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G.O.S.S Chapter 287: Poison!

The warship was slowly moving on the sea and inside the highest level cabin on it, Roja sat behind a desk.
After a while, Fujitora came in and briefly said something about the Prodence Kingdom then apologized.
“I am deeply sorry about my failure to restrain Kaido.”
After Roja defeated Kaido, He came to assist restraining him. If Roja could regain some of his powers, he would’ve killed Kaido. But Kaido’s recovery speed was faster than he thought. Kaido pierced the island under Fujitora’s Gravity and escaped.
“It doesn’t matter. there will be an opportunity to kill him.”
Roja said indifferently. For him, having the power to kill Kaido was the most important thing.
When Fujitora nodded and was about to leave, a Den Den Mushi rang.
Fujitora answered the call.
“Issho talking… What? Ok, I know what to do.”
After hanging up, Fujitora turned toward Roja “An accident occurred in the scientific base in Punk Hazard. The entire island is now full of poisonous gas. The one responsible for this is Caesar Clown.”
“Punk Hazard? Caesar Clown?”
Roja felt a little familiar when he heard these names. He touched his chin and though for an instant then he sneered and said: “I am afraid that it’s not an accident.”
Fujitora heard this and opened his eyes that didn’t have a pupil and exuded a very gloomy feeling.
“It is said that I the previous war, He took the opportunity to sell a large number of poisonous weapons causing some island to be completely destroyed. This accident is probably the result of his eagerness to create a stronger weapon.”
Roja replied lightly.
“Punk Hazard is on our way, right? Then let’s go there if Caesar is still there, then the problem would be solved.”
Although Kaido was kind of crazy, he won’t start killing civilians for fun. He will either fight pirates or the other Yonko.
But Caesar was different. He creates all kinds of poisonous weapon that could wipe out a country in mere seconds.  It was not any less cruel than the world government’s buster call.
Roja couldn’t tolerate such actions.
In other words, this is just a mass destruction weapon. It’s as if he didn’t find it enjoyable to let few people survive.
This kind of behavior was strictly condemned by Roja.
“Punk Hazard is indeed on our way.”
Fujitora rushed with Roja, he wasn’t afraid of poisonous gas as he can easily suppress it with his gravity.
The warship moved at full speed and soon arrived at Punk Hazard.
When they went to Zou, they passed by Punk Hazard but they didn’t stop. The whole island was still lively a few days ago, but when they returned, the air was full of poison.
Of course, the story of Akainu and Aokiji fighting in this island didn’t happen, so the island wasn’t covered by ice and fire
Fujitora and Roja frowned upon seeing the state this island was in.
“Don’t go any closer, just stop here.”
Fujitora commanded to stop the warship from approaching the island.
The Marine swallowed and immediately commanded after hearing the instructions. When they looked at the island, their gazes were strange.
“Poisonous gas… This is horrible!”
“How can we deal with it?”
Many people looked at each other and saw fear in each other’s eyes.
They were elite Marines, they weren’t afraid of some powerful pirates, but poisonous gas is different, this was something that didn’t have a thing to do with courage.
“Let me try.”
The person that spoke wasn’t Roja, it was Fujitora.
Roja knew that poisonous gas can explode when a flame is used. If he really used it on the island, then the entire island would probably be flattened.
To completely destroy an island wasn’t something that Roja couldn’t do. He might even easily do it.
“Ok, good luck.”
Roja said to Fujitora and the latter nodded. He pulled his sword and waved twice. The deck cracked under his feet as he flew toward Punk Hazard.
A powerful Gravitational force suddenly broke out, it felt like space was being distorted by this power. The Poison in the air gathered in the same place.
Fujitora stepped on the island and raised the sword in his hand. Suddenly the poison all around the island was being pulled and flew toward the sky.
Wouch! Wouch!
The gas surged into the sky and gathered into the same place as it turned into water as it turned into liquid due to the gravitational force. Then it turned into a solid black ball with the size of a fist.
The Poison on the entire island was turned into a small sized ball which was a really shocking scene to behold.
The Marine looked warily at the ball. If that thing fell on them, they will most definitively die.
At this moment, Roja stepped on the island.
“Please be careful, that thing is too dangerous.”
Fujitora was serious, keeping the poison in that state required great control over gravity and even a little misstep would result in a really big trouble.
“Don’t worry.”
Roja shook his head and then said: “Throw it as high as possible in the sky.”
Fujitora nodded and the sword in his hand moved gently while the balls moved along and kept rising into the sky.
Roja moved his hand as he grabbed the air. Along with his movement, Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hand.
“All things in the world, turn to ashes…”
After releasing the Shikai, Roja looked toward the sky. He raised his hand and waved it. Red golden flames flew like an arrow toward the ball of poison.
The flames and the small kept on rising they weren’t visible anymore.
“This height should be enough.”
Roja used his Kenbunshoku to perceive the ball’s position in the sky. When he felt that that was high enough he turned toward Fujitora and said.
Using his power to make an entire island float was easy for Fujitora, but compressing that much poison into a solid ball wasn’t as simple as it sounded.
Simply lifting something wasn’t as hard as suppressing it and changing its state from gas to become solid wasn’t such an easy feat.
“Good, I’m almost at my limit.”
There was a lot of sweat on Fujitora’s forehead. He smiled at Roja and returned his sword to its scabbard.
“What you did is already amazing.”
Roja sighed, he said it seriously. Fujitora’s Gravity had a great potential and if it gets stronger in the future, he might be able to face Whitebeard.
At the moment when Roja’s voice fell, in the far endless sky, Fujitora’s control over the poison stopped. The poison returned to its original form but before it could drop down on them, The flame sent by Roja rushed up and collided with it.
An earth-shattering Roar was heard as the sky seemed to be falling. Even civilians in the neighboring islands see the light appearing in the sky. It seemed like a star bursting in the sky.
In the kingdom of Dressrosa, everyone could hear the earth breaking sound and could see the blinding light in the sky.
“What is that?!”


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