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G.O.S.S Chapter 281: Into the Yonko’s battlefield!

Hundreds of thousands of petals swept the battlefield and left nothing but dust on its way.
Roja alone frightened all the pirates and killed many of them, all the pirates tried to flee and no longer dared to stay on this island.
Roja arrived at the middle of Prodence Kingdom. His eyes flashed and the petals stopped moving.
He stood right there.
Roja was able to see the Poneglyphs. He saw one before when he went to destroy Big mom before and wasn’t curious about it.
He killed many pirates but it wasn’t enough as many more were present, it would take him hours to completely wipe them out, he could only stop the war by stopping the Yonko.
But if he were to step between them, the two of them would join hands to defeat him.
“Stop the fight?!”
“Interrupting the fight is a taboo for those Yonko.”
Some of the pirates who already escaped to the sea stopped when they saw Roja stop. They thought that Roja wouldn’t dare to go and fight two of the Yonko at the same time.
“Akagami no Shanks… Hyakuju no Kaido…”
Roja paused slightly and his coat fluttered slightly due to the wind. His eyes shone with a sharp bright light. The entire momentum around his body suddenly stopped.
What about fighting two of the Yonko?!
Roja silently entered into the Shinigami mode. His clothes changed into the black with slightly white lines as he reached his hand into the air and the petals suddenly covered his body.
The next moment, Roja no longer stayed still, he stepped forward toward the battlefield where Kaido and Shanks were fighting.
“He’s gone! He’s really going against the two Yonko.”
“This is going to be a big fight!”
Seeing Roja going toward two of the Yonko at the same time, numerous men couldn’t help but take a deep cold breath. They felt horrified.
Does Roja really want to stop two of the Yonko alone? What madness is this!
Although Roja was recognized as the strongest Admiral in the Marine’s history, he had to face two of the Yonko at the same time.
The crews of Kaido and Shanks who were fighting, saw Roja entering the center of the battlefield. They paused and couldn’t help look coldly at Roja.
“Ghost Sword!”
“This guy actually dared to come.”
Each of them was a member of a Yonko’s crew. They looked at Roja coldly as they wanted to rush and use their abilities to defeat Roja directly.
There were many strange powers in the sea, some of them were really special. Even the Yonko would pay attention to them.
For a while, the fight between the two crews stopped and their attentions were directed at Roja. All types of attacks were directed at Roja.
Wouch! Wouch!
Facing these attacks, Roja didn’t retreat. He only used Senbonzakura to stop all attacks from reaching his body while also strengthening them using Busoshoku. All the attacks stopped.
While facing those attacks, Roja held his sword in front of him.
“All things of this world, turn to ashes.”
In a moment, Roja used Ryujin Jakka and raised his hand. Fire waves were like clouds under the sun’s bright red light.
When the flame came out, everyone was horrified.
Even the cadres of the Best and Akagami’s pirates were stunned. They didn’t dare resist and bock the way anymore.
Dozens of beast pirates who didn’t dodge in time were caught in the fire, they transformed using their fruits to resist the fire. But in the end, they were unable to last under the heat of the flames and were defeated.
“Marine Admiral Ghost Sword’s flame sword!”
“These cadres of the beast pirates had at least 300 million bounties over their head, but they were defeated just like that.”
“It’s said that the flames are as hot as the sun’s flames.”
The leader and big pirates who witnessed this were shivering in fright. This attack alone raised the temperature of the island many times.
Roja held Sen Maboroshi as he bathed in flames as if he was a god of fire.
He stepped forward and the flames made way for him to move.
All the people around him saw this and shuddered, no longer trying to stop him.
At this time, Even Shanks and Kaido couldn’t help but stop fighting and turned to look at Roja with a serious face.
Shanks felt the heat and mumbled.
“It’s such a terrible flame.”
“It’s really hot…”
Kaido looked in contempt as he said: “But such flames is too weak to make me sweat!”
“Is it!”
Roja walked one step at a time as coldness could be seen in his eyes. There was neither grief nor joy in his eyes, they merely were as sharp as a sword as he headed toward them.
The fierce flames swept down and fell. As he entered the Grandmaster Swordsman realm, Roja’s flames were even stronger than before.
Kaido made a loud noise as his body was suddenly covered by Haki. He stepped into Roja’s flames but his body didn’t light up as it scattered around his body as soon as it touched him.
“I haven’t seen you in years and it seems like you’ve grown a lot! Take this punch for me!”
Kaido revealed a fierce glare as he angrily made a move. The land under his feet collapsed as he rushed toward Roja with a punch.
Roja didn’t fear him, he condensed the flames inside Sen Maboroshi and as it turned red, he waved it at Kaido.
The Sword and the Punch collided. Fierce Roars sounded and the earth under Roja’s feet collapsed. Horrible flames engulfed everything in its way. 


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