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G.O.S.S Chapter 272: Drake!

Siggs Island, this is an island adjacent to Alabasta which is also a large island. There are many islands in the Grandline and not all of them were mentioned in the original story. This is one of them.
“I don’t know if there is a historical Ponegliph too.”
Robin and Roja stood on the border on this island as Robin said.
“Who knows?”
Roja actually didn’t care, then he thought again and said: “I remember that there are about thirty Poneglyph scattered around the Grandline. I know the positions of some of them.”
Robin looked at Roja and smiled.
Roja shrugged and said: “There is one in the Sky Island, on in the Fishman Island…”
Roja just said the place of the few ones he knew about but he couldn’t say the exact place because he learned Geography from his sports teacher.
 “That’s really far away.”
Robin listened to Roja and put her hand on her chin as she said. She couldn’t help but sigh. She heard that the sky island was about 10,000 meters above the sea and the Fishman Island was 10,000 meters below the sea. She felt that these two are below her reach.
Roja shrugged and said: “If people don’t dream then what is the difference between them and salted fish?”
“What is salted Fish?”
Robin looked strangely at Roja.
Roja’s tone stiffened and said: “oh… That’s a very deep question…”
Seeing this awkward reaction for the first time Robin giggled. She seemed to gasp Roja’s character, the tension between them has long since gone.
Roja snorted and looked at Robin, he deliberately smirked: “How do you know that what you are looking at is the true me? Believed or not, I am just acting the good guy.”
“If you say so.”
Robin stopped laughing at stared at Roja and proceeded walking down the street.
This was unbearable.
Roja was embarrassed, but in the next moment, his Den Den Mushi rang.
Watching Robin disappeared from his sight, Roja took the Den Den Mushi while shaking his head and answered.
“Roja’s talking.”
“Roja-sama I have something to report.”
“Drake rebelled against the Marine and formed a Pirate Group, according to some intelligence, he is now setting foot on the Grandline.”
The voice from the Den Den Mushi belonged to Hina.
At first, Roja, Hina, and Drake were all members of the same camp and entered the elite camp at the same time.
Although Roja knew that Drake became a pirate after being a Marine, the cause was completely unknown to him. He didn’t have that much contact with Drake.
“You deal with it as you see fit.”
From Hina’s tone, there is a sense of sadness. She appreciated Drake after all he was strong. He was the strongest in their camp after Roja. She couldn’t think of a reason to why did he choose this path.
It must be said that many recruits entered the Marine now because of Roja’s glory, but now, Drake chose to actually become a pirate.
Roja looked away and the scene from the past flashed in his mind. Eventually, he said: “Tell me his location.”
Grandline, in a small unpopulated island, a pirate’s ship was docked on its shore. About twenty people were sitting there as if they were waiting for something.
The leader was Drake.
After waiting for a while, a pirate behind Drake looked with dissatisfaction as he said: “What happened to them?  Why are they so late?”
“Look like they have no plan to make a deal with us. Boss, can we simply destroy them?” Another pirate was very angry as he said.
Drake shook his head calmly as he said: “Wait from them, don’t worry.”
Drake’s leadership was apparent. The pirates didn’t say anything toward his order and just continued to wait.
Waiting and waiting until a dark shadow appeared in the distance.
Some people looked at the shadow in the sea as they blinked and stood up.
“Are they here?”
“The group of bastards kept us waiting for so long. We must give them a piece of mind.”
As the shadow was getting closer, the expression on many people’s face suddenly changed.
“That’s not right.”
“It doesn’t look like a ship.”
Many people were surprised while the shadow that kept getting closer wasn’t that of a ship, but instead a person.
Someone walking on the sea?!
Drake also looked and frowned. When he vaguely saw the person walking, his expression changed.
It’s him?!
The person coming was Roja.
Looking at Roja, Drake’s heart turned cold, his body was stiff and his forehead was full of cold sweat. It was completely unexpected for Roja to personally come.
“I didn’t expect him to come…”
There was a reason why he decided to turn into a pirate, but it wasn’t that important anymore. What’s important is that an impassable mountain actually appeared the second he set his food on the Grandline.
Although he used to be a recruit with no difference in status with Roja, his strength was far from the latter. He didn’t expect that Roja would come here personally.
You know, Roja is an Admiral now!
In the first half of the Grandline, there is no one worthy of Roja’s attention. Roja coming here had one explanation, his coming for him. 


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