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G.O.S.S Chapter 273: Choice!

“Walking on the sea…”
“What kind of devil fruit is that?!”
The pirates behind Drake weren’t that shocked, after all, they crossed into the Grandline with Drake. They were well informed and have seen a lot of Devil Fruit users before.
Roja walked on the sea like a ghost, his figure appears and disappear constantly.
Finally, Roja took a step on the shore. He didn’t pay attention to the pirates as he only looked at Drake.
The pirates were frightened and took out their weapons as they watched Roja with vigilance.
“Hey! Who are you? What do you think you are doing?”
However, Roja ignored them and took a step forward. He came in front of Drake and looked faintly: “Don’t look at me like this, Rear Admiral Drake… Or should I say, Captain Drake.”
“I didn’t think you would personally come here for me.”
Roja shook his head and said: “I just passed by and heard about you. So I come to take a look. But it was really troublesome to find you and it wasted my energy.”
Listening to this simple dialogue between Roja and Drake, the crew behind Drake showed surprise. So Their captain actually knew this person.
They just didn’t know whether he was an enemy or a friend.
Some of them noticed that Drake’s expression wasn’t normal, so instead of returning their weapons they still held them and looked at Roja with vigilance.
Roja looked faintly and said: “In order to defeat you before, it took a lot of energy too… If I ask you why will you answer?”
Drake’s forehead was filled with sweat, he took a deep breath and smiled: “Does it really matter?”
Roja shook his head and looked at him with interest. His tone became dull as he said: “Then are you coming? Or do you want to fight?”
The pirates listened to this and somewhat showed confusion, they all made a decision that Roja was indeed an enemy.
Although they knew from the conversation that Drake had lost to Roja before, but now they had more people and Roja was alone.
However no one actually attacked Roja, they all looked at Drake. As long as he made the order they would step forward and tear Roja to pieces.
But, Drake stood motionless, his face stiff and the all pirates looked at him strangely.
“Hey, boss, What’s wrong?!”
Someone couldn’t help but speak to Drake, but he didn’t get any response. Drake stood there like a wooden stick.
And when someone couldn’t endure anymore and ready to attack Roja, a ship appeared from the distance.
Because all of their attention was on Roja’s body, they didn’t notice the ship only when it neared them.
“They arrived.”
“That bastard finally came?!”
Seeing the ship coming from afar, Drake’s men eyes flashed.
Roja didn’t even turn around to look at the pirates that just arrived. He ignored everyone from beginning to end except for Drake.
Roja only looked at Drake who stood there without a move: “Made your choice yet?”
Drake seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t make a sound and the ship was getting closer and closer.
They could vaguely hear laughter from the ship.
“Hahaha, Bastard from Drake’s crew, did you wait for long?!”
At this moment, Roja looked sideways toward the pirates with boredom, he reached his hand to the air and Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hand.
With one hand Roja waved toward the Pirate’s ship.
A deep gully appeared on the sea, after that, the pirate’s ship split in half from the middle.
Screams were heard and immediately afterward the ship sank down the gully while the water came from both sides immediately covering them which formed huge waves.
 Roja was too lazy to look again.
The pirates behind Drake all looked sluggish and couldn’t believe their eyes, some even rubbed his eyes as he thought this was a dream.
Someone looked at the sky and saw that even the clouds in the sky were cut in half.
In the next moment, they all couldn’t help but shout.
“What the hell!!!”
“Is this some kind of joke?!!!”
They finally awoke from their shock and their faces were full of horror.
Their hands that were holding weapons trembled as they couldn’t help but want to retreat. They looked at Roja like he was some monster or Devil.
“I think this guy seems to be… An Admiral!”
Some people finally recognized Roja and looked at him full of fright.
An Admiral!
As soon as this was heard everyone turned silent.
Someone swallowed as his voice trembled: “Why… Why would an admiral come for us? Shouldn’t he go for those big shot with some hundred million rewards?”
Some of them finally thought that Drake was once a rear admiral in the Marine. Roja appearing here is mostly for Drake.
Thinking about this, their expressions were ugly as they were in despair. As soon as they joined Drake, an Admiral actually showed up!
“I don’t have anything to say…”
Drake saw the power which Roja just showed and bit his teeth and took out his weapon.
Although he knew that there is no possibility for him to face Roja, he still didn’t want to return with him.
“It seems like you made your choice.”
When Roja saw this, he shook his head and didn’t put Sen Maboroshi away, instead he waved it again.
The island instantly was split in two. 


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