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G.O.S.S Chapter 293: Jinbei Vs Ace

Although Roja didn’t fight with the two swordsmen, just witnessing the fight was enough for him to gain even lire experience.
Everyone’s sword style is different. The will of each swordsman is different, so imitating can never help you develop your skills and you won’t be as strong as the original.
If you can analyze the styles of different swordsmen, combine them and turn them into your own style, then you can overcome many swordsmen.
The reason for Mihawk’s power is because of his countless fights against swordsmen. His own style was refined through countless battles which led him to the peak of swordsmanship.
“Ace should still be going to join Whitebeard, forget it, will just go and take a look.”
Roja’s though for a while and changed his purpose of coming to the new world. Although Ace could not defeat Whitebeard, most of the latter’s crew won’t be able to kill Ace. But since he’s already here, he should go take a look.
This will make Garp feel at ease.
On a certain island in the new world, a fierce fight was taking place. One of them was more famous than even the wandering Swordsman Soros, who is Ace.
The other one was one of the Shichibukai, Jinbei.
After Ace left Shanks’ place, he straightly went to Whitebeard’s. He made it clear that he was going to challenge Whitebeard. He didn’t hate Whitebeard. In fact, he actually respected him.
Ace was covered in flames but his body was covered in wounds.
Ace put his hand in front of him as if he had a pistol and suddenly countless flames shot out of it toward his target.
Jinbei in front of him was also covered in burn marks but he faced Ace’s attacks without fear.
Water droplets formed on Jinbei’s finger and were shot out toward Ace’s flames.
The attacks from both sides were fierce and held a bit of Haki. Many of the water droplets hit Ace while the same happened with Jinbei as the flame shots hit his body.
Ace’s body was made of flames, so even without Haki water can hurt him.
Snap! Snap!
Both of them retreated a few steps at the same time. A few more burns appeared on Jinbei’s body while more wounds appeared on Ace’s.
Ace gritted his teeth and slammed his fist toward Jinbei. In an instant, flames erupted from his fist and rushed toward Jinbei.
Jinbei punched in the air and a big water droplet transformed into a spear and moved toward the fire.
The water collided with the flames, but it didn’t evaporate directly as it countered the flames until both attacks perished directly.
“Dai Enkai: Entei!”
Ace’s face was cold as flames surged out from his body turning into a huge sun above his head.
Seeing this, Jinbei’s eyes narrowed as his body stepped a few steps into the sea.
“Mizugokoro… Kairyu Ipponzeoi!”
 Jinbei’s body moved slightly and suddenly the water under his feet turned into a tornado and moved toward Ace.
Ace didn’t hesitate and pushed Entei to attack Jinbei.
The attacks collided and a loud roar sounded. The earth broke and everything in the explosion range seemed to disappear. Ace’s body retreated a few steps and sat on one knee in a sorry state.
In front of him, Jinbei was also seriously burnt while loudly coughing as he squatted down barely supporting his body.
“This fight has been going for three days and we can’t tell who will win in the end…”
“You two will die at this Rate, Captain Ace!”
Ace’s crew members stood far away as they watched Ace’s wounds accumulate one after the other. They couldn’t help shout loudly toward him.
However, both Ace and Jinbei didn’t listen at all.
“Cough… Cough… Even if this old-man die, I will never allow you to touch Oyaji” Jinbei gasped as he barely stood up.
Ace also stood up, although he was in a sorry state, he said: “Old-man, is this all you have to say?”
Both of them once again started fighting, Ace’s crew members were nervous and full of worry. Some people bit their teeth as they wanted to rush and help their captain, but were stopped.
“Why, captain ace is…” The pirate who was rushing asked the person who stopped him.
The pirate wanted to answer but before he could form his words a voice sounded behind him.
“Because this is his battle and if you can’t even pass this level.  Then you will be a joke when you say you want to challenge Whitebeard.”
This sentence silenced them, but after an instant, they felt something wasn’t right. When they turned around they saw a stranger standing there.
Just now, it was this guy who talked.
“Wait who are you?”
Noticing the strange guy behind him, the pirate was suddenly taken aback. His face showed horror as he clenched his fist.
His exaggerated movement caught the attention of the other crew members which made them turn around and also look at that guy.
When they saw him, all of them almost jumped from fright.
“You…You are…”
Roja stood there looking at Ace and Jinbei fighting, while the pirate in front of him stumbled down.
Some people didn’t know Roja and revealed their doubts to other pirates.
“He… He… He is Admiral… Ghost Sword!”
Some people took a deep cold breath and retreated several steps back in fright.
“This is somewhat hard.”
Roja showed a helpless expression as he said:” Can you pretend you didn’t see me?”
Ghost Sword!
Ace’s crew members almost screamed in his heart. You are the most frightening existence in the world and you want us to pretend we never saw you?!


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