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G.O.S.S Chapter 282: Terrifying strength!

Roars sounded between heaven and earth.
A figure flew backward along with a mushroom cloud, the figure smashed into the debris and fell down quite a distance away. The huge crack opened along the way.
The beast pirate couldn’t help be frightened after witnessing this because the outcome of that collision was the loss of Kaido.
Many people swallowed with deep fear appearing in their eyes.
In this world, only Whitebeard could send Kaido flying. Even Shanks would have some advantages while attacking nothing else. It’s almost impossible to send Kaido flying.
But now, Roja confronted Kaido directly and sent him flying.
Even though Kaido didn’t receive that much damage, this still caused people to be terrified.
“Fighting with Whitebeard and retreating without any injury wasn’t unreasonable… He can send Kaido flying in a frontal attack. Only Whitebeard had this kind of power.”
“No, He is probably way stronger than Whitebeard!”
Far away, the leaders of many forces and pirates were worried sick and couldn’t help but start talking with each other. Their voices contained deep fear.
Regardless whether Roja could fight against two of the Yonko at the same time, he is worthy of being called the Strongest Admiral in the Marines History.
 On the other side, Shanks didn’t make a move, he watched the collision between the two and as he saw Kaido was sent flying, the look in his eyes changed.
“Although the time and place are not right,… There is an opportunity.”
The next moment, Shanks held his sword in his hand and a strong wave of power belonging to a Grandmaster Swordsman appeared around him.
The sword of an emperor which could suppress anyone!
When Shanks’ sword fell down, a huge sword Energy attack emerged tearing the earth as it moved toward Roja while making its way through the fire.
“This is so powerful… It’s not just powerful, even the feeling carried by the strike is amazing.”
Roja saw this and couldn’t help but praise Shanks.
The power of the swordsman is close to his style. He wasn’t like Kyoshiro who abandoned the sword for a long time or Shiki who lost his legs.
Even though Rayleigh’s swordsmanship was as good as shanks’, the latter was already old.
And the most important thing is that Shanks’s Haoshoku was the most powerful in the world, the sword carried the will of its wielder.
Roja stood in front of the attack and received it, The ground under his feet cracked as he tried to nullify the attack.
“If this was at the same level as Shiki and Koshiro, even breaking through my fire will be difficult for them making me block it myself. Akagami no Shanks does really have strong swordsmanship and Haoshoku.”
After taking this sword strike, not did Roja not feel fear, instead, he felt very excited. A wound appeared beside his eyes, blood dripped and before it reached the ground, it evaporated.
In this world, he was invincible. Only by fighting two of the Yonko at the same time can he feel excited about a fight.
“It’s not too bad, come!”
Roja held his sword and the atmosphere around him changed. As a Grandmaster swordsman, he had his own sense of swordsmanship. His sword’s will was like a flaming sword.
The Fire ability of Sen Maboroshi was mistakenly thought to be his sword’s will. Later as Roja continued his swordsmanship practice, he awakened his swords will and it was the sword of flames.
Roja’s sword gathered the flames around it and suddenly Roja used Getsuga Tensho.
The sword strike went forward and burned everything in its path to ashes.
 “Not good!”
When Shanks looked at the sword strike, his heart turned cold. He clearly perceived the power of this strike.  In term of pure power, it might be above Whitebeard.
Shanks didn’t hesitate. He held his sword and made his move.
However, under the collision of the two attacks, Shanks’s strike was burned and dissipated. On the red golden sword strike, Roja sent remained and was slightly weakened. The strike was still headed towards him. Shanks saw this and froze.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
At this time, Benn Beckman, the vice-captain of Akagami’s pirates who wasn’t standing far away fired three shots. The shots were covered by Busoshoku Haki as they hit Roja’s Bakuretsu Tensho.
Roja’s strike was first intercepted by Shanks’ attack and following that it was hit by Benn Beckman’s Powerful Busoshoku filled Bullets.
Amazingly, the strike didn’t stop as it cracked the Bullets and burned them while continued heading toward Shanks.
Shanks didn’t hesitate and made a move with his sword to stop the strike while using his Busoshoku to the extreme.
Roja’s strike touched Shanks’ sword and then broke.
The power of this sword strike was indeed beyond what everyone expected. Even Shanks treated the attack serious and still underestimated its power.
Roja’s strike was hit by Shank’s strike, following that by Benn Beckman’s bullets, and then It reached Shanks only to break.
Whether it was Shanks or Benn Beckman who assisted him, both of them were shocked beyond belief.
Was Roja’s attack really that powerful?!
The power of this strike made many people stare, but they were no longer shocked because after Roja attacked Kaido already stood up and rushed toward Roja.
It was impossible for the Yonko to join forces.
Kaido didn’t care about what Roja did to Shanks nor did he help him defend himself he directly went to attack Roja.  
Kaido was fast, he didn’t give Roja the opportunity to use that strike again.
Kaido doesn’t know fear as battle intent surged from his eyes.
Roja held his sword and looked at Kaido who was rushed toward him. He directed his thoughts toward his sword and a fire surged all over the place.
Kaido plunged into the flames. Although he resisted them, the momentum of his attack slowly regressed.
Roja defeated Shanks’ sword strike and repelled Kaido.
With his strength, Roja faced two of the Yonko and still could fend off both of them. This made all people watching ashamed and sluggish.
Roja had once destroyed the Big mom and her crew, then he faced Whitebeard. But nobody knew the details of the fights nor did they know how strong Roja was.
Just now, the power of the Strongest Marine Admiral was witnessed by all forces.


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