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G.O.S.S Chapter 271: Historical Poneglyph

Robi and Roja arrived at the palace in Alabasta. Cobra learned about his arrival and welcomed him with Vivi. After a few words, Roja was invited into the palace.
Roja explained what happened in the street earlier in a few words. When he heard that he encountered Crocodile, Cobra was about to tear up.
“Shichibukai… This kind of system shouldn’t exist. In the next world conference, I will propose the abolishment of this system.”
The legalization of piracy made Cobra uncomfortable. Now that he knew that Crocodile was planning to do something to his country, he couldn’t just sit still without doing anything.
“Although I also don’t like it, the Marine can’t really do anything about it.”
Roja lifted the cup of tea from the table and took a sip. Even Sengoku didn’t like this decision.  But for the world balance, they could only accept.
The world government is a group of rulers. It’s expected that they will only care about their positions and have their political power stable. The Shichibukai system can’t do anything to them so they don’t care what this decision brings to normal people.
Unless something big happens, they wouldn’t bother about it.
For example, if Pluto was created, they would immediately do something.
One of the three ancient weapons was something threatening to them so they won’t sit still without doing anything.
Cobra froze for a moment then his eyes flickered and then waved his hand toward the guards indicating for them to retreat. And even Vivi sulked as she went out of the room which left Roja, Robin, and Cobra inside that room.
“If I’m not mistaken, this is the devil’s Child, Nico Robin?” Cobra stared at Robin and said.
Robin gently nodded toward Cobra as she raised her head slightly. Usually, she hid her identity but now that Roja took the initiative to take her with him. She had no reason to hide anymore.
“Nefertari, one of the 20 Royal families who created the world government… The Void Century from 900 to 800 year ago, I wonder if your highness knows about it.”
Robin’s eyes were full of expectation. Her only dream was to find about historical texts and unravel the mysterious history and complete the wishes of the people of Ohara.
Cobra looked at Roja while the latter smiled at him and said: “She isn’t a pirate. She is only wanted by the world government. You should already know something about it.”
Cobra silently shook his head and said: “I don’t know what happened in that period of time.”
Although it is expected since it’s from that long ago, listening to Cobra’s words, Robin was disappointed. She lowered her head and stopped talking.
“Yes, what happened with Vivi before, I still didn’t thank you for it.”
After all, Cobra leaned about the things that happened the last time in Marijois.
Roja waved his hand and said: “Don’t mention it.”
Cobra looked at Roja and his eyes flashed a few times. He said: “It seems like Roja-sama has a deep understanding of the world government and the nobles.”
Roja admitted directly that he did understand the world government’s ways and wasn’t interested in them one bit. Although he knew he can’t deal with them with his current strength, he will have that kind of power in the near future. He didn’t mind the nobles at all.
“After all, not all the nobles can be like Vivi.”
Cobra smiled aloud and shook his head. He also knew what should be said and what shouldn’t. The things between Roja and The world government are something that he can’t intervene with.
At this time, Roja took a glance at Robin and directly said to Cobra: “I have something to do, can I visit the Tomb of the King?”
When he heard this Cobra’s expression suddenly changed.
Roja shook his head and said: “Inside the Tomb, there is a Poneglyph. It also records the way to Pluto, but you don’t need to worry because I’m not interested in Pluto.”
Hearing such words from Roja, Cobra was utterly shocked.
Robin staying beside Roja initially didn’t care about the Tomb. However, hearing the word Poneglyph she was suddenly surprised as she turned toward Roja.
Roja Shrugged and said: “The compensation you wanted is too simple, so I will give you this extra one. It’s already here anyway so I will let you take a look.”
After speaking, Roja turned to look at Cobra and said: “There is no problem right?”
If it was someone else, Cobra couldn’t promise, but This guy isn’t here on behalf of the world government or the Marine.
After a moment of silence, Cobra sighed and said: ”Okay.”
The trio stepped out of the palace and walked toward the Tomb. After finding the passage and passing through, they finally saw the Poneglyph.
The history written in this thing didn’t interest Roja at all.
Regardless of what happened in the Void Century 900 years ago, he had no interest in it, after all, what will it do after he knew? Even if there were empires that were overthrown by the world government or a Fight using all the ancient weapons, he didn’t care at all.
After all, Roja isn’t someone of this world and his someone that this world can hold.
After circling around it for some time, she recorded what she found without even glancing toward the information about Pluto. She was as uninterested as Roja.
“Thank you.”
After finishing, she turned toward Roja and softly thanked him.
“You’re welcome.”
Roja smiled and said: “Okay, let’s go then.”
Roja turned around and looked Cobra who nodded after hearing him.
“Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it.”
Cobra shook his head and looked at Robin: “If one day, you can read through all the texts. Can you tell me what kind of things did the king Nefertari did? I want to know.”
Read all the texts…
There was a bit of bitterness in Robin’s heart as she knew how hard that can be. But in the end, she nodded and said: “If I can.”
Cobra nodded and left the Tomb with Robin and Roja.
After closing the passage, the secret of Pluto was once again sealed underground. No one knew how long it would take for someone to open it again.


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