although he still had a long way to go.
“You first go to Koala and Hack and tell them not to cause trouble.” Dragon looked at the island which was getting closer and said to Sabo.
The revolutionary army wanted to spread their ideas, and they didn’t want to have a direct confrontation against the world government.
Sabo nodded.
Soon, The ship finally reached the large island. Sabo directly jumped from the deck and landed on the island. He took out his Den Den Mushi and walked toward the center of the island.
In a secluded building, Roja was sitting leisurely while Koala was standing behind him massaging his shoulder.
Her eyes kept blinking. Her heart was tense and her forehead was full of cold sweat. She was eager to get rid of Roja but she didn’t dare to try.
Even though she was standing behind Roja, she didn’t dare make even a little trick.
“Well, if you want to kill me you can try.”
Roja looked at her with half closed eyes and sat there idly, he simply ignored what Koala wanted to do.
Hearing Roja’s words, Koala became stiff and couldn’t help but say angrily: “You are a Marine, of course, I want to kill you, but I am afraid that people will stay I bullied you and attacked from behind.”
Roja smiled at said: “I asked you about the Revolutionary army and you didn’t want to answer. I asked you to massage my shoulder and you didn’t want to and I even said you could try to kill and you didn’t. What do you want? Want me to beat you half dead and throw you in jail?”
 Hearing Roja’s words, Koala gnawed her teeth and was about to go crazy. If she didn’t know that Roja was a Marine Admiral, she would be killed him, but she knew that she couldn’t win. If she wasn’t worried about Dragon and Sabo she would’ve attacked without caring about her life.
“It’s really a big problem to go on like this…”
Koala’s heart kept on bouncing. She estimated that Dragon and Sabo had already reached the island and are on their way. What will happen if Dragon collided with the Marine? She didn’t dare to think about this.
And as time went by Koala’s Den Den Mushi rang.
The Den Den Mushi’s sound made Koala stiff again.
“Pick up.”
Roja got up and glanced at Koala: “Is Dragon calling? What are you doing say something, do I need to teach how to speak?”
Koala felt that this moment was longer than a year. Every second was passing so slowly. She took out the Den Den Mushi from her pocket to answer.
“Hey? Koala where are you? We’ve reached the island.” Sabo’s voice sounded from the Den Den Mushi.
Koala’s eyes were watering as she hesitated.
Roja’s meaning was very clear to her. She has to respond normally which means that Sabo and Dragon will come here.
As he didn’t hear Koala’s answer, Sabo asked with a strange tone.
“Ah that… Is Dragon-sama with you?” Koala knew that she couldn’t hesitate as she was stared at by Roja.
Sabo thought that Koala’s tone was strange but still responded: “We are separated now, where are you? I will come to you.”
“I’m here…”
Koala bit her teeth and suddenly shouted: “You quickly leave this island! The strongest Marine is here! Leave now!”
“What did you say?!”
“Hey! Koala! Koala!”
Sabo was stunned. He almost fell down as his eyes widened in shock. He yelled a few times but no response came from the Den Den Mushi.
Koala shouted a few words as if her strength was disappearing and hung up the phone. Then she faced Roja and closed her eyes.
Roja looked at her and couldn’t help but smile: “You said that and yelled than hung up. Do you really think Dragon won’t come here?”
With this Roja awoke Koala who was waiting for her death.
Even if she said that two Admirals are here, neither Sabo nor Dragon would withdraw.
She couldn’t help but think how stupid she was. At this critical moment, her brain was too chaotic and she couldn’t think.
“Oh, it seems like there aren’t many people who know Dragon’s identity, even you don’t.”
Roja looked at Koala’s appearance and couldn’t help but reveal a helpless smile: “Do you know my name?”
Koala started weeping and when she heard Roja’s words, she suddenly jumped.
Dragon’s identity?!
Her eyes looked startled and uncertain as she looked at Roja.
Roja pinched her hand and said: “My Full name is Monkey.D.Roja. You should already know that. Then Dragon’s full name… Do you know that it’s Monkey.D.Dragon?”
When Koala heard Roja’s words, she finally opened her eyes and revealed an expression of disbelief.
It wasn’t a secret that Roja was Garp’s nephew. 
However, other than Roja, Garp had no more relatives, and Roja also didn’t have other relatives too.
Monkey.D.Roja… Monkey.D.Dragon.
Isn’t this like saying that Garp, the Marine’s hero and Roja the strongest Marine ever and Dragon the Revolutionary are blood relatives?


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