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G.O.S.S Chapter 283: Destroyed!

“He’s really a lot stronger than before.”
Kaido folded his hands against his chest as he stopped moving about ten meters away from Roja while the earth beneath his legs was full of cracks.
He looked at Roja seriously. it’s the first time for him to face Roja seriously.
 On the other side, Shanks realized Roja’s power and his expression changed.
“This kind of attack… Should be really exhausting!”
Benn Beckman’s forehead was full of cold sweat, but he still could maintain his calm. He began analyzing the previous attack.
Shanks took a deep breath and said: “It’s tiring but… Even if it is, this kind of attack is really dangerous.”
Shanks didn’t know whether Kaido could resist such attacks. He knew that if he was unprepared as he received such attack, he would be seriously injured if not dead.
Roja saw both Kaido and Shanks stop their attacks, so he didn’t tack the initiative to attack. Instead, he turned his gaze toward the red Poneglyphs that didn’t have any sign of damage still.
“This Poneglyphs is the root of this war…”
He looked at the stone and his expression became unpleasant. He suddenly let go of Sen Maboroshi and let it fall to the ground.
Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!
This time it wasn’t a simple Bankai, it’s double release.
Roja using two abilities at the same time would lead to huge Reiatsu consumption. But in exchange, the power he would get is just as strong. This can be said the most powerful state Roja can attain with his current power.
Hundreds of thousands of petals scattered with each one carrying a terrifying atmosphere around it. The Sakura petals were like phoenix Feathers that flew around Roja.
“What is this?!”
The people witnessing this felt uneasy in their hearts, and their eyes turned even more vigilant.
They all saw Roja’s petals before. But seeing them suddenly turn red gave them a completely different feeling of danger.
If the previous petals felt like sharp swords that could cut through anything, then these red ones felt like the petals of flowers from hell.
Each petal was like a volcano that was about to erupt which made people tremble with fear.
After Roja double release, he didn’t stop. He waved his hand gently and the petals gathered rapidly.
“Senbonzakura Kageyoshi… Final move: White Sword Emperor!”
Hundreds of thousands of petals turned into red wings behind Roja. Roja now seemed like a phoenix that spread its wing open.
This was the most powerful attack, and the hardest attack to control.
The ultimate Move!
When the White Sword Emperor formed, a horrible oppressive atmosphere surged from it. It covered the entire island. Even the beast pirates and Akagami’s pirates couldn’t help but feel the horror of that sword.
“That thing is dangerous…”
Benn Beckman’s pupil shrank as he as on extreme alert: “Despite not knowing what move is this, it seems like it’s very hard for even him to control. It’s extremely unstable!”
Even without Benn Beckman’s warning, Shanks has already felt the danger. He raised his vigilance to the extreme as he assured himself that even if he couldn’t resist this attack, with his speed he could avoid it.
On the other side, Kaido was shocked by the pressure brought by this move. He didn’t take the initiative to attack Roja, but he was along with everyone staring at the sword in Roja’s hands.
Silence fell in the battlefield.
“What is he doing?!”
Many people were horrified as they stared at Roja, they suddenly felt that something was wrong with Roja.
In the next moment, under everyone’s gaze, Roja released White Sword Emperor. His target was neither Kaido nor Shanks. His target was the stone that was sought by all, the stone that survived more than eight hundred years.
Roja stood in his place, His Haoshoku was released to the extreme. This move was hard to control, perhaps it’s unable to kill Kaido, perhaps it won’t be able to hit shanks, but the stone that was intact after 800 years, was an unmoving stone.
The world suddenly seemed to dim down, all the light seemed to be sucked into the sword in Roja’s hands. Then the sword smashed into the stone.
Whether it was Shanks, Kaido, or anyone here, no one thought that Roja would attack the Poneglyphs.
Thousands of rays condensed together and accompanied Roja’s sword which pierced the red Poneglyps. The entire stone turned even redder and cracks appeared on it and spread all over.
Followed by this, under the shock and unbelievable gazes of countless people, the 800 years old stone that the world government couldn’t destroy throughout the history… was crashed.
This wasn’t loud. Actually, there was no sound at all.
However, the impact of this was like thunder in everyone mind. All people were in a daze as their heads were buzzing.
“This is impossible!!”
Even Shanks and Kaido looked at this in a daze.
The stone can’t be destroyed, this was a fact known for 800 years.
In addition to holding the secrets to reach Raftel, the secrets to build the ancient weapons, and the knowledge about the void century, the only thing else that was known about this stone, is that I can’t be destroyed.
Even Whitebeard at his peak will find it hard to destroy this stone.
But now, the stone which was claimed to be indestructible was destroyed.


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