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G.O.S.S Chapter 290: Duel!

“That Ace brat, he really wants to kill me from anger!”
As soon as Roja returned home, he heard Garp roaring while clenching his fists.
Roja couldn’t help but smile: “What happened? What did Ace do?”
“That brat arrived in the new world and went directly to Shanks. They’re actually holding a banquet!”
Garp was already very angry toward Shanks. He influenced Luffy to be a pirate and now Ace went to meet him. He wanted to grab both of them and beat them up.
Roja smiled and said: “Ace already in the new world? He’s really fast. He should’ve gone to Shanks because of Luffy.”
Roja didn’t say anything about it which made Garp’s mood even worse. He started smashing things around him.
Apparently the “Education” he gave to Luffy completely failed.
“Okay, you will die from anger if you continue like this. Let them be, as long as they don’t anything evil, there is no problem in being a pirate. Aren’t you proud of Dragon?”
Roja smiled as he poured a cup of tea to Garp and them he poured one for himself and sat down in front of him.
Roja didn’t move out from Garp’s house. He just expanded the place further. Right now this place was the biggest villa inside the headquarters.
No one dares to complain because there are two legends staying in this place.
Garp was the Marine’s hero in the last era, a well-known legend. And although Roja was much younger, his achievements weren’t that small either. At least he surpassed all former Admirals and stood at the peak of the world. He was the strongest Admiral appearing in the last 800 years.
Garp didn’t look at Roja as he could only cough. What does it matter being a pirate or a Marine? Wasn’t he proud of Dragon? Can such words be casually said?!
However, Garp was indeed proud of Dragon. If Roja was the one spreading piece, then Dragon was the one spreading freedom.
Unfortunately, with his position, he can’t openly praise Dragon.
“You have to do something, the guys in the world government are probably angry at you. I told you to go to Mariejois. You didn’t listen to me at all.”
“Oh, I have no time to pay attention to them.”
Roja sneered and said: “It’s nothing much, they want me to destroy the Poneglyphs. I don’t have time to deal with some stones.”
“Ha ha ha ha ha”
When he heard Roja’s words, Garp couldn’t help but laugh and said: “You making those old men wait for you and being angry without having anything they can do to you makes me feel a little bit of pleasure.”
When Garp was young, he felt really uncomfortable with the world government just like Roja. He often ignored the orders of the world government and especially the orders from the nobles.
If Kong and Sengoku weren’t so set on following orders from the world government, those old men wouldn’t be able to bend the words justice to what it is now.
Even when the world government made the order to establish the Shichibukai system, they couldn’t say a thing against it.
“You’re happy now.”
Roja pouted then leisurely drank his tea.
After a while, Garp smiled and started thinking about something. Gradually worry appeared in his eyes then said.
“Hey, That stinky brat Ace, after finding Shanks, I’m afraid he would go to Whitebeard…”
“You still can’t let it go.”
Although Ace was Roger’s son, Garp did indeed treat him as a grandson, he thought both him and Luffy together and it’s impossible to say that he didn’t feel anything toward him.
“If you are worried about him, I can go give him some ‘lessons’ in the new world.”
Roja said casually because Garp couldn’t find Ace with his position as the hero. But Roja didn’t care about his position at all.
Garp shook his head with a wry smile: “What are you saying, you are an Admiral, not to mention this is his own adventure…”
Roja looked at Garp and he could feel the bitterness he’s feeling. Roger, Garp, and Whitebeard were all old acquaintances. Ace being Roger’s son made him as an elder feel anxious.
Roja can understand Garp’s feeling. But Garp wasn’t him, he didn’t know that Ace will actually join Whitebeard’s crew.
“Don’t worry, By the way, I’m going to the new world, but not for Ace, I’m going for a duel.”
Roja put the teacup back on the table and smiled.
Garp looked at Roja puzzled.
Roja smiled and said: “Yeah, haven’t you heard about the wandering swordsman with a 720 million on his head that is said to be challenging Mihawk…”
Garp was stunned as he heard this. He didn’t really care about any new guy appearing.
The wandering swordsman is really a special guy. He is a pirate but not exactly like one. He was like a knight but not one too. This guy was a loner. Just like Mihawk, he goes alone around the world that’s he acquired the title of wandering swordsman.
As for him having 720 million on his head, that’s because he destroyed an event for the world government and defeated the cp2 team.
Because of this, the world government was furious. They originally wanted to recruit him to the Marine, he didn’t have a reward before but because of that accident, they directly put a bounty of 720 million belly as a bounty.
Garp said casually: “Do you want to fight Mihawk?”
Roja shrugged and said: “No, I want to see his style before but I have no interest in fighting him.”
Roja wasn’t that concerned about the wandering swordsman, as for Mihawk, he always wanted to see him fighting but dueling with him was too much for the current him.
If he used the sword abilities, then Mihawk would definitively die. Even using only Getsuga Tensho, he estimated that he is stronger than him. But if he fought only with Haki and swordsmanship, he can put up a fight but can’t win.
Roja’s name was being compared to Mihawk, his title as the Ghost sword means that his swordsmanship is unpredictable and it is the strongest.
This made Mihawk falling from his position as the strongest swordsman which was an embarrassment. Also, the title of Whitebeard being given to him also made him embarrassed.
Therefore, many people said that Roja is the strongest Admiral in the history not in the world, to avoid that problem.
“Since you want to go, then go.”
Garp grinned at Roja and laughed. He no longer felt a headache about Ace’s problem, talking to Roja made him feel relieved.
Although he has always been proud of Dragon’s achievement, the person who always cares about him was Roja.


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