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G.O.S.S Chapter 284: Heavily damaged Kaido!

Roja slammed the Poneglyphs and destroyed it but he didn’t undo his technique. It was about to dissipate, he directed the sword toward Shanks and Kaido and waved it.
The attack wasn’t just sword energy. Instead, scorching red petals moved along with it. They were the two wings behind Roja, they split apart and each move toward a target. One was for Kaido and the other was for Shanks.
“Not good!”
When he saw this, Shanks’ mind shook. he didn’t have any intention to face this move head-on as he raised his speed to the extreme.
Om! Om!
Shanks was one of the fastest people Roja ever saw. It was as if he teleported, he arrived at a very distant place and avoided the attack.
Although the place that the attack fell into was empty, it bloomed with unimaginable destructive force as a small sun bloomed in that area.
On the other side, Kaido was vigilant in his heart. That move destroyed a Poneglyphs. So if he wasn’t careful he may die.
 If he faced this kind of attack without defending himself, it would be enough to kill him.
This attack was the most powerful attack he had ever seen since he was born. Even the full power of Whitebeard was inferior.
You know, he fought with Whitebeard until he fell into a coma and was captured by his crew but even then, Whitebeard couldn’t kill him. When he was unconscious he couldn’t put up any defenses but he still didn’t die.
“Take this!”
Kaido didn’t hesitate. he yelled and directly used Busoshoku to the extreme and faced the attack head-on. He didn’t try to dodge but instead, he faced it head-on.
Fearless to all attacks, this was his style.
Roja’s attack reached him and blasted.
Roja attacked both Kaido and Shanks at the same time, which is why they reached Kaido at the same time it reached where Shanks was before. Two small golden suns were formed.
The light was dazzling and almost impossible to describe. This attack made people feel horror and feel.
“What kind of power is this?!”
Everyone was afraid with no exceptions. They felt that if it were them, they wouldn’t be able to last an instant under that kind of attack.
The Poneglyphs was one of a kind, the metal used to make them were hardened to a level that not seen before. Therefore, there weren’t many of them in the world.
At this moment, even though Roja’s attack was weakened a lot and was nowhere near the power he used to destroy the stone, it still was extremely powerful.
No one could open his eyes.
The bright light was so dazzling.
When it faded away, two craters on the center of the Prodence kingdom appeared. Everything around them was turned to aches. Even dust wasn’t spared.
Shanks avoided the blow but Kaido didn’t and was hit hard.
Kaido’s body was full of burn marks and half of his body was burnt black. If he was a normal person he would have long since died with this kind of injury.
Even when he used his Busoshoku to the last of his ability, coupled with his powerful flesh he couldn’t come out unscathed.
Kaido coughed fiercely, he didn’t cough blood since it has long since evaporated, instead black smoke came out of his mouth.
His crew looked at this full of disbelief.
“Unbelievable. that attack could hurt to such a degree… This has never happened before.”
Kaido had never suffered such an injury before. Even when facing Whitebeard, he was never hurt to this extent. The power of Roja’s attack was evident.
Although Shanks avoided the attack an couldn’t judge its power himself. When he looked at the state Kaido was in, his heart shook.
“Even if Kaido didn’t use Haki to defend himself and only used his flesh and allowed me to attack him, I’m afraid that it would be difficult for me to cause this much damage let alone using Haki.”
“His strength has exceeded what Kaido can withstand.” Benn Beckman took his cigar seriously and said: “If Kaido didn’t use Haki to defend against that attack, he would have most likely died.”
Kaido would’ve died.
No need for any more explanation, just this one sentence was enough to prove how terrifying was Roja’s attack.
It must be known how much the Yonko and the world government wanted to kill Kaido, but they could only think and failed horribly to do so.
Kaido’s body made a terrifying sound. It was the sound of his muscle cracking. Under everyone’s gazes, the burnt half of his body broke and fell off.
After that, the burnt skin also fell down which exposed his muscle and blood. After a short period of time, they began to grew rapidly and finally, he was fully restored again.
“Even this didn’t kill him…”
Roja looked at Kaido and his eyes flickered.
The stone didn’t have any regenerative powers but Kaido had one, a strong ability to recover to his best state along with his powers.
But, he didn’t attack Kaido with the full attack. That was only the remaining of his attack, if it was the full attack, Kaido would have 90% die.
On the other side, even though Kaido had this creepy ability, but in fact, only he himself knew that recovering from such serious injuries consumed too much of his strength and vitality.
If he was attacked once again, he may not be able to recover.
Kaido stared at Roja fiercely and grinned: “It really… Hurts a little.”
Kaido’s character was always straight. Shanks and Whitebeard couldn’t kill him. Therefore, their attacks were like tickling to him.
And Roja’s attack, in his eyes exceeded Whitebeard and Shanks’.


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