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G.O.S.S Chapter 265: Sabo!

On the street, Dragon was walking wearing his dark green cloak while holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand. He listened and was shocked:
“What did you say, Sabo? The Marine is here?”
“Yes! This is an emergency!”
Sabo’s anxious voice was heard from the Den Den Mushi.
At this time, Sabo already contacted the members of the revolutionary army on the island and knew Koala’s location. Now he was rushing toward that place.
“This is indeed an emergency.”
Dragon revealed a serious expression. He wasn’t afraid of the Marine, but he can’t just ignore an admiral.
But suddenly a thought flashed through his mind.
“Marine Admiral… Would it be him? If it’s really him, then it would be something unexpected.”
This thought flashed and Dragon shouted: “Sabo, where are you right now?”
“I’m heading toward Hack and Koala!”
Sabo was running and didn’t even think that he could win against an Admiral, he was calmer than Luffy and Ace, but once a friend of his is put to the danger he will be impulsive.
 “Sabo, Wait!”
Dragon’s brows furrowed as he tried to calm Sabo but the latter already hung up.
Dragon was helpless and shook his head.
Fortunately, if it’s Kisaru or Aokiji, then Sabo could defend himself for a while and if it is Ghost Sword Roja… Dragon’s eyes flashed.
Inside the building, Koala was still stunned in her place after hearing Roja’s words.
The one pledged to free every corner of the world from the nobles and the world government also known as the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world was the son of the Marine’s hero, Garp!
“It seems like Dragon didn’t really tell you guys about this.” Roja looked Koala and chuckled.
“No… No… How can this be!!!”
Koala couldn’t believe those words.
Marine’s Hero Garp, the most powerful Marine Roja, the most wanted criminal and the leader of the revolutionary army… Those three are relatives!
“Why would I lie to you?”
Roja smiled and said: “If you think I want to cheat some information from you, then, aren’t you the one cheating information out of me now.”
The voice fell.
Roja’s face suddenly changed. Using his Kenbunshoku Haki, he could see a figure coming from the side.
That wasn’t Dragon.
If he didn’t guess wrong then this was Sabo.
 Roja turned around and looked at the doorway, and using his Kenbunshoku he could see that Sabo would knock it down.
“One person is rushing in, but it really is Luffy and ace’s style.”
Roja shook his head and laughed but he didn’t stop him.
In the next moment, Just as Roja had seen, Sabo slammed the door and rushed in while from the outside.
“Koala! Are you alright? I am coming to save you!!”
“Sabo… You…”
Seeing Sabo directly rushing in, Koala clenched her fists and black lines appeared over her head.
She really wanted to scold Sabo, this was A Marine admiral. Even if he wanted to save her, he shouldn’t have rushed over like that. He should’ve at least prepared something or come with Dragon.
Compared to Luffy and Ace, Sabo looked calmer and more rational, though it was only a little.
He noticed that Koala wasn’t injured and he was relieved. His eyes fell on Roja’s body. Although he knew that there was a Marine Admiral he didn’t know who exactly it was. Seeing this his heart sunk…
It was Ghost Sword Roja.
The Admirals of the Marine were powerful and Roja was recognized as the most powerful among them and even among the previous ones.
 “Koala, what happened to Hack?” Sabo noticed that Hack was unconscious on the ground.
Sabo’s words made Roja laugh, he stood up and said: “I did that, what can you do about it, are you going to attack me?”
“We’ll see.”
Sabo looked at Roja calmly.
Roja put his hand on Koala’s shoulder and said: “Before you could attack, she will be dead several times, do you want to try?”
This sentence suddenly made Sabo stiffen and dare to move.
Roja shook his head and said: “In some aspects, you’re really similar to Luffy and Ace.”
Luffy? Ace?
Roja said those names and Sabo glimpsed at him in confusion in his eyes. He seemed to vaguely think but couldn’t remember.
Seeing this, Roja shook his head and said: “You Have Amnesia?”
The name of Luffy and Ace echoed in his head and a strong headache started. He couldn’t help grab his head and yell in pain.
Koala screamed and immediately rushed past Roja toward Sabo.
“What happened to you?”
“I also don’t know…”
Sabo’s forehead was constantly dripping with sweat as he looked at Roja with a look of suspense and said: “I did lose my memories, do you know something?”
Roja looked at Sabo and gently said: “Yes, I know.”
Sabo hesitated. He knew Roja was an Admiral, he shouldn’t ask him for anything but he couldn’t help saying: “Can you… tell me?”
Roja chuckled.
“You just came here and said you want to attack me. You better clear this up first before I tell you.”
Koala stood beside him and said: “Sabo, are you stupid, he is not just any Admiral, the Ghost Sword. Are you coming here to save people or to kill yourself?”
“Save people.”
Sabo seriously said: “I will block him you go first.”
When Koala was beside Roja, Sabo couldn’t do anything. Now that Koala was beside him he relaxed a lot.
“Block me?”
Roja laughed, his figure suddenly flickered and he arrived in front of Sabo. He raised his fist to hit Sabo.
“Are you kidding me?”
Sabo’s expression turned awkward. He formed the Dragon claws with his and reached to block Roja’s fist.
But, Just as the claws touched Roja’s hands, it was directly broken.
Roja’s Busoshoku was really powerful now. He was only second to Garp. So, an opponent with Sabo’s power can be defeated without needing Sen Maboroshi.
Sabo didn’t think that Roja would be this strong. His name was Sword Ghost Roja but he didn’t use a sword. He wasn’t his opponent at all.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
A fist crashed into Sabo’s face, and like Luffy and Ace, Sabo also received his fist.
“This time, the three brothers got the same lesson.”


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