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G.O.S.S Chapter 279: Sword from the west!

On the sea, a warship was sailing at full speed.
“From Zou to Prodence?”
Roja was sitting in the highest room in the warship. He listened to the report from the headquarters.
Fujitora decided to defy orders and travel with Roja. He was indifferent to the order as they weren’t the justice he believed in.
“What is the situation in Prodence kingdom?”
Fujitora looked at the one making the report seriously.
The Commodore looked at Fujitora and said: “The damage was extremely serious and civilians suffered heavy injury. The entire island is said to be surrounded by pirates and underground forces. Many people won’t be able to escape alive.”
Fujitora’s face became gloomy. He no longer spoke as he was apparently very angry.
Roja sat there for a moment and said: “How long would it take us to arrive there?”
“If we go with full speed will arrive within a daytime.”
“That’s too slow.”
Roja shook his head and stood up: “Bring the map and tell me which direction is Prodence.”
To Roja, Running was much faster than the warship’s speed. Even Fujitora’s flying speed wasn’t any slower.
Naturally, Fujitora got Roja’s meaning and stood up: “I will do my best.”
Roja looked at Fujitora and shook his head: “You need to sit in the warship. The situation is extremely chaotic and without you, the safety of the warship can’t be guaranteed.”
Hearing Roja’s words, Fujitora hesitated and said: “But the situation on Prodence side… Is extremely dangerous. You will likely be attacked if you go alone.”
“Ha ha.”
Roja laughed and smiled coldly: “Let them come. I’d like to be attacked.”
Hearing his confident words, Fujitora was silent and no longer tried to stop him. He followed Roja and knew his character.
“Be careful.”
The entire Prodence Kingdom was in chaos.
Shanks with his crew were facing Kaido and his crew which formed a huge battlefield while the buildings have long been destroyed.
The only thing that was in its place is the Poneglyphs.
Even Whitebeard with his full strength would find it hard to destroy this stone. It existed for 800 years. The world government was eager to destroy them but they couldn’t find a way to do so.
In a sense, this stone was harder than Kaido’s body with his Busoshoku.
Kaido’s howling sounded from all directions. With every step, the ground under his feet would crack open. He was like a tank of flesh rolling toward Shanks.
Shanks held his sword with one hand and his eyes looked at Kaido sharply. He waved his sword at Kaido and blood splashed out.
But Kaido didn’t care about such a small wound and after a little bit of time, the wound healed.
“Are you trying to tickle me? Akagami!”
Facing the beast like howls Shanks looked plainly without speaking. He simply raised his strength to the max and even normal people could tell how powerful the next sword strike would be.
The air around seemed to turn into a sharp sword before he made his move.
In Prodence Kingdom, there were too many pirates. Even those with a bounty over Five Hundred million weren’t a minority. Even the old timers that were active in Roger’s time were here.
There were even those who weren’t afraid of the Yonko.
“It’s really fierce.”
A group of pirates was gathering in some place, their captain had 670 million belly on his head. They were watching the fight between Shanks and Kaido.
That level of power was very shocking to them.
“Captain, do we really have a chance to get the Poneglyphs from Kaido and Akagami?”
“Don’t worry, just wait and you will see, we don’t need to take the Poneglyphs, we just need to find the opportunity to copy its content.”
In addition to the pirates, Many survivors gathered at the edge of the kingdom and stayed with King Elizabello and the others.
The king’s bodyguards were trying to guard the area but things weren’t looking optimistic.
There were many pirates looking at them and attacks came from every direction.
These pirates saw that it was difficult to intervene in the battle between the Yonko so they set their sight on the civilians of Prodence Kingdom and Elizabello himself.
Even some Pirates with 300 and 400 million bounty found it hard to resist some with lower bounties.
“Your majesty, we won’t last that much.”
The Bodyguards faced many Pirates and it was hard to resist now.
Elizabello was waring up and suddenly he opened his eyes and shouted: “Retreat!”
Everyone heard this and looked at each other then made way. 
“King Punch!”
The power of this punch was nowhere as strong as Kaido and Shanks but it was terrible. Many pirates had to face this punch.
The Entire land was shattered and cracked. Many buildings’ ruins were wiped out completely by this fist.
The power of this fist shocked many pirates and no one dared to act rashly.
But this didn’t last long.
Soon someone said coldly: “This is King Elizabello II king punch, it takes one hour of warming up to be able to unleash it.”
“So it turned out to be like this.”
“I thought so, it as so powerful, using it once after warming for an hour is normal.”
Many pirates showed cruel smiles as they rushed over.
Looking at this, Elizabello was full of sweat and his face was extremely ugly. Even his King Punch couldn’t scare them away. This time it’s over.
He didn’t even have to think about going out with his subordinates as their ships won’t be able to go that far as many pirates were surrounding the Island from the sea.
Not to mention, he couldn’t abandon his people to be killed by pirates.
“Your majesty!”
“Let us fight them!”
A group of civilians were watching this and couldn’t help but grit their teeth. They picked up stick and stones from the ground and wanted to fight.
Looking at this, the pirates showed cruel smiles while others were embarrassed.
They were brutal pirates that crossed the sea, how could they be scared of a group of civilians holding sticks and stones?
“Oh, they are so scary.”
“It’s hard to have such a lively war before. They will be dead soon.”
“You, the king, Hurry up and give us your country’s treasures.”
Pirates approached step by step from all directions and launched their attacks.
The king and the people were angry and were ready to desperately fight. Suddenly something came flying from afar.
A sword strike came flying suddenly.
The strike came from the west and traversed the entire land and headed toward the pirates.
A lot of pirates saw this scene and all sucked cold air and looked with surprise.
The pirates who were about to kill Elizabello II and the others all stopped moving.
At this moment, even the pirate with 670 million belly was frightened and couldn’t help but look at the direction the attack came from.
“What a terrible attack.”
“Who did this?”
“It’s definitively a strong person.” 


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