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G.O.S.S Chapter 286: Wins and Losses

In the highest office of the world government in Marijois, some of the five old men were standing and some were sitting down as they discussed the issue going on right now!
“The battle in Zou moved to Prodence.”
“This war won’t end easily. Most likely both sides would have huge casualties at the end which will be very beneficial for us.”
One of them said with some eagerness in his eyes.
If Shanks came in contact with Whitebeard, they may be somewhat nervous as these two may reach a consensus. But with Kaido there is no hope for that to happen.
Everyone knows Kaido’s character. Once he goes insane, he won’t care for anything and would even face the other Yonko alone. In the entire sea, there are two people who would dare actually do that, one is Roja and the other one is Kaido.
“But the battlefield turned to be Prodence Kingdom, I am afraid that after this battle, Prodence will be History.”
“We don’t need to do anything. Speaking of Roja, He should have already reached Prodence now, Right?”
When the name Roja was mentioned, several people’s faces became irritated.
 Shanks and Kaido fight would cause damage to both parties, which was beneficial for the World government even though that would make them a piece of land under them.
The death of civilians didn’t bother them, after all, they issued many orders before to exterminate whole islands.
When Roja went to interfere in the fight, it made them extremely dissatisfied.
“Roja has been difficult to control today. He can face the Yonko and retreat or even win. If it were us, we wouldn’t be able to do that. Garp, Dragon… If this family was combined, it would be a huge threat to us.”
One of them said with a gloomy face.
Roja’s current reputation adding Garp’s, if they were to do anything to them they won’t have a way to suppress them. If these two were to issue an order, then no one from the Marine would obey the world government anymore.”
Coupled with Monkey.D.Dragon, this situation made them feel envy and jealousy.
“The blood that runs through this family is really terrible.”
“At the moment… Roja is useful, but he is too uncontrollable, even more, these Shichibukai. If we had a chance…”
They looked at each other and could see the sternness inside their eyes.
For now maintaining their domination and power is the most important, so they needed a person who could break the balance.
“But with the existence of the Poneglyphs, the threat is too big, Roja is not as dangerous as that stone, but we can’t destroy it.”
When the Poneglyphs was mentioned, their face was ugly to look at as the thing that happened 800 years ago is scribed into the stones.
They let Vegapunk look at it and even with his intelligence he couldn’t find a way to destroy it
The place fell silent.
At this time a knock came from the door. The five old men looked at each other then calmed down.
“Come in!”
“Sirs, we just received information from the Marine!”
 An official walked in quickly as he bowed toward the old men with an unbelievable expression on his face.
Noticing his expression they all looked toward him.
“Say what is the situation now, did he arrive at Prodence?”
Listening to them asking, the official’s forehead sweated as he trembled while replying: “Ghost sword arrived at Prodence a few hours ago, he saved the civilians of Prodence, and… He destroyed… Destroyed the Poneglyphs!”
As his voice died down, the room fell into a weird silence. 
“What did you just say?!”
The old men showed shocked expression as they all stood up while still looked at the Official to see whether what he said was a lie or not.
Half a day later, Fujitora arrived on the warship and caught some pirates who were still there. He also helped some civilians away from the island.
As for Roja and Kaido, he wanted to go and help but after seeing Roja’s boiling spirit, he silently retreated to safety and left the island with the civilians.
After another half a day; the battle was finally over. The physical strength of Kaido was really terrifying. If he was fighting Shanks, then fighting for ten days and nights won’t be a problem.
But in front of Roja, his powers were exhausted extremely fast.
Roja’s Reiatsu was also consumed rapidly. As a battle between two of the strongest people in the world, it actually ended really fast and was of the shortest fights ever.
“I didn’t feel this much pain for so long.”
Among the ruins, Roja looked at the bottom of a deep pit, inside was the physically exhausted Kaido who couldn’t move any longer as his body was full of blood and his face full of happiness.
Roja couldn’t help but shake his head as he sensed his current Reiatsu then said: “Kaido you are really good… and extremely lucky, if I had just a bit more power you would’ve died.”
Roja’s remaining Reiatsu will allow him to use his sword but just that won’t be able to kill Kaido. Even if he used Bsuoshoku Kaido’s flesh won’t be injured, his powers just can’t be explained by common sense.
“It seems like my move to destroy that stone has consumed too much Reiatsu… But if I didn’t do that, Shanks wouldn’t have necessarily retreated.”
Roja looked at Kaido and shook his head slightly. After this battle, he was sure that he can kill Kaido now.
In other words, in this world, other than the ancient weapons, no one can stop him except for some kind of trump card kept hidden by the Celestial Dragons.
A few days later, the new about Roja facing against two Yonko alone and defeating Kaido in a one vs one fight spread through the sea.
After Big mom’s crew was destroyed, Roja who didn’t make a move for a long time finally shocked the world once again. As soon as this was known, the seas were turned upside down.


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