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G.O.S.S Chapter 269: Shot!

Looking at Nico Robin in front of him, Crocodile’s eyes were full of killing intent.
 Although he didn’t know what Robin said to Roja, obviously he won’t trust her again. His plan isn’t allowed to stop.
Regardless of whether Robin leaked something or not he won’t let her go.
In the next moment, Crocodile suddenly made a move and the golden hook in his hand leaped toward Robin with great speed. Apparently, he was going for the kill, he didn’t show mercy.
Although Robin anticipated Crocodile would have her killed, the gap in power was too great and even if she was prepared she can only try avoiding it.
“Treinta Fleur: Clutch!”
Since he already wanted to kill her, there is nothing for her to say, she was decisive. She immediately put her hand in front of her and thirty arms grew from Crocodile body and wanted to snap his neck.
Under the twist, Crocodile’s body turned t sand and scattered on the ground. His fruit is Logia which is hard to deal with.
Robin knew her attack won’t have any effect. After this attack, she immediately turned around and tried to escape out of the office.
But, almost the next instant, the sand filled the corridor and was about press against Robin.
Robin’s heart sank and turned around but that path was also blocked by sand.
Her heart suddenly sank completely. Such a situation was expected by her at all, she was desperate and there was no way she will be able to escape today.
Some sand gathered and Crocodile’s figure formed, he smoked his cigar and looked at Robin indifferently. He looked at her like she is dead already.
“You should be very clear about my strength. There is no need for unnecessary resistance. Just die quietly.”
Crocodile coldly said and his sand moved from all direction to crash Robin. If this continues Robin would be buried under the sand.
At this time…
A sword attack appeared from the wall behind Robin and all the sand going for Robin was thrown away.
The strike continued forward and didn’t stop at all, everything on it way was cut in half. Finally, all the place cut in half.
Seeing this, Crocodile’s pupil shrank and shouted.
Behind the wall, Roja held his Sen Maboroshi in his hand and walked casually.
“How are you doing?”
Roja glanced at Robin and then looked at Crocodile.
Originally he bid farewell to Robin and was ready to directly go to Cobra and Vivi, But before he was halfway there, he sensed the presence of Crocodile.
Alabasta was a desert, Crocodile’s fruit is sand, so when if he wanted to sneak on someone he or spy, he could do it without anyone noticed. But this was Roja were talking about how could he not notice.
And after coming, Roja was startled to see Crocodile actually attacking Robin and wanted to kill her.
Robin was actually desperate, she felt helpless and didn’t think Roja would come and save her. She felt weird in her heart as she looked at Roja who came for her rescue.
She didn’t know what she should say.
“Ghost sword…”
When Crocodile saw Roja, his pupil shrank and finally, his heart sank. His expression became serious. He didn’t look at Robin again but looked at Roja with cold eyes.
“You still won’t admit it?”
Robin didn’t answer yet but Roja asked strangely.
“When he heard Roja talk, Crocodile looked at Roja coldly and asked: “What is your relationship? What did she say to you?”
Hearing this, Roja’s eyes flashed and he understood what was happening.
Before Robin returned, she met him and Crocodile knew this. He doubted that she would tell about his plan and decisively wanted to kill her.
“Well, I didn’t think that I will bring a disaster to you. This is really…” After Roja understood what was going on he looked at Robin helplessly.
Robin looked at Roja “What will you do?”
Roja shrugged and said: “I’m going to fix this.”
 Damn it!
Hearing Roja’s words, Crocodile eyes flashed coldly and no longer hesitated. He directly moved and rushed toward Robin and Roja.
But in the next moment, without waiting for the sand to completely surround them, they broke free.
Roja stood in the scattered sand waves, his face showing disdain as he said: “Crocodile… You want to hide something so much, but if want to deal with you I need to know what you’re hiding. So tell me, what were you scheming?”
Crocodile was furious in his heart. He was a man who dared to face Whitebeard. He didn’t even hesitate to face Sengoku. Although he was jealous of Roja strength, it wasn’t enough for him to ask for mercy.
Moreover, Alabasta was a desert, the best environment for him.
Crocodile’s body suddenly turned into sand and scattered. A sand thorn suddenly appeared from the ground and attacked Roja and Robin.
Roja spoke to Robin.
Even if he didn’t say so, she was going to retreat, she didn’t dare to get far from Roja and she just stayed behind him so to ensure her own safety.
“I’ve been playing with Alabasta in a relaxed and happy mood. And that was completely destroyed by you, Crocodile.”
Roja shook his head and Sen Maboroshi shook in his hand.
Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!
Hundreds of thousand of Sakura petals emerged and the entire place was cut to pieces, at the same time all the sand was torn apart while the petals continued toward Crocodile.
“Not good!”
Crocodile didn’t hesitate, here couldn’t fight Roja here, he decisively retreated while constantly blocking the petals. He rushed toward the desert outside the city.

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