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G.O.S.S Chapter 292: Wins and Losses

The wandering swordsman was fully focused on Mihawk. The slight change in Mihawk’s eyes couldn’t escape from his perception. When he noticed it, he blinked a little.
He couldn’t help but glance at him, but Mihawk wasn’t looking at the swordsmen here he was looking far away.
“What did he see?”
The wandering swordsman froze, but he through this thought away. He came to fight with Mihawk and others didn’t matter.
Mihawk’s boat leaned against the island. Mihawk suddenly flickered and stepped onto the island.
The wandering swordsman stepped down from the rock and arrived in front of Mihawk.
Mihawk didn’t directly pull out his sword. Instead, he looked at the wandering swordsman and said: “What are you fighting for?”
The wandering swordsman pulled out his sword which was one of the O Wazamono series. He looked at Mihawk without any fear.
Mihawk showed a serious look. He didn’t say anything more as he pulled out his black. He respected such characters.
“That’s not just any sword! That’s black Sword, Yoru!”
Many swordsmen looked admiringly at his sword. The wandering swordsman started the etiquette of every duel by introducing himself and the name of his sword.
“Swordsman Soros, Sword name is Gin.”
Soros revealed his name which no one knew before. At least now they can call him by his name.
Mihawk placed his sword in front of him and responded in a deep voice: “Swordsman Dracule Mihawk, Sword name is Yoru.”
After the mutual introduction, both of them took their fighting stances and were ready to start.
In this sort of fight, there should be no disturbance to both.
Originally in the war of the Marineford, Mihawk could still pay attention to Luffy even though he was fighting with Vista. Obviously, that’s because Vista’s swordsmanship was inferior to his. But in this fight when their level isn’t that far apart, any sort of distraction would decide the outcome of this fight.
Both of them suddenly flashed and their swords seemed to cut the void and collided together.
The two of them didn’t use any fancy moves, just simple swordsmanship.
The first collision didn’t have any aftermath. I looked like two ordinary people swinging their swords.
The power of those strokes was concentrated in the few feet around them.
Mihawk’s sword was covered with Haki as it moved in his hands flexibly without any problem even though it was so big.
Many swordsmen were amazed by this. Even though they weren’t Grandmasters, they could appreciate Mihawk’s swordsmanship.
Soros seemed to struggle a bit after a few exchanges. But he noticed the problem with Mihawk’s swordsmanship, his sword was too big and it couldn’t match a smaller sword’s speed.
Soros used this without hesitation. He chose to use speed to his advantage. His speed rose to the limits while he tried to attack Mihawk.
Mihawk didn’t sit in the position of the strongest swordsman for just a few years. He encountered many swordsmen and all of them were defeated by him. It’s not that easy to defeat him.
Soros chose speed, so Mihawk also did the same.
Every attack was blocked and the sword in Soros’ hands trembled. Even with Busoshoku, it was hard for him to resist and his speed started slowing down.
The confrontation between the two was one of pure swordsmanship.
Not many could understand what’s happening, at least not those below the Grandmaster level.
Roja saw Mihawk’s power and swordsmanship which made him amazed. At least he wasn’t as good as him when it comes to swordsmanship.
While possessing the rhythm of all things, he could make the sword lighter, but he also trains using weights so his power is extremely stable.
Roja could feel that the sword field around him was a constant 30 meters in range. It didn’t drop to 29 meters even once which is truly incredible.
“It’s the world’s strongest swordsman in his peak.”
Roja already came down from the roof and stood by the side watching the fight along with the crowds. He was almost obsessed with his swordsmanship as it was useful to him.
Roja admired Mihawk while some low-level swordsmen didn’t understand a thing while looking at this.
Because they couldn’t see what is happening at all.
The battle was so fast that ordinary swordsmen couldn’t follow along.
“Do you get what’s happening?”
Several young swordsmen looked at each other without knowing anything. They looked at Roja with some suspicious as they could see the admiration in his eyes.
This guy probably doesn’t understand what is happening, does he really know?
Just when they were wondering about Roja, the time for the outcome to be decided has finally come.
Between swordsmen, if one really wants to win and go all out, the duel will end quickly.
Sorors felt it’s useless to drag this any longer, he would lose with no doubt, but he didn’t want to retreat until the end. He decided to use his strongest attack.
Mihawk’s eyes were full of respect toward the swordsman in front of him. He looked at him seriously as he was preparing his own attack.
The two flashed and passed by each other, then staggered and stopped with their backs facing each other.
“Who won?!”
The group of swordsmen who were looking at Roja looked at the battlefield questioning the result of the fight.
Just at this moment.
A bloody wound appeared on Soros’ body. The wound spread from his shoulder all the way to his abdomen while blood splashed on the ground.
“I Lost…”
Soros returned his sword into its scabbard while he showed no unwillingness. Instead, his eyes held a few wishes but no regret.
Mihawk turned and looked at the swordsman with a complicated gaze. In fact, Soros could choose not to make that final attack with him, but he still went with it.
“A powerful swordsman who I didn’t have the chance to face for a long time… I will remember you.”
“That’s a great honor.”
Soros showed a satisfied smile then dropped to the ground and died.
Far away, Roja looked at this and sighed. He praised Mihawk’s swordsmanship and Soros’ decisiveness and sighed against for that same decisiveness.
This guy had the same style as Zoro but the ending was different.
After a little bit, Roja left the crowd silently without going out. Mihawk couldn’t see Roja when he put back the sword on his back.
“Has he gone already?”
Mihawk sighed and shook his head slightly. He jumped on his boat and left.
“Mihawk won!”
In the crowd, everyone had a different emotion. Even a strong man as Soros couldn’t defeat Mihawk. He once again proved his strength.
Someone sighed and whispered: “I don’t know whether there is a swordsman stronger than Mihawk…”
“Hey, don’t say this, have you forgot about Ghost Sword?”
Someone heard this and couldn’t help say back.
Admiral Ghost Sword!
When it comes to Ghost sword, the people couldn’t help but feel awe. That was a scarier existence than Mihawk. He is standing at the peak of the world, not just the strongest swordsman.
“Right… Now that I think about it, that person seemed a bit…”
At this time, suddenly someone thought a little, then shock appeared on his face as he turned to look at the position Roja was in but Roja wasn’t here anymore.
“He’s gone.”
A middle-aged swordsman was full of awe.
Roja appeared here, of course, some people recognized him, but they were some big shots so they didn’t say a thing.
“Didn’t he look like he could see their fight just now…”
When they heard this, their eyes revealed their disbelief.
The middle-aged man nodded and said in a deep voice: “Yes I’ve also seen him from a distance before… Just a glance but I didn’t have the courage to say it just now…”
The man’s forehead was full of cold sweat, he was obviously scared.
“The Admiral Ghost Sword Roja was standing next to them. This is really…”
This conversation was heard by other people and made its way to everyone’s ears.
“Ghost sword?! That guy turned out to be the Ghost sword?!”
“This… This…”
Everyone was sacred. The young swordsman thought that Roja was strange but now he knew why. His face turned ugly as he felt unbelievable.


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