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G.O.S.S Chapter 277: A Yonko’s battle!

The sudden Act of Shanks made everything unexpected.
It wasn’t a secret that Shanks was once in Roger’s crew and had been to Raftel before. Many people thought that Shanks wouldn’t participate in this.
Almost at the same time, Kaido and Shanks arrived at Zou.
The giant elephant was walking along the sea. Under Zou, the flag of the beast and the Akagami flag were facing each other.
“Akagami, don’t stand in my way!”
Kaido stood on the deck as he stared at Shanks and shouted.
“That won’t work.”
Shanks was also standing on the deck as he faced Kaido, his clothes fluttered with the wind as he exuded a horrible Hoashoku power.
He stared at Kaido with fierce eyes and said: “If you want to destroy this place, you have to pass through me.”
Kaido looked at Shanks coldly and suddenly grinned and said: “It seems that you come looking for a fight, Akagami.”
“I will accompany you to the end.”
Shanks pulled his sword and a powerful pressure was released as his face was facing Kaido.
“Then come.”
Although Kaido came here for the Poneglyphs, Shanks blocked his path. He didn’t’ mind this but was excited about the fight. He was a complete madman.
In the next moment, Shanks and Kaido leaped at the same time. Shanks held the sword in his hand and swooped down at the same time Kaido clenched his fist and punched.
Two figures as fast as lightning collided.
Suddenly sound of thunder roaring as Haoshoku confrontation began. The clouds in the sky at this moment turned black for a radius of a few Kilometers.
A vortex seemed to form with them in the center.
An earth-shaking explosion formed between the two men.
This was a fight between the Yonko and this was the fiercest fight since the day the Yonko were formed.
Although before they fought, it wasn’t something as big as this one. This time it was a full-scale fight and it wasn’t Kaido who initiated this fight instead it was Shanks.
Marine headquarters.
In Sengoku’s office, the latter’s expression was extremely serious. He looked at the map on his table while stroking his hand.
“The whole new world is in Chaos, fortunately, Whitebeard didn’t make a move. Otherwise, this fight won’t just affect the New world but the entire world instead.”
At this time Sengoku couldn’t calm down. If it were just Shanks and Kaido fighting then it wouldn’t matter.
However, the fight was over the Road Poneglyphs and this won’t just strop over these two.
Many people seek that stone. Even those who didn’t join the Yonko are rushing to the battlefield.
If Shanks wasn’t there they would have to face Kaido and they would surely be beaten. But now Kaido was facing Shanks which would give them the opportunity to snatch the Poneglyphs.
In Sengoku’s office not only Aokiji was there but some other officers.
One of them couldn’t help but ask: “Why is it not favorable for us to join the fight?”
“On the surface, there isn’t.”
Crane calmly said then continued: “However, the Poneglyphs would surely lead to a large number of pirates joining in. The war will lead to a chaos in the entire world.”
“If this war continues, the whole world would be boiling.”
When the staff heard the Crane’s explanation, they were made clear about the seriousness of this problem and couldn’t help but seriously think of a way out.
Fujitora was also present. He sighed and said: “In this situation, will we just stay here without doing anything?”
The world’s government issued their order that they couldn’t intervene in this fight allowing the new world to descent into Chaos while ignoring many countries. It is forbidden for the Marine to go against the world government’s words which made Fujitora dissatisfied.
Although he knew that they couldn’t intervene in the fight between the Yonko, he was unwilling to watch the world in chaos.
“You can’t act rashly, Issho…”
Sengoku understood Fujitora’s worries. He couldn’t help but sigh and said: “If you are to intervene now, it’s very likely that you would be attacked by Kaido and Shanks together.”
A battle of Yonko, how can they intervene?
They are fighting with their full powers, so if they discover that a Marine was there what would they do? Certainly, they will eliminate the Marine who wanted to intervene in their fight.
At this time, even Aokiji and the others were afraid to intervene. At this time, provoking these two would mean death.
However, in the Marine, there is actually someone who dares to fight the Yonko alone.
“A battle between Akagami and the best… Listening to you made me a bit ticklish. What should I do?”
Roja was sitting there without speaking and suddenly sat upright and slowly said.
All the eyes fell on him when he talked.
Sengoku was quite surprised hearing this and said: “Don’t be impulsive, Roja!”
He was most worried about Roja doing something on a whim. Most people won’t be able to do anything here but Roja is different.
He even dared to attack Bigmom alone and annihilated her with her crew. There wasn’t anything in the new world that would make Roja feel fear.
“No I’m not impulsive, actually I am wide awake.”
Roja grinned showing his white teeth. Then he stood up and stretched a little and said: “It’s been a long time since I actually fought.”
While talking Roja walked toward the door.
When they heard Roja’s worlds they were all full of cold sweat and their hearts were shaken.
Ghost sword admiral was going to intervene in the fight between the Yonko?!


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