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G.O.S.S Chapter 270: Compensation!

In the Sandstorm, hundreds of thousands of Sakura petals were moving without stop. After some time they returned to Roja’s hand and formed Sen Maboroshi again.
Crocodile’s sandstorm was simply unable to withstand Roja’s attack.
Robin looked at this scene shocked. She was desperate because she couldn’t face Crocodile who wanted to kill her. But Roja forced him to retreat.
Although Robin heard a lot of Roja’s strength, witnessing it directly is a completely different thing.
Crocodile knew that he can’t stop Roja this easily, he continued to retreat and waved his hand at Roja.
 A tornado started to form in the sky and was going directly toward Roja.
Many civilians were shocked when they saw the tornado that appeared from nowhere. Some people who were close couldn’t really get out of its way.
“This is really troublesome.”
Crocodile didn’t want to fight Roja here and Roja was too lazy to fight as it was easy for him to make a big mess.
Roja put up Sen Maboroshi and waved twice, these two attacks stopped the tornado.
The civilians who were caught up in the tornado fell down like dumplings. Fortunately, because of the sandstorm, the streets were full of sand, so they fell into the sand.
Roja put Sen Maboroshi away and shook his head as he looked at Crocodile retreating. He turned around and looked at Robin who said: “Should you chase after him?”
Robin sank a bit and seriously said: “You should watch out!”
Roja heard this and chuckled.
“It’s okay. I’m in a good mood today. I’m too lazy to be bothered by him… Say, I just destroyed your place in here. I have always compensated when I caused a mess. So what do you want as a compensation?”
Robin couldn’t answer Roja’s question. An Admiral with the title of the strongest in history said that he would compensate her. She didn’t know what to say.
After all, their position is clearly too far apart from each other.
Now after Crocodile wanted to kill her, she needs a new place to live, so she just said: “How about you send me to a nearby island?”
Roja smiled and said: “You’re really too careful.”
Finally, a large number of guards rushed toward that street. They held their sword and saw that the street was full of sand. They couldn’t help but look at each other in confusion.
What happened here?
Soon, they noticed Roja and Robin who were rather suspicious as they weren’t buried in the sand.
The guard came over and looked at Roja. Although Roja was suspicious, he didn’t arrest him directly and asked: “Do you know what happened here?”
“I know.”
Roja casually said: “I just scared away some sand Crocodile.”
All the guards were stunned and didn’t know whether Roja had some mental problem or not.
Just as the captain frowned and was prepared to continue his questioning, more guards arrived at the scene with their leader being Igaram.
Seeing the entire street being buried in sand, Igaram had a chill run down through his spine. Then he looked at the people on the street and saw Roja standing up with the guard.
He froze then excitement appeared in his eyes as he couldn’t rub them.
This isn’t a mistake!
It’s really him!
Igaram was with Cobra in Marijois and saw Roja more than once. Even if the latter was in plain clothes he could still recognize him.
Igaram was shocked and rushed forward.
The guards were looking at Roja suspiciously as if they were interrogating him. As a result, Igaram reprimanded them loudly.
“What are you guys doing? Stop now!”
Igaram quickly arrived and saluted Roja then said: “When did you come? The king mentioned you a few days ago.”
The guards were scared when they saw Igaram’s respect for the man.
They weren’t stupid.
Seeing this, he instantly knew that Roja held an extraordinary position. So he quickly stopped talking and stood behind Igaram.
Igaram took Igaram hand and smiled: “I just got here, because I dealt with someone, I didn’t inform you directly.  Sorry!”
“What are you saying, you don’t have to apologize, it’s our honor that you came to Alabasta. I will escort you to the king.”
Igaram couldn’t actually receive Roja himself, he wasn’t worthy of doing such so he directly said he would take him to the king.
Roja looked at Igaram and turned toward Robin again and said: “I’m here to meet with Cobra. Come with me.”
Robin slightly hesitated then nodded her head.
Igaram didn’t recognize Robin, even the guards and their captain couldn’t recognize her as they didn’t look at the wanted poster for a long time.
The small captain who interrogated Roja was full of cold sweat. He didn’t know who Roja was but to be able to make Igaram this respectful and even call the kings name directly. Obviously, this man can’t be offended.
“I’m sorry if I offended you earlier.”
Of course, Roja didn’t care about this, he was dressed in a casual attire and the captain didn’t know his identity, so he carelessly waved his hand and walked with Robin toward the palace.
Igaram saw this and walked toward the captain and said: “You’re lucky that Roja-sama didn’t care about your offense.”
The team leaders smiled for a little bit then froze.
Admiral Ghost sword Roja?
The captain stiffened and knew why was Igaram so respectful.
In the desert, Crocodile saw that Roja didn’t chase after him, he took a deep breath and didn’t look back anymore.
He was proud but not arrogant.
Although he wasn’t afraid of Roja, he wasn’t arrogant enough to think that he could win against him. Even in the desert, he didn’t have the confidence to actually defeat Roja.
Especially after this brief fight.
Roja didn’t use the rumored powerful fire that could be comparable to the sun. He only used the strange petals and his swordsmanship. But even with only this, he broke his sand.
He was unlucky. His cooperation with Robin was destroyed by Roja. Roja was really at the level of a monster.
Robin was the devil’s child and was one of the most wanted figures in the world. Roja was a Marine Admiral, they may have interactions but they can’t stand on the same side.
Before when he saw Robin talking with Roja, he made a cold-hearted decision because of Roja’s position as he didn’t want his plan to get Pluto to be known. 
But now that he thinks about it, maybe it’s not that bad.
“No matter what I need to leave this place quickly.”
Crocodile was ready to leave Alabasta for a while and see the changes that will happen due to what just happened. 


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