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G.O.S.S Chapter 295: 2 Years!

Seeing that everything went according to the original story, Roja left.
He came here just to see this. He was too lazy to do anything else. For Garp’s sake, he watched after Ace, but he wasn’t his babysitter. Ace should live his own adventure.
After Ace recognizes Whitebeard as his old man, then he won’t do anything bad as long as he follows him.
After returning to the Headquarter, Roja went to Garp and told him about what happened, in addition to that he reported to Sengoku who could only smile.
He can’t control Roja.
Roja ignored the five elders’ calls more than dozens of times. If it was anyone else, even if it was an Admiral, they would be angry and banish him.
After doing all these trivial things, Roja began to practice.
Two years went by in a flash and during those two years, Roja rarely left the Headquarters. He was sitting alone on the edge of the cliff facing the sea.
He occasionally waved his sword which led to an abyss appearing on the sea before returning to normal.
The Marines were shocked at first but they gradually became numb. They even talked and laughed normally while witnessing this.
Of course, no one dared to disturb Roja including the Admiral, and even Sengoku didn’t want to interrupt his practice.
Some years ago, Roja could face Whitebeard and retreat without any injuries, but now would Roja be able to snatch the Title of the strongest?
All these things were unknown.
One day, While Roja was sitting on the cliff. He grabbed Sen Maboroshi and waved it.
He didn’t use Getsuga Tensho and there was almost no sword energy at all, but a terrible gash appeared on the sea.
Just as a few Marines looked at this, they took a deep breath and looked at each other while feeling awe.
“It seems… Like it’s a lot stronger than before.”
“Well, it is indeed.”
Ordinary people won’t feel a change, but they were rear Admirals after all. During these two years, they could feel Roja’s improvement.
At first, they could comprehend what’s happening a little, but later on, Roja’s swordsmanship reached an unfathomable extent that they were no longer able to comprehend a thing as they watched.
Several Marines looked at this in awe.
He was already the strongest, but he keeps on getting even more powerful.
They didn’t know how strong Roja was anymore. No one can answer this question, even Garp and Sengoku couldn’t.
But getting stronger than the strongest… What does that make him?
This question will bring a headache to those who think about it.
On the edge of the cliff, Roja slowly withdrew his sword and looked at sea faintly.
“Forty meters.”
If ordinary people in his world had a limit of 30 meters when it came to the Sword’s field, then Roja just broke that limit reaching 40 meters.
Even Mihawk could only reach 30 meters, but he’s was more stable than others. Even so Roja surpassed him today, that is to say, Roja could be said the strongest Swordsman in the world.
Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi and with an idea, the property bar appeared before him.
The Fifth Stage: The Perfect Sen Maboroshi +10
Attributes: Attack +3000, Strength +1000, Agility +1000, Physical +1000, Spirit +1000
Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Met the initial condition)
Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.
Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.
Special attribute: Devouring- If an enemy is killed, Absorb part of their vitality and spirit power to heal oneself and replenish their consumed spiritual energy. 
Energy: 381/440
In these two years, Sen Maboroshi reached the peak of the fifth stage. Only the last step remains and he can reach the sixth stage.
Roja already felt Sen Maboroshi getting more powerful as his level increased. After reaching the sixth Stage it should awaken.
With Sen Maboroshi current level, Roja’s physical strength is about the same as Garp and in term of Haki he could already compete with Shanks.
Relying only on his physical power, Haki, and swordsmanship, Roja could fight Whitebeard in his peak.
“What is above the peak, I’m very curious about this…” Roja stood up and smiled while facing the sea.
After stopping the training, Roja went to the headquarters.
Along the way, the Marines saluted Roja respectfully.
Roja arrived at his office. As he entered he could see Ain’s figure who was promoted recently busily dealing with paper works.
Ain and Roja’s relationship wasn’t bad.
When Ain saw Roja, she was surprised then grinned at him.
“I haven’t seen you coming here for a long time, I thought you lost your way to the office.”
After all, Ain was with Roja in the same comp. She often assisted Roja even after Graduation and was in contact with him a few ties. She didn’t feel that nervous around Roja and could occasionally make a joke.
“Is that so? It’s been only a month.”
Roja shrugged as he walked toward Ain.
Ain stood up and gave her seat to Roja at the same time said: “It’s only a month? Even the other Admirals didn’t do this.”
“I am not like them.”
Roja pouted and picked up the document from the table. After glancing at it, he picked another one.
Seeing Roja looking at the documents wildly, Ain was stunned as if she saw something incredible. She stared at Roja for a long time.
“What is it?”
Roja felt weird receiving that stare and couldn’t help but ask.
Ain stood straight and replied earnestly: “Nothing, I just think that the sun is coming out from the west today…”
Hearing Ain’s words, Roja couldn’t help laughing: “Do you need to make so exaggerated? I was just bored and wanted to look at the documents.”
As he said this, Roja glanced at another file and picked it up.”
“Morgan, a captain in the 153rd branch, was stripped of his rank for abuse of his position…Huh?”
Seeing this Roja a little familiar and immediately thought about this Morgan, he was the one who was defeated by Luffy and Zoro?!
“This is interesting, this means that Luffy already set out in the sea?”


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