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G.O.S.S Chapter 288

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Caesar didn’t have time to pack up and leave the island as he was looking at the scene in front of him in amazement.
“Damn! What’s going on?!’
As soon as the poisoned gas covered the entire island, a strange force began pulling it together and transforming it into a small ball, the process was so fast that Caesar didn’t have time to respond before all the gas disappeared.
Caesar was confused. he immediately turned around to leave without picking up his things. He didn’t dare to leave through the front door as he felt afraid of the strange power he just witnessed so he used the secret passage.
“In an instant, all of my masterpieces vanished just like that… Was it the world government’s doing? Damn it, how did they arrive all the way here so fast?”
Caesar took the files he prepared beforehand and left. As soon as he reached the door of the secret passage he smirked.
“I was almost successful. It’s unfortunate that there was an accident. This scientist’s talent has to be known throughout the world.”
 “Whether you are a Yonko or someone from any other force, you will need to buy the weapons made by this Scientist. Churararara!”
Caesar laughed wildly as he opened the door of the secret passage.
As he took the first step, something flashed in front of him.
A mark suddenly appeared on the walls from both sides which made Caesar confused.
Caesar took a few steps back by instinct, his body could react but his mind couldn’t.
Just at this moment, something flashed. The walls from both sides, as well as the ceiling, were sliced open and the blue sky appeared above his head.
It’s not just this room. The entire base was sliced open.
“Is this a joke!!”
Caesar shuddered, his forehead sweated as his face was horrified.
As he looked outside, he noticed a man holding a sword with one hand. Caesar saw his figure and fear appeared all over his face.
“Ghost… Ghost Sword!”
“Damn it! I completely forgot about him, no wonder the world government’s response came so fast. He was returning to the Marine headquarters and just passed by.”
Just when Caesar felt at a loss about his next move, Gravity fell into his head. He is a logia user and his fruit was gas, so as the gravity fell into his body, he collapsed and turned into gas without any power to move.
Fujitora appeared on the side holding his sword.
“Fuji… Fujitora…”
As he was suppressed by Fujitora, his heart was filled with despair. One was the strongest Admiral and the other was an admiral level figure.
This lineup was almost as strong as Whitebeards crew.
After they caught Caesar easily, they returned to the warship, they handcuffed Caesar with Kairoseki.
“First let’s go back to the Headquarters then you will send Caesar to the Impel Down.”
After they put Caesar into the warship’s jail, Roja said to Fujitora.
In the original story, Caesar was also caught but he escaped inexplicably. It’s impossible for a devil fruit user to escape while he was in contact with Kairoseki.
Roja was clear of how Caesar escaped before, but since he knew, he will make Fujitora escort him personally.
Unless the Yonko came to help him, Caesar won’t be able to escape with Fujitora watching over him.
“Got it.”
Fujitora nodded. There were many other pirates on the warship so there mustn’t be any accident.
The warship slowly moved away from Punk Hazard while at the same time, people from Dressrosa were sent to investigate the bright light that appeared above the island.
In the garden of the castle, Riku Dold III was walking with his Granddaughter Rebecca when suddenly they received the news about Punk Hazard.
“Poisoned gas covered Punk Hazard?”
Riku listened to the report with shock. Then he said: “Is the world government unable to solve this problem?”
That kind of poison gas was very dangerous as Dressrosa and Punk Hazard weren’t that far away from each other.
“According to the information we received, it seems like Punk Hazard doesn’t contain Poison anymore… We are not clear about the detail though…”
The guard seemed to think about what to say and after organizing his words, he said: “A Marine Admiral was returning to the Headquarters from Prodence, so he solved the problem over Punk Hazard.”
“So that’s what happened.”
When the king heard this, he knew it was the Ghost Sword, he sighed and said: “No need to investigate anymore. The problem should be solved and the sound that we heard must have sounded when he solved the problem.”
Rebecca next to Riku couldn’t believe what she heard and her little face showed a stunned expression.
Since Doflamingo was dealt by Roja, the development of Dressrosa was different than the original story. Riku was still the king and Rebecca still had the virtue of being the Princess.
“I thought that loud sound came from a star falling down.”
Rebecca was Shocked. Hearing Riku saying that someone did it, she couldn’t describe how she felt.
“Probably, that’s what happened.”
Riku looked at Rebecca then looked at the sky again, he couldn’t help but show an awed expression as he said: “I thought that our old friend from Prodence would die… I didn’t expect the situation to take such a turn. If he could save Prodence, then there is nothing he can’t do.”


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