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G.O.S.S Chapter 280: Invincible Enemy!

“This is…”
Elizabello, His bodyguards and all of the people present were ready to fight to the end. But they didn’t expect an attack to come across the battlefield and save them.
They looked at each other’s eyes and saw the surprise in them.
Although the Sword attack stopped the pirates, the one sending the attack wasn’t found. Could it be another horrible Pirate?
Some people looked to the direction of the sword attack.
Their faces were full of shock as their eyes saw only one person in that direction, he wasn’t that tall but he was wearing the Marine’s uniform as he moved forward.
Many people saw this, at first, they froze in their places and showed disappointment. In the battlefield, two of the Yonko were fighting while pirates from all over the world were seeking the Poneglyphs.
But when they saw the Uniform again and the man’s appearance, they were drawn in cold air and felt a terrible sense of horror.
Marine Admiral, the Ghost sword!
When the name emerged in their minds, even those big pirates with over 500 million on their heads showed fear. For them, if they faced anyone from the marine it didn’t mean too much, except for Roja!
Alone, that guy destroyed the Big mom and her crew. Facing such an enemy made them shudder in fear.
“I’m sorry. I was a little bit late.”
Roja held his Sen Maboroshi and stepped in front of Elizabello and the others and slightly gave them a nod.
“Ghost Sword…”
Elizabello looked at Roja and bit his teeth. He wanted to ask whether more Marines were coming or not but he knew in his heart that the world government has long since given up on his kingdom.
Many ministers looked toward Roja hoping to see more Marines but they didn’t find anyone else. They showed bitterness because of that.
All they could do was thank Roja.
“The Marine has finally arrived. This is great!”
“Mom, we don’t have to die anymore?”
Some civilians were prepared to die here and Roja’s sudden appearance gave them a slight chance of survival.
Roja looked at them then turned around toward Elizabello: “Appease you people. There won’t be any Marines here anytime soon, you will have to maintain order. I will handle the war.”
Elizabello II looked at Roja deeply. This statement from Roja made him confirm his thoughts. If the world government didn’t give up on them, there wouldn’t be just one person here.
“No problem!”
Elizabello II nodded, but his hatred toward the world government grew. He only had gratitude toward Roja.
Roja sighed in his heart, If the world government sent the Marine to face these two Monsters and the other pirates, it would’ve caused great casualties. It was hard to tell whether this decision is right or wrong.
“Since I’m here, I will stop the world early.”
Roja murmured on his heard and turned to look at the pirates. He looked at each one of them. The pirates hesitated a little and retreated.
This was the Ghost Sword, who wasn’t afraid?
When Roja turned toward them and looked at them, they felt horror, they didn’t know where to look anymore.
But seeing those pirates retreating, Roja’s eyes turned cold. He never considered himself a good person or a saint. In fact, he was a bit evil and cruel.
However, he had his bottom line, the reason why he chose to be a Marine and not a pirate, wasn’t just so he won’t embarrass Garp, but also because he hated these types of people.
“Bankai, Senbozakura Kageyoshi!”
Roja let go of the sword in his hand. As it fell to the ground, his eyes became icy and indifferent.
All these pirates will die.
Hundreds of thousands of Sakura petals hovered in the sky and under the watchful eyes of the Pirates swept through everything.
 Some strong pirates tried to resist with their abilities but to no avail. Roja’s Busoshoku covered the petals as they crushed everything.
Pirates with 100 million on their heads…
Pirates with 200 million on their heads…
Pirates with 500 million on their heads…
Wherever Senbonzakura went, nothing got out alive. Even those mighty pirates with over 500 million bounties couldn’t resist for a moment before they died.
“Not good!”
Some of the pirates that were a distance away saw this and were scared shitless. They saw those mighty figures die in seconds which left them stunned.
 “Who is that Marine?”
“He defeated so many of them alone?!”
Some people even though about ganging up on Roja and kill him together, but as soon as they saw this, that thought disappeared.
Escape! Escape! Escape!
All the pirates could only think about escaping, the petals were so terrifying that nothing else mattered right now.
However, Senbonzakura’s speed was far faster than these pirates.
Roja moved forward step by step as Senbonzakura moved along with him.
Wherever he went pirates would fall. Many pirates tried to escape but died along the way.
Many civilians looked at this scene as if it were fantasy. The Bodyguards were utterly shocked.
 “This is… The Ghost Sword’s strength!”
The pirates who could kill them in seconds were defeated by Roja in seconds. The gap in strength was too big.
Seeing Roja’s power and his petals slamming everywhere in the battlefield, the beast pirates, and Akagam’s pirates along with everyone eyes changed.
“This is…”
“There is no mistake, this is the Marine Admiral, Ghost sword’s ability.”
“Is the Ghost Sword coming here?”
Whether it was Shanks’ crew or the beast’s crew everyone’s eyes changed. He’s here obviously to interrupt the Yonko’s fight.
In the field, Shanks who was fighting Kaido couldn’t help but look at Roja’s direction.
“Ghost Sword…”
“Is the Ghost sword also coming?!”
Compared to Shanks, Kaido fought Roja before, and seeing him appear here he wasn’t afraid, but you could say he was excited instead.
“If you want to intervene with My fight, then you’re free to try!”


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