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G.O.S.S Chapter 278: Prodence Kingdom!

In the new World, Shanks crew can fight against Kaido themselves, they were as strong as the Mink tribes or stronger. This alone makes Shanks’ crew far better than the beasts.
But apart from Kaido and his crew, there were large numbers of pirates from all over the world attacking Zou to obtain the Road Poneglyphs.
The Mink tribes were dealing with the pirates with Shanks crew in this piece of troubled waters.
The war around Zou didn’t get weak over time. Instead, its range was growing as a large number of pirates were seeking the one piece.
And those pirates have a lot of bizarre Devil Fruit abilities. It’s hard to counter all of them.
Just like that, the war continued for the third day, a group of pirates actually managed to bypass the Mink tribes and Shanks crew and got their hands on the stone. The Road Poneglyphs was stolen.
This made not only Kaido but also shanks really angry. That shanks who was always good-tempered as angry. Although it may not be a bad thing, taking the stone from under his nose was too much.
“Who did it? Go and check it out.”
Kaido was much angrier, and no longer went for Shanks. He immediately told his crew to go. So all his and Shanks’ crew began a wide range search for the missing stone.
Shanks knew that they couldn’t have gone too far. Because of his fight with Kaido they had the chance to steal it under his nose when he wasn’t paying attention.
At this time, not only Shanks and Kaido’s crew who went to search but all the forces there began their search. They were surprised about how someone actually used the Yonko’s fight for their advantage.
All parties began their search.
The group of pirates who actually stole the stone were found by Kaido in a large island.
“You dare to play a trick under my nose. You have a great courage.”
Kaido stood in front of the Stone while he was full of blood. This sigh would send chills to everyone looking at him.
These pirates didn’t seem to expect Kaido appearing here they panicked and began to flee but they were one-shoted by Kaido.
“The stone has finally fallen into my hands.”
Looking at the stone in front of him, an evil look appeared on his face.
“Take it away.”
Kaido waved at his subordinates to take it away.
At this time another voice sounded.
“Slow down, Kaido.”
On the street, Shanks took out his sword while his crew was behind him.
With Shanks appearance, the atmosphere changed.
Kaido actually raided his friends’ island and took away the stone. How could he not stop him? Doesn’t that mean he was afraid of Kaido if he actually let him go?
The stone has to be sent back to Zou. Shanks will protect this Road Poneglyphs, if anyone wanted it, they would have to face him to get it.
“Kaido, this Poneglyphs won’t be given to you.”
“Oh! Then try to take it!”
Kaido looked at Shanks with his eyes full of killing intent. The sky once again was full of dark clouds. This stone was important, not to mention shanks, even it was Whitebeard he would see this to the end.
Shanks wasn’t afraid of facing Kaido. He took a step forward and Hoashoku spread through the air like a storm
Dust flew all over and the thunder descended from the sky. Shanks was apparently stronger then Kaido when it comes to Haoshoku.
If Roja wasn’t in this world, then shanks would have the strongest Haosoku in the world.
“Take this!”
His Haoshoku wasn’t as strong as Shanks and he tried to learn it many times. But in the end, he didn’t give a crap about it. He rushed toward Shanks.
Shanks swept his sword and met with Kaido’s fist with no fear.
The earth beneath them cracked with a spider web pattern. The buildings in the surrounding area were destroyed as if a storm has just passed by.
Only the Poneglyphs remained intact.
“If boss and Kaido are fighting then we can’t stay idle.”
Shanks’ crew were full of fighting spirit.
The entire island seemed to tremble as the fight broke out again!
Since they were on the land now, the fight was even more intense than before. It didn’t take long for all the surrounding towns to be destroyed with the Poneglyphs at the center.
In this large island, there was a kingdom named Prodence kingdom and its king was called Elizabello II.
“These bastard pirates…”
Retreating to the edge of the island, Elizabello II looked at the battle with an angry face.
Before the battle, his country has become the base for some short-lived pirates. It was chaotic and now a battle broke out.
“They dare to mess with my country. They can’t be forgiven!”
However, anger was anger and Elizabello II was weak. Although he had a little bit of power from his ancestor and could take down a Yonko. It was nothing to be proud of.
When he looked at the battle, he knew in his heart that even if he used his punch he won’t be able to defeat such existences.
“Damn it!”
Some of the ministers beside him were gritting their teeth as they watched their country becoming a battlefield and numerous people were killed but they were powerless.
A minister couldn’t help but shout:” Your majesty, we can only seek help from the world government now!”
“That’s useless!”
The army’s tactician Dagama shook his head and looked at the battle hopelessly: “Those are the Yonko and two of them. Even the world government and the Marine can’t intervene.”
Hearing his words the ministers became desperate, with two of the Yonko fighting the World government would most likely give up on their country.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Just as they finished talking, Vice-captain of Akagami pirate and the Vice Captain of the beast pirate broke out in a fight. They destroyed several streets as they continued without caring about anything.
This was a collision between two vice-captains, it was nothing like the Yonko but they weren’t weak either.


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