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G.O.S.S Chapter 268: Crocodile!

Roja was very calm. When Robin saw him she couldn’t hide her shock.
The first thing that came to her mind was that Roja was here to catch her?!
This idea appeared for a moment but disappeared as fast as its appearance. Roja could catch a long time ago but he didn’t. Now he had the statue of a Marine Admiral, him coming here personally for her isn’t very likely.
“It’s been a long time.”
Robin quickly calmed down, but there was still a drop of sweat on her forehead. In this world, few people made her unable to calm down and one of them is Roja.
“I didn’t think that someone as great as you would come to Alabasta.”
“Are you making fun of me?”
Roja shrugged and said: “It’s impossible for an Admiral to stay in the Headquarter. It’s like a jail.”
Robin has completely regained her calmness. Compared to many years ago, Roja was the same person. She is now mature. she was the same mature Robin in the original story.
 “It looks like you didn’t come for me.”
“You are now a member of Crocodiles crew. According to the treaty of the Shichibukai, I have no right to arrest you.” Roja said leisurely.
Robin listened to Roja and couldn’t help but chuckle: “Would you abide by the rules in the treaty made y the world government?”
Roja said: “I only saw you once. I didn’t expect you to know me so well. It seems there is no lack of information on me.”
Robin and Roja communicated in a relaxed tone. The tension on her mind was completely gone. So Roja couldn’t help but ask “You collected information about me?”
Roja touched his chin and smiled: “Since you know that I won’t care about the rules, aren’t you afraid of me at all?”
Although Robin smiled calmly, Roja teased her like this last time and he did the same thing now, but he was an Admiral now. Robin was very nervous as she couldn’t see through him at all.
There should be a reason why Aokiji participated in the slaying of Ohara or so though Roja.
“Are you afraid that I will catch you?”
Robin used small hand to hold her chin and looked at Roja and said: “You can do whatever you want no one can stop you.”
These words made Roja very happy, If it was dragon saying this he wouldn’t care much, but Robin saying this had a completely different feel.
“Since you said that, I will let you go.”
Roja turned around leisurely to leave and then his figure disappeared from in front of Robin.
After he went, Robin took a deep breath in relief.
Facing such an existence, even if it was Robin, it would be impossible to say she wasn’t nervous.
“It only took him a few years…”
Robin looked at the direction of his departure with a complicated gaze in her eyes. She just couldn’t imagine that the guy she encountered before would turn into an Admiral in just a few years.
At that time, Roja was somewhat immature. Those memories couldn’t help but emerge inside her head.
Although Roja’s appearance made her had some confidence, Roja made her feel really terrible with his power-ups over the years. Even she still wanted to collect the Poneglyphs.
Robin stood there for a while and then she cleaned up and returned.
The Baroque works were very strict. There were only a few people who came in contact with Crocodile. Robin went all the way to the deepest office.
She opened the door and walked in.
Crocodile was sitting at the desk and looking out of the window.
“Is Mr11 dead?”
“Letting someone entering Alabasta like that, even if he isn’t dead he isn’t needed anymore.” Robin calmly responded.
Crocodile was having his cigar, the smoke lingered in the air as he said: “What a useless waste, even if he’s alive, kill and replace him. But these are small things…”
After saying this, the atmosphere suddenly changed and his Hook suddenly appeared before Robi’s face. Crocodile seemed like he completely saw what’s inside her heart. Robin was having trouble breathing due to the atmosphere.
After some silence, Crocodile opened his mouth with a tone full of coldness and said: “You seem to know The Ghost Sword Admiral?”
This sentence made Robin pupil shrink.
She immediately thought a lot, she just met Roja, how could Crocodile actually know this? How can he know?!
“No, I have nothing to do with him.”
Robin took a deep breath and murmured.
“No relations at all?”
Crocodile walked toward Robin with cold in his eyes. If she wasn’t of use, he would’ve already killed her.
He arranged for this country to be his, at the same time he was looking for the ancient weapon Pluto which will help him dominate the world.
Suddenly someone told him that Robin met with a Marine Admiral. He couldn’t help but feel threatened.
“Although I don’t know what you talked about, but… The Ghost sword Roja met with the devil’s child and didn’t kill you. And you say there is no relationship between you two, do you want me to believe that?”
In the eyes of Crocodile, coldness and murderous intent were directed at Robin. There must be no leakage of his plan. Once it’s revealed that he wanted Pluto. The world government would cancel his position as one of the Shichibukai and his plan would fail horribly.
Listening to Crocodile’s words, Robin knew that he wanted to kill her, his plan was dangerous and he didn’t trust anyone.
Robin continued to think of a way to get out of this but she couldn’t find a way, her heart sank to the bottom and became helpless.


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