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G.O.S.S Chapter 294: Roja and Whitebeard

“Ghost Sword…”
Jinbei and Ace noticed Roja but they didn’t stop fighting.
Jinbei was one of the Shichibukai, he has no reason to be hostile toward Roja. Not to mention Ace’s relationship with Roja, he was a bit embarrassed seeing Roja here.
He originally wanted to challenge Whitebeard, but he ended up encountering Jinbei and he tied with him.
Boom! Boom!
Water and fire intertwined and roaring sounds exploded constantly which made Ace’s crew nervous while Roja yawned and fell asleep.
“Ace only cares about the shape of the flames. He didn’t try to improve its quality at all… Or does the Mera Mera No Mi can only change the shape and can’t improve the quality?”
Roja noticed that Ace was stronger than he was in the first half of the Grandline but it wasn’t enough.
The most important point is that Ace developed a move such as Entei, this only enhanced the shape of the flame and made it bigger but its temperature was the same
The temperature is the most important factor that should be focused on in Roja’s view.
If 6,000 Degree can make Roja the most powerful in the world, then when he releases the Bankai, Zanka no Tachi, he could destroy the world.
Roja thought then put his hand on his chin: “According to what I know, the Mera Mera No Mi should be able to increase the temperature of the fire too. Ace’s Hotarubi completely changed the flame’s nature.”
 Roja shook his head as he thought about this.
Every Devil Fruit have an unlimited potential to develop further and get stronger. The problem is what path you take to develop it. After thinking about this, the space type Devil Fruit appeared in his mind, Sen Maboroshi swallowed it without him knowing what that fruit even does.
Boom! Boom!
Ace and Jinbei were full of wounds, they still didn’t fall down as they gasped violently and continued the fight.
As they fought, a huge pirate ship appeared from far away on the sea.
It was the Moby dick of the Whitebeard pirates.
“White… Whitebeard!”
“Whitebeard is coming!”
Ace’s crew members were horrified as they looked at the big ship coming toward them.
Originally they followed Ace to challenge Whitebeard but they didn’t expect to encounter a Shichibukai. Ace had a hard time fighting Jinbei and now Whitebeard appeared here. Ace can’t face him like this what should they do?
A small boss appeared first then the big demon appeared after him.
Some pirate were shocked by Whitebeard by they suddenly remembered that there was a big demon here already. They turned toward Roja with pleading eyes.
“What are you looking at me like that for?”
Roja felt angry and also funny as he said: “You are all pirates and now you want me to rescue you and face Whitebeard? I will throw you in the Jail first.”
“Uh… …”
Ace’s crew members were crying. They looked at each other without knowing what to do.
Behind them was the Ghost sword, and in front of them was Whitebeard. How can they live after this?
Roja and Whitebeard, the strongest people in the world, they actually encountered these two at the same time… They felt like crying but there were no tears at all.
“Who is going to take my head? I will fulfill your plea and be your opponent!”
When the Moby dick arrived, a rough and loud sound came from it, then someone leaped down and landed on the shore.
“I will do it myself! “
Whitebeard’s voice sounded again while Marko and the others stood on the deck and watched leisurely.
They trusted Whitebeard’s strength. Fire fist Ace can’t do anything to him.
But as they looked at the people around, their faces changed and their eyes were wide from shock.
“Ghost… Ghost Sword?!”
This kind of surprised almost made their hearts stop. Marko and the others couldn’t calm down. Wasn’t this fight to teach Fire Fist who knew nothing in this world a lesson, how come the Marine Admiral Ghost sword is here?!
Marko and the others almost jumped up from fright but Roja just kept sitting there watching the show.
And of course, Whitebeard noticed Roja as soon as he landed.
His eyes flashed with an inexplicable meaning. He then looked at Fire Fist who fell to the ground after fighting so long with Jinbei. He thought about something then went forward.
Seeing this, Ace’s crew swallowed, gnawed their teeth and rushed up to protect Ace.
 “Gurararara… What a bunch of good kids…”
Seeing this, Whitebeard blinked a bit and then genuinely smiled. After that, he slammed the ground.
The earth crushed and a horrible force swept all directions. Ace’s crew flew away without any resistance.
Seeing this, Ace gritted his teeth and struggled to stand up.
A fire curtain suddenly appeared and defended Ace’s crew.
“You want to run away?”
Ace knew that he couldn’t fight Whitebeard. He was too ignorant before. How can he fight Whitebeard who had the same title as Roja, the title of the strongest!
This scene was moving and made Ace’s crew cry.
Because Ace’s flame curtain just happened to also block Roja… This was The Ghost Sword, a horrible monster at the same level as Whitebeard.
“That’s not a bad choice, but you’re still a brat… You’re ignoring me too much!”
Roja didn’t glance at them, he didn’t really think that Ace would do this to let his crew escape.
Roja was too lazy to move, he just let out his Haoshoku and made Ace’s crew faint.
Whitebeard looked at Roja, and then he shifted his gaze toward Ace and said: “Do you want to retreat now?”
“Let my companions go and in exchange, I won’t escape!”
Roja didn’t know how will Roja treat his companions, but falling in Roja’s hands was better than being in Whitebeard’s. After All, Whitebeard was a pirate.
“You are quite an arrogant brat.”
This time Whitebeard was a little angry and also felt a little funny about Ace’s behavior.
In an instant, Ace’s flames were defeated by Whitebeard.
“This kid’s flames are incomparable to Ghost Sword’s, he’s still too young.”
Feeling Ace’s power, Whitebeard couldn’t help but mutter and glance at Roja’s direction. But he was amazed because Roja was no longer there.
Whitebeard shook his head as he couldn’t understand Roja’s behavior.
At this time, Ace who was in front of him struggled to stand up.
“Gurarara, you can still stand up.”


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