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G.O.S.S Chapter 276: Storm is Brewing

There were 30 Poneglyphs in the world and 4 of them were special. They were Red Poneglyphs, the Poneglyphs of the Road.
Only after obtaining the text on these four Poneglyphs can Raftel be reached.
“There no doubt, this is the Poneglyphs of the Road…”
One of the crew members of the Kool pirates found this news and went quickly to inform his captain kool.
Kool was excited and decided to go to attack Zou to try and get his hand on the Poneglyphs.
But the Mink tribes were too strong and they got themselves killed.
Some of them survived and decided to spread the news, if they can’t get it then they will make someone else do.
The GrandLine was in Chaos.
The first to know this information was Kaido. The latter didn’t hesitate to attack Zou immediately but unfortunately, the Mink tribes were able to defend against Kaido’s crew which made Kaido pretty angry and decided to go there himself.
In the Holy Land Mariejois, inside a room, the five old men with their faces not looking good.
“Road Poneglyphs….”
The last time, they got their hand on the Road Poneglyphs on Big mom’s island but half the way, unknown forces raided their ships and they still could neither find the one who did it or the Poneglyphs. They were still angry about it.
Now another one appeared, this one was on the Zou island. These Poneglyphs hold the secrets of the world government. they have to do anything to hide them. This was taboo for them.
“Kaido has already made his move.”
“What the hell should we do?”
“At the moment, the new world will be in Chaos, sending the Marine or the Cp will only make us lose forces and the loss will be a serious one.”
Their faces were ugly to look at.
They didn’t dare send the Marine or the Cp for the Road Poneglyphs.
This was like a hot potato, even if you can hold it you can’t hold it for much time. Not only Kaido, all the Pirates would be desperate to snatch it away.
When it comes to the key to becoming the pirate’s king, no pirate would be able to resist.
The Marine headquarters, inside Sengoku’s office, Sengoku was looking serious. He was talking with Crane Aokiji about this matter.
Kisaru wasn’t in the Headquarters and Roja wasn’t interested in this.
“The Road Poneglyphs…” Crane’s face sank as she asked Sengoku: “What did the Government say”
“The world government told us to pay close attention without making a move.”
As Sengoku spoke, Aokiji’s face turned serious.
“According to the current information, Whitebeard didn’t make a move. Most probably he wasn’t interested in this. Shanks was once a member of Roger’s crew and he would probably go to help but won’t be able to snatch it. Most probably the Road Poneglyphs will be snatched by Kaido.”
“I hope this won’t cause a great Chaos.”
Sengoku said seriously and took a deep breath. He wasn’t worried about the stone itself, he was worried about the impact it would create.
New world in some island.
Kaido was furious and he shouted at his subordinates: “You can’t attack even a small island, what’s the use of you guys!!”
One of the Disasters under Kaido attacked Zou, but the Mink tribes were unexpectedly powerful and he couldn’t do a thing.
The disaster in front of Kaido was full of shame as he couldn’t do anything for an entire half month.
Gulp! Gulp!
After a long pause, Kaido swallowed a jar of wine and his face was full of anger as he said: “You’re just a bunch of wastes… I will make a trip personally and see the Mink tribes abilities for myself.”
Hearing Kaido saying he would go personally, the Disaster was immediately surprised as he bowed: “If you make a move, they won’t have a chance to survive.”
The country was a mess. Smoke was everywhere. They experienced a very tragic battle and almost all of them were hurt.
In the past few days, one of the two rulers was responsible for the day and the other was responsible for the night defense. and they had to meet each day to discuss their strategy.
Zou was faced with a crisis of life and death and the usual grudges aren’t important.
Nekomamushi licked the wound in his arm and said: “The next time they come, I am afraid that the three Disasters would come and maybe even Kaido will. At that time we won’t be able to stop them.”
“There only one way and that is to ask shanks for help.”
Inuarashi could only shake his head with a deep breath.
Both of them were once members of Roger’s crew and they personally knew Shanks. 
This time they could only lower their heads and ask shanks for help.
On one of the seas in the New World.
“That Kaido guy is going there himself.” Shanks hung up the Den Den Mushi and his expression was cold and his eyes were filled with killing intent.
Lucky Roo took a piece of meat in his hand and bit then shouted: “Boss, are you going to fight?!”
“Yes, Get ready to fight.”
Shanks answered in a loud voice and stood up, he put his hand on the sword in his waist and battle intent surged out of his body.
“Let’s get going, were fighting Kaido soon.”
The crew didn’t reveal any fear. Instead, they were all excited about the fight. How could Akagami’s pirates be afraid of the Beast?


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