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G.O.S.S Chapter 285: Akagami’s Withdrawal!

Roja destroyed the Poneglyphs, then attack Shanks and Kaido, Shanks retreated and avoided the attack while Kaido faced it head on and was injured in exchange. All the people watching were silent.
A pirate from Akagami’s crew turned toward Shanks, his eyes full of questions.
Benn Beckman who was next to Shanks said: “The trick he used was very strong. Most likely it had consumed too much of his powers… But I don’t know whether he could use it again or not.”
Shanks stayed silent for a bit then shook his head.
“There is no need to fight.”
He came to stop Kaido and not fight with Roja. Now that the stone was destroyed, there was no need to continue fighting.
Moreover, Kaido wasn’t the kind of person who would team up with others. He also didn’t bother to do it. Even when he knew that he couldn’t defeat Roja, there was no such an idea as joining hands with Kaido to deal with him.
Benn Beckman nodded and put away his gun.
All the of Akagami’s crew gathered their weapons and left with Shanks.
Roja held his sword as he saw Shanks departing with his crew. He sank a bit but didn’t stop them.
On the other side, Kaido’s crew noticed this and couldn’t help but ask Kaido: “Kaido-sama, Akagami is withdrawing, are you going to stop him?!”
Kaido stared at Roja and when he heard his subordinate’s words, he slightly shifted his gaze then shook his head.
“They are afraid, let them go.”
The present Kaido was not afraid of Shanks. He glanced at the retreating Shanks and looked at his men again.
“There is no need for you to stay here, go back.”
Hearing this order, they all responded. Since Akagami wasn’t going to continue playing, it’s useless for them to stay here anymore.
All of them were Zoan fruit users and they weren’t any threat to Roja. On the other hand, some other fruits may be a threat.
Far away, after Akagami’s pirates withdrew, Kaido’s crew also retreated. Seeing this, all major forces began to retreat one after the other.
The Poneglyphs has already disappeared. it was meaningless to stay here. Moreover, it is estimated that a few people had secretly printed what was written in the stone.
Kaido didn’t go.
He still stood in front of Roja with no fear in his face, but there was some excitement apparent in his face.
In the past, alone opposed the Marine and could get out without losing anything. Now he was facing only one Marine and the battle was exciting in his eyes.
“The people who don’t want to get caught in the battle get away.”
Kaido grinned, his smile was terrifying.
Although his physical power was reduced by half, If Roja used that same attack again, he may die, he didn’t consider this issue at all.
What he wanted was fight Roja.
Coincidently, Roja also had the same idea.
Although he consumed a lot of Reiatsu, his thirst for battle didn’t fade.
This battle would let him increase his energy for the next level.
Killing Kaido or not isn’t important. In this kind of fight, he would experience the excitement and passion of the life and death fights. This kind of fight will increase his power and will. His soul strength would be improved. And this was the most important thing for Roja.
This battle would perhaps be the last one to make Roja passionate.
“After fighting with you several years ago, I didn’t have the chance again.”
Roja held Sen Maboroshi in his hand and flames lingered at its edge. Roja’s eyes were burning with red hot flames.
Looking back a few years ago Roja battled Kaido a few times and each time he would need help from someone else to stand up against him. But now, it’s completely different.
In the next moment, Roja rushed toward Kaido and waved his sword.
Kaido shouted loudly and greeted his attack with no fear. Both of them were extremely belligerent. This was a bloody battle.
The fight continued!
On the sea, a warship was advancing at full speed. Fujitora and a few officers were standing at the deck looking far away.
Suddenly in front of the warship, a pirate’s ship appeared.
“Issho-sama! That the 460 million belly pirate…”
Looking at the pirate’s ship that was coming toward them, the Officer observed it and reported to Fujitora.
“It would be helpful to know what is happening in Prodence Kingdom and what is Roja-sama is doing.”
On the deck, Fujitora pulled his sword without hesitation and suddenly swung his sword.
The air around him distorted and a terrible force broke out. The attack directly fell into the Pirate’s ship.
The pirates were preparing to destroy the warship with all they got. But before they could do so, Fujitora’s attack already fell on them.
Under The Gravity of Fuujitora, the pirates on the ship including the captain were forced move with great speed.
Immediately afterward, a cracking sound was heard and the ship broke down due to the pressure.
 The whole see was crushed down and huge waves formed.
The warship didn’t stop and continued forward as they broke through the waves.
Watching the ship being destroyed in a flash, and the terrifying waves formed due to this attack. All the Officers couldn’t help but swallow with awe in their eyes.
Fujitora took out his sword out of his scabbard and a ship fell into the sea.
Under Fujitora’s attack, the survivors from that ship were few and the ones with devil fruit were sentenced to death.
“There is no time to sort this out normally, there is only this way if we wanted to arrive fast to our destination.”
After saying this, Fujitora waved his sword and a few survivors struggling in the sea were picked up. The Marine saw this and immediately stepped forward to control the survivors.
A rear admiral shouted loudly at them: “Be honest! What happened in Prodence?! Is the Ghost sword there?!”
Several pirates looked at each other and were frightened by Fujitora’s sword. Under the shout of the rear admiral, they immediately talked about Roja and what happened in Prodence. Everything was told one by one.
Saving the king of Prodence!
Destroying the Poneglyph!
One hit Kaido and Shanks retreating!
One by one, each word the pirates spoke shook the Marines hearing them. They could only show excitement in their eyes.
Even Fujitora stared for a long time then smiled heartedly.
Fujitora was very strong. He was also close to the peak. However, compared to Roja, there was still a large gap.
When he heard that Roja was still fighting Kaido, Fujitora send the news to the headquarters and continued on his way!


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