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G.O.S.S Chapter 266: Objective!

Koala looked at Sabo, her head was thinking, but she knew that it was impossible to escape.
She was worried about Sabo, but she didn’t feel any killing intent from Roja and she didn’t get to see him move. She couldn’t help but think about what he said before. Was what he said true?
At last, just as Sabo got his lesson, Dragon appeared wearing his cloak.
“I was a bit late and it seems like you gave him a miserable lesson.”
Dragon glanced at Sabo and then turned toward Roja and smiled.
Roja shrugged and said: “If I haven’t guessed correctly, you are training him to be your right, but he isn’t strong enough yet.”
This simple dialogue between the two made Sabo who was beaten up stunned. Is this a conversation between an Admiral and the leader of the revolutionary army?
Why was he feeling as if they had long known each other?
And Koala licked her lip and stared at Roja and Dragon, she almost screamed and even if she didn’t want to believe it, she can’t after seeing this.
Dragon smiled and looked at Sabo: “This lesson is good for you, you stand y the door and don’t allow anyone to enter or leave.”
Sabo and Koala were Dragon’s most trustful people. But even so, he didn’t reveal his identity to them. Now that they met Roja here, Dragon was ready to tell them.
But this matter is a really dangerous, so the fewer people who knew the better.
Sabo didn’t lose his ability to move, but he still had a big bump on his head. He subconsciously responded and didn’t dare to look at Dragon and Roja as he was really embarrassed.
Dragon drew slightly toward Sabo.
“Don’t worry, there is no danger here, I will tell you about it later.”
Sabo nodded and although he was confused he still did what Dragon said and moved toward the door.
When Roja saw this, he smiled and said: “isn’t this dangerous? You’re not afraid that I might throw you all in jail?”
“How is father’s body?”
“No problem.”
Roja sat down and shook his head: “But he is slowly getting weaker.”
Dragon sighed walked beside Roja and brought a chair and sat down and said: “No one can keep being the strongest and even Whitebeard isn’t your opponent now.”
“It’s really amazing that I’m talking about your achievement now.” Dragon turned to look at Roja and his eyes flickered softly as he said: “I still remember meeting you about ten years ago and now after ten years we met again.”
“I was surprised when you defeated Doflamingo at first. At that time I wanted to meet you. I didn’t come because of my status and various other things.”
Roja sat and listened quietly.
Roja came to this world After Roger’s death by 11 years and the event Dragon is talking about, he wasn’t the one that lived it. He had no memories from this world before he crossed over.
At this time, Koala still had some difficulties calming down.
Those three are really a family. They are blood relatives. What’s wrong with that family?!
If Koala knew that Dragon’s son wanted to be the pirate king, and was saying so all day, she would probably die from shock.
Speaking of this, Dragon couldn’t help but smile.
Roja shrugged.
“I’m not that free to catch you for the sake of the world government, if I’m going to catch, it’s for the sake of bringing you to Garp. You will have a really painful lesson.”
Listening to Roja’s words, Dragon showed a slight apology on his face as he shook his head: “I didn’t go to see him for many years because our positions are different. There won’t be anything to say when we meet. And I cannot guarantee that he won’t fight.”
“Oh, I understand.”
Roja’s face showed a trace of mockery: “True freedom isn’t bound by anything. Do you think I will be constrained by my position?”
Dragon laughed for a while then stopped and said: “Although we all long for freedom, but the way is different, the idea can’t be exactly the same.”
In Dragon’s eyes, Garp hated the world government but for order and peace, he chose to stand by their side. Roja didn’t care about the government, although he was a Marine, he was more like a pirate.
As for himself, he can’t tolerate the world government and he didn’t care less about them just like Roja. His goal is to overthrow them.
Dragon looked at Roja and sighed: “You are in the Marine. Someday you will encounter a problem with your position. But I think you should have already made your decision.”
Roja smiled a little and said: “A position can’t bind me. The so-called position is to bind the mortals. How could the god in the sky be bound?”
The content of this sentence is extremely arrogant, but he said it in a plain tone.
Hearing Roja’s words, Dragon’s eyes flashed and his eyes flashed with a trace of shock. His heart was startled and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
“It turns out this is your goal… It’s really ambitious.”
Dragon understood most of Roja’s behavior, but he didn’t know his goal. Now that he knew, it’s better than his plan to overthrow the world government.
Being the pirate king is very difficult and many couldn’t do it, it’s even harder than overthrowing the world government.
The world government kept standing for 800 years, and in those years there was no shortage of people like Whitebeard and Roger. However, no one could shake the world government.
It’s extremely difficult to do that, however, when he heard Roja, he marveled.
The god standing in the sky!
 In this world, Nobles always claimed to be gods. But in Dragon’s eyes, it was nothing more than a noble being arrogant.
Roja wasn’t a noble. If he wanted to become a god, he will have to step on the nobles and the world government and the entire world.
No wonder that Roja didn’t care about his position.
However, if he wanted to do it, even if he had the same power as Whitebeard, it will still be far from enough. He needs to be stronger than the Yonko and even stronger than the ancient weapons.
If any other person said this, Dragon would think he is crazy.
But Roja was different.
Roja is now standing at the pinnacle of the world. Even Whitebeard couldn’t be his opponent anymore. If anyone is closest to being a god, it’s definitively Roja.
If Roja was so powerful now and still wanted to be stronger, that would be extremely difficult, more difficult than overthrowing the world government.
He doesn’t think that Roja can really do it.


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