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G.O.S.S Chapter 274: Ito Ito No Mi

In the Marine headquarters, many warships were docked and many more Marines were busy carrying things into and out of them.
At this moment, a figure walking on the sea appeared. That figure was Roja’s, who always operated alone. The waves couldn’t hander his movement as walked steadily before arrived at the harbor.
This was the first time for some Marine to see someone walking on the sea.
But of course, some of them recognized Roja even though he wasn’t wearing his uniform. Everyone saluted him as he walked toward the fortress.
The ones who were still stunned by the scene before awakened, they followed suit and saluted Roja.
Only after Roja walked away did they begin their discussion.
“Ghost Admiral Roja is really as young as the rumors.”
“Although he is young, his is the most powerful man in the Marine.”
Some people had a look of worship and admiration. For such low-level officers, it’s not easy for them to actually work in the headquarters. Meeting someone like Roja was enough for them to feel blessed.
While strolling through the Headquarters, Roja couldn’t help remembering the first time he entered the camp.
Drake was his first goal in the camp and was the first person he worked hard to surpass.
Times really fly, not only is he no longer a recruit, he is an Admiral now. His strength was at the peak of the world while Drake became a Rear Admiral and finally died in his hands.
While walking, Roja heard a loud noise. It has to be known that in the Headquarter loud noises were rare.
The noise came from the recruits’ camp.
A competition was being conducted. two young recruits were fighting fiercely.
Z and some other instructors were watching the battle from the side.
Wouch! Wouch!
One of the recruits was shaking his finger in the air, a vaguely invisible thread shot toward his opponent and left him full of blood marks.
“It’s the Ito Ito No Mi.”
Roja without anyone knowing appeared in the field as his eyes flashed with light.
He was familiar with Doflamingo’s fruit. Since the latter was dead for so long, his fruit finally reappeared and was eaten by someone else.
“Is this devil fruit ability?”
“Paramecia Fruit, Ito Ito No Mi…”
Roja’s voice made some recruit confused as they couldn’t see the thread at all.
Several Recruit were stunned as they turned to look at Roja. Some didn’t see Roja in the camp before and felt strange.
However, there were many Recruits in the camp, not knowing some of them was normal.
The recruit who had the Devil fruit was really powerful as he just made another recruit fall down full of blood.
The battle was exciting but Z’s eyes weren’t looking at the field but looking somewhere else.
Z looked at Roja and smiled with a nod.
At this time, the instructor beside Z noticed Roja and showed a strange look.
After a little bit of struggle, he took the initiative to approach Roja by the side.
The recruit beside Roja noticed the Instructor coming over. Although it felt somewhat strange, he still made way so the instructor could pass. After that, he noticed the Instructor saluting the guy who was beside him.
“Roja-sama, you’re here to…”
“It’s nothing I just come to take a look.”
 Roja waved at him and greeted him with a smile then turned away and left.
The recruit who was beside Roja previously looked sluggish, everyone heard the instructor calling him Roja and saluting him.
Ghost sword?
The Admiral Ghost Sword?
Suddenly they almost suffocated. Although they were the backbone of the Marine, the position of an Admiral is something they could only look at from afar and can hardly touch.
As soon as they thought that Ghost sword was beside them and they didn’t salute him. Even though they were new recruits they couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.
“I heard that Admiral Ghost sword was one of the recruits in the elite camp.”
“Yes, he was the best recruit that year… No, it should be said that he is the best recruit in all of the Marine’s history…”
A recruit’s face was full of admiration and couldn’t help but say: “It was said that when the Ghost Sword first took part in the assessment, he ranked first with an absolute result. In the competition after that, he swept all the way to the top after being in the bottom of the camp.”
“I heard from my father that even the elite camp couldn’t hold him anymore as he eventually graduated while breaking all previous records… You should know everything after that.”
The recruit looked at the direction Roja went in as his eyes were filled with admiration. His father, Vice Admiral Doberman, was talking about his achievement all the time.
All the recruits hearing this were filled with admiration.
Even their instructor couldn’t help but sigh.
He was in this post since he was young, and now after a few years, he was still in the same post. However, Roja who was a recruit a few years ago now turned into an admiral, not only that but he was titled the strongest in the Marine’s history.
Looking back now, it felt like a dream.


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