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G.O.S.S Chapter 275: Road Poneglyphs

In the Headquarters, Roja’s office was clean and tidy as someone would come every day to take care of it.
Roja sat cross-legged on the balcony facing the sea with Sen Maboroshi was on his knees.
“I still can’t talk to it?”
Roja closed his eyes and his mind sank into his soul realm while trying to communicate with Sen Maboroshi. However, every attempt was a fail as Sen Maboroshi didn’t respond, so he couldn’t help but open his eyes.
Stage 5: Perfect Sen Maboroshi +7
Attributes: Attack power +2400, Strength +820, Agility +820, Physical power +820, Spirit +820.
Special attribute: All things in the world turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Met the initial condition)
Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.
Special attribute: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.
Special attribute: Devouring- If an enemy is killed, Absorb part of their vitality and spirit power to heal oneself and replenish their consumed spiritual energy.
Energy: 2/410.
Because Roja already knew his Swords name, the sword’s name changed without him noticing. It reached the seventh level and now it wasn’t far from reaching the sixth stage anymore.
Although Roja couldn’t communicate with Sen Maboroshi, He had a feeling that if he reached the sixth stage he would be able to freely talk to it and ask all the answers he was eager to know.
Roja’s power soared in the last few months, his physical power and Busoshoku is about to reach the limit. He almost reached Garp’s level but he is still far from reaching Kaido’s. He didn’t know whether he could reach the level of immortality if he continued strengthening his body and Busoshoku.
Of course, Roja doesn’t care about whether his body become as strong as Kaido or not. His strength came from his soul and not the body.
In addition to his body and Busoshoku, he found out that he still could advance in practicing the Kenbunshoku Haki. At first, he could only see three seconds in the future, but after practice, that period got longer, from three to four and from four to five.
It was as if there was no limit to it. Also the same was true for the swordsmanship.
Although it wasn’t that long since he became a Grandmaster Swordsman, He felt that there were many secrets waiting for him to explore.
There are four basic forces of every Shinigami.
 They have Zanjutsu which is a sword fighting techniques for the Zanpakuto, Hoho, a movement technique similar to Soru, Kido, which were spells used by Shinigami that require strong Reiatsu and Hakuda, an unarmed fighting technique using one body as a weapon.
Roja always felt that even though the people of the world of one piece are not as strong as those from bleach, but the swordsmanship in this world is way more advanced.
At least, in his memory, it was impossible for the people from bleach to split the sky using only the power of swordsmanship and a normal sword.
The power of swordsmanship is extremely important, Roja felt that his control over those abilities he had was a lot better after reaching a new realm in swordsmanship.
Among the four powers, Roja’s swordsmanship was already strong, his movement technique was like or better than the Shinigami’s. As for Kido, he has no clue about how to learn it.
Because there was no way to learn Kido, Roja couldn’t do anything about it. He was by himself and creating Kido technique wasn’t that easy.
After trying for several times without any success, Roja felt that it wasn’t worth the time to continue like this. So he decided to do that later.
And while Roja was diving in his thoughts, a big event happened in the new world.
A Road Poneglyphs was discovered.
There are about 30 Poneglyphs in this world. Four of them were red which were called Road Poneglyphs. Only by obtaining these four can Raftel be found.
Big mom had one on her island, but after Roja destroyed her and her crew, the world government secretly took the Road Poneglyphs but halfway through it was attacked and its place is unknown now.
And this time another one was found.
In the new world, there is an island that can’t be reached using the Log Poses, this island’s name Zou. It’s an island on top of a massive, millennium-old elephant who is always moving in the sea of the new world.
A group of pirates happened to find it by coincidence and invaded it and unexpectedly found a Road Poneglyphs.
After this news was leaked out, the world government wanted to suppress this information but unfortunately, it was too late.
The Beast pirates were the first to get this information so they immediately went for it. The Mink tribes weren’t weak, so they continuously blocked the beasts attack a few times.
After hearing this, Kaido was furious and decided to personally lead the attack to completely destroy Zou.
However, Zou’s two chiefs were once members of Roger’s pirate. If Kaido was to Attack they knew that they won’t be able to stop him so they asked Akagami Shanks for help.
Shanks didn’t hesitate when they asked him for help and immediately went for help.
But this incident involves the Road Poneglyphs which is the only way to reach Raftel.
So a Yonko fight broke out.
Since this Poneglyphs is so important, not only Kaido wanted it, many other went looking for Zou.
The Mink Tribe, Shanks, Kaido and Many more pirates were going in this troubled waters just for the Road Poneglyphs which would probably lead to a large scale war.
  This was the world biggest event in the recent years.


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