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G.O.S.S Chapter 291: Mihawk

On a small island in the new world with few people, various swordsmen gathered here.
Many pirate ships were not far from the island and of course, with pirates gathering, conflicts will begin with no doubt.
“Get out of here! This island is mine!”
On the shore of the island, pirates started shouting loudly to reveal their fierceness while holding their weapon.
But most of them were swordsmen, even though they weren’t that strong, but they weren’t ordinary people either.
“You can try to drive us out of here!”
Among the group that was threatened, some showed arrogance on their faces as they replied back to the pirate.
“This King ordered you to leave, what are you still staying here for?”
That pirate looked at them with disdain. His ship was already in attacking position ready to start bombarding them at any second.
Looking at this, a group of people faces changed.
No one can ignore the threat of cannons. Heavy artillery, even for a strong man like Whitebeard can be faced without Busoshoku Haki.
But they weren’t ordinary people, after all, many of them pulled out their swords ready to face the ship.
At this time,
Blue sword energy flashed from the distance.
In an instant, the ship was split in two from the middle. Not only the ship, even the water under the ship was split in two where the ship fell then it smashed on it from both sides.
“Don’t be too noisy!”
A faint voice came from the distance. A man was sitting on a rock while wearing old-fashioned swordsman clothes that were worn out.
He was the reason for all the people to gather here, he was the protagonist of today’s event.
Looking at the power of that sword strike, whether it is a pirate or a swordsman, all of them swallowed due to the horror and awe they felt.
“Is this the wandering swordsman? He’s so powerful!”
Many people looked at the scene that the sword strike created and couldn’t help mutter in their hearts.
“I don’t know whether Mihawk will come or not.”
Someone looked toward the see calmly.
Just as that voice fell, a swordsman beside him said positively: “He will!”
Someone else said: “Mihawk isn’t someone who loves fighting. But when someone challenges him, he will definitively come. No swordsman would cower from a challenge.”
“Is that so?”
Some people were skeptical about this, but most of them were waiting for the show to begin. As for the swordsmen, they were sure that Mihawk will come.
On the roof of a house on the island, Roja’s figure suddenly appeared. He wasn’t wearing the Marine’s uniform but he wore his casual clothing.
Mihawk will definitively come.
Roja was certain about this. He witnessed the attack that the wandering swordsman made and his eyes flashed slightly. The power of the sword strike isn’t everything for a swordsman. This guy has certainly reached the Grandmaster level.
This made Roja somewhat surprised because a Grandmaster is not some common thing that could appear casually. But Roja could tell that this guy has definitively stepped into that realm.
“Grandmaster swordsman…”
Roja sighed slightly. If such a character continued to grow and improve, he would be able to get a position as a captain under one of the Yonko.
At the moment of that strike, the determination could be felt from the sword. His swordsmanship had a spirit.
Between swordsmen, As long as the realm wasn’t that different, then there would be no definite answer to who could win before the actual fight, just like reaching the 20 meters in the sword filed, it didn’t mean that he could defeat anyone under that or lose to anyone above it. It just means that his chances are greater.
The victory and defeat should consider other aspects, like the state of the swordsman himself. 
At least, Roja felt that the state that the wandering swordsman was in was the best he could achieve. He does have the qualification to challenge Mihawk.
“This guys sword’s meaning… it felt like it can turn everything to dust just by touching it. But that isn’t the meaning he’s focusing on… Sure enough, in this realm, almost no one was similar to the other.”
Roja thought as he muttered in his heart.
Suddenly, all swordsman felt a pressure all over their bodies which broke their will in an instant.
All of them stood up and looked at one direction.
Roja also stood up and his eyes swept around the place.
On the rock, the wondering swordsman got up as his old clothes shook gently by the wind.
A small boat was coming over from the distance with only one person on board.
The world’s strongest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk!
He finally arrived.
If this was just some weak guy, Mihawk would not come here himself. But the wandering swordsman was famous now and he was indeed a person qualified to challenge him, so he came.
He will avoid useless fighting but he won’t avoid a challenge. The title of the strongest swordsman wasn’t self-proclaimed but a fact known through battle.
Before he even arrived, sword pressure fell on everyone on the island and the sea breeze became sharp along with the waves.
What’s even more terrifying was that the closer he gets, the clearer his face become, the sharpness on that face made people shudder in fear.
There were only a few people who could look at his face at this moment.
A swordsman looked at him for a little bit and he started to leak.
Unlike normal swordsman, Mihawk normally didn’t exude any sword pressure, but when he wants too, all that pressure that he kept suppressed would bloom in one go making people looking at him tremble in fear.
The sword of the wandering swordsman was restrained, he didn’t oppress others at all but when it outbreaks it can destroy everything.
“A strong swordsman…”
Mihawk perceived that guy’s swordsmanship as he sharpened his eyes even more. He hasn’t fought with a decent swordsman for a long time. Today he came especially for this wandering swordsman and that guy didn’t let him down.
Just as Mihawk was ready to entirely focus on the wandering swordsman, he blinked suddenly and looked at the back of the island and his face changed slightly.
“Has he also come?!”


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