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G.O.S.S Chapter 267: Goodbye Robin!

“Is he really gone?”
Looking at the direction Roja disappeared in, Koala’s face was full of disbelief. Although Roja was talking to Dragon from the beginning to the end, he didn’t have any intention to fight. He just sat there giving them pressure.
Dragon was also looking at the street.
“He’s gone.”
With Dragon’s affirmation, Koala finally breathed in relief as did Sabo. He was beaten by Roja which made him understand how far was he from reaching the level of Roja.
Originally in the Revolutionary army, he had no opponent except for Dragon. Roja finally made him see how weak he was.
“I don’t know what to Say. Dragon-sama You actually…”
“Only the two of you know about this, Hack just woke up, don’t tell him! Don’t tell anyone else. Understood?”
Dragon’s face sank as he spoke to Koala and Sabo.
Sabo and Koala nodded together.
“Take care of Hack.”
Dragon told them just this one sentence and no longer bothered with them. He just looked at the direction of which Roja left deeply.
Above the world… I hope you can really make it.
Roja didn’t really hate Dragon’s idea, If he really extinguished the world government in the future, perhaps he would give the management to Dragon.
Before that, he must have the power to do overpower the world government.
At least, for now, his strength is far from enough. Even if he stepped in the realm of The GrandMaster Swordsman and that rose his power greatly, the world government stood in its position for 800 years.
Roja was confident in destroying any of the Yonko alone now, that’s including Whitebeard. However, facing the world government still gave him pressure.
Even if he is the strongest in the world, it’s only when comparing personal strength.
“My strength isn’t enough.”
Roja walked in the sea while looking at the distance faintly.
Zanka no Tachi can be used after reaching the eighth stage. However, in Roja’s view reaching the sixth stage is enough for him to be above the world.
Taking a deep breath, a thought flickered suddenly in Roja’s mind, then he said: “It seems like I have promised I would visit Alabasta. It’s about a year now, I should go.”
Roja didn’t need a pointer to point at Alabasta, he could go there just by looking at the map and determining his position than directly move is a straight line across the sea.
It’s impossible for a normal person to do that. The storm in the Grandline weren’t trifling matters, but even that isn’t the greatest danger, the most fatal danger in the sea is the Giant Sea Kings.
But for Roja, those were nothing.
Alabasta is located in the first Half of the Grandline, it’s not that far from the island that Roja met Dragon in.
The large island they met in was very developed and the weather was very good. But Alabasta was a desert and very little would there be a rainfall.
It’s evident that the weather in the Grandline is unpredictable.
“Dry and Hot, I like thing place.”
The sun was hung in the sky while Roja was walking in the desert. It was so hot that the water would directly evaporate. But Roja wasn’t bothered by this at all. He had Ryujin Jakka, him being afraid of heat is a stupid joke.
For Roja, this was the first time coming here, although he came to the first half Many times before, he didn’t visit here before.
Roja quickly reached the capital of Alabasta.
Although the desert outside seemed unending, the country was very prosperous, many people on the street were coming and going. Roja’s outfit was that of an outsider, but this place always welcomes people from different places, so no one was surprised.
While walking, suddenly there was a commotion in front of him. He saw a few vicious people, armed and rushing out of a store while holding a bag in their hands. It was apparent that they just stole the store’s money.
This attracted many people’s attention, but when they saw the swords and pistol, they looked at each other and didn’t dare to step forward.
“Someone call the guards.”
Someone saw this and quickly took a deep breath and hurried to call the guards.
“Stop him!”
Those thieves were led by the one holding a sword, who is also the one who shouted to stop the guy from calling the guards.
Roja happened to see this and shook his head: “How many pirates like Luffy and Ace are there in the world?”
He was about to get rid of the pirates, but suddenly he stopped and a flash of discomfort appeared in his eyes.
Those Several pirates who grabbed the money slowed down and they escaped.
“How much did we get?”
“About 300 thousand belly.  That shop is really poor!”
A man holding a purse with one hand and a cigarette in his mouth said: “Not even one-fifth of boss’s bounty!”
Hearing this, the boss who was having two swords on his back said coldly: “Do you want to trade my head for money?”
“I don’t dare…”
The pirate with a cigarette smiled and said: “I’m just praising you for having 16 million for your bounty.”
For many pirates, the bounty on their head is their pride and they like to show it off.
Hearing this, the boss snorted and ignored his subordinates.
But, just when they were going to leave Alabasta completely, someone appeared in front of them.
“Double sword Sole, Reward 16 million… You actually came to the capital of Alabasta?”
“Who are you?”
Looking at the one who knew his identity, he stood up alerted.
And at this time, They looked at the dark-haired girl. Her pupil suddenly shrank and couldn’t help but say: “I remember you. You are The Demon’s…”
Before he could continue his words, Arms grew from his neck and twisted it. With crack sound, he fell to the ground.
Looking at pirates that were killed directly, Robin shook her head.
“There is no news. This group of pirates came here so probably Mr11 was probably killed by them.”
Robin now was under Crocodile. Crocodile wanted to control Alabasta, so any pirate stepping into Alabasta would have to face the Baroque works.
Usually, the member wouldn’t fail but once they do Robin would take care of the mess.
Just as Robin dealt with Mr11’s Death, a voice came over that made her heart jump from fright. 
“It’s been a long time since I last saw you, Niko Robin!”


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