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G.O.S.S Chapter 296: Sea Restaurant!

At the Baratie sea restaurant in the East Blue which was a famous restaurant for everyone, even pirates eat here.
However, in the past few days, the restaurant became chaotic. On one hand, a waiter ran away and on the other way a helpless waiter arrived.
“Monkey! Don’t eat the guest’s food.”
“Ah! I just ate a mouthful of chicken soup… “
Several chefs were gnashing their teeth while looking at Luffy with his Straw hat eating a chicken leg.
The same as the original plot, Luffy came to this sea restaurant to find a chef a few days ago. But they run into a Marine ship that actually started firing at them, Luffy accidentally redirected a canon ball toward the sea restaurant which opened a hole in the kitchen, so Luffy was made to work as a waiter.
But compared to the helpless Luffy, the Chefs here were even more helpless and couldn’t wait to throw Luffy out.
Making Luffy a waiter was a huge mistake because he will eat everything.
“Hey! You guys… I am starving here!”
Sanji just finished a dish for five people but Luffy ate all of it.
Luffy patted his belly which was full now and said with a smile: “I am full, Gotso sama deshita!”
“That wasn’t for you!”
All the chefs said in unison!
At the same time, impatient voices were heard from outside the kitchen.
“Hey! What happened to the restaurant? Why is the food not here yet?”
“Yeah, we’ve been waiting for an hour now!”
Many guests were impatient and annoyed from waiting which made the chefs look awkward.
Sanji had no choice but to make a few dishes as fast as he could, but again Luffy took them.
“Ah, I am going to deliver the food.”
Luffy smiled and said, then took a few plates and walked out of the kitchen.
Sanji and all the chefs were having a headache.
Although Luffy said his full, in fact, he wasn’t full in the least. While walking to deliver the food, he began eating from the plates.
When he arrived at the table, everything was half eaten.
“I was wondering why it took so long for the food to arrive, but it seems like you ate it.”
At the table, Roja was dressed casually while sitting leisurely waiting for the food and said with a smile.
When Luffy saw Roja, he was a little worried and stopped eating. He looked at Roja with wide eyes full of worry.
“You… Why are you here?”
“Oh, you’re not greeting me and not even calling me uncle!”
Roja made a fist and knocked Luffy on the head. The latter screamed and took back a few steps while a big bump appeared on his head.
In the last two days, Luffy was hit by the guest and chefs of the restaurant. Many people witnessed it but Luffy was made of Rubber and he didn’t feel any pain at all.
But now, this fist that wasn’t that strong actually made him screams from pain.
“It hurts! Just like Grandpa’s fist!!!”
Luffy threw down the plates and grabbed his head while a tear seemed to appear in the corner of his eye.
Roja moved and caught the plat thrown by Luffy, then put them on the table.
Sanji and the others heard the commotion outside and couldn’t help feel a headache coming back. They knew that Luffy had caused trouble once again. Sanji went out and black lines appeared on his head as soon as he looked at the dishes on the table.
“I am very sorry, please wait a moment and I will give you another plate.”
As he said this was ready to take back the plate, He looked at Roja and was a little bit confused… This guy seems a little familiar?!
As he thought a little about it, he shook his head. This was a restaurant and he could see all kinds of people every day. It would be normal to see someone familiar.
Roja replied casually after taking a look at Sanji, and then his gaze shifted back to Luffy as he said: “Your really promising kid. Working here, this can save a little face for me and your Grandfather.”
“I can’t help it.”
Luffy showed a very helpless expression and said: “I accidentally injured someone here…”
“Ok, we’ll do this slowly.”
Roja snorted and returned to his seat.
Seeing this, Sanji who was collecting dishes and was ready to re-cook Roja’s order, heard them talking and said with surprised: “Do you know him!”
 Roja rolled his eyes and said: “I don’t know… I don’t know such a stupid kid.”
Sanji resisted spitting and yelled loudly at Roja as he seemed about to go crazy: “Please take him away with you! He’s a disaster to our restaurant!”
“Ah? You didn’t promise to become my chef?”
 Luffy came over with a cute face and looked at Sanji.
Sanji glared at Luffy: “Like hell, I will!”
Seeing Luffy and Sanji quarreling again, some people came from outside the restaurant, they were Zoro, Nami, and Usopp.
“It begins again? Really now…”
At a glance, Zoro was uncomfortable, since a few days ago, he felt like he had a fake captain.
Usopp was laughing his heart out and shouted: “Luffy, is there something to eat.”
Nami’s pair of eyes was swaying here and there. These days she was wondering how to make money from joining pirates.
After Zoro came in, Roja looked at him with great interest. Compared to a few years ago, Zoro seemed to have grown significantly.
At this moment, Zoro finally noticed Roja who was sitting there, his eyes became serious and his expression changed.
“It’s you?!”
Zoro looked at Roja seriously while there was a slight shudder in his tone.
He obviously didn’t think that he can see Roja again. His encounter with Roja made him realize that there is always someone stronger out there.
Zoro’s action caught Luffy’s attention which made Luffy show a surprised expression as he asked: “Zoro, do you know him?”
“Well? That’s what I want to ask you.”
Zoro turned to Luffy as he asked seriously: “Do you know him?”
This conversation made Usopp and Nami a bit confused as they looked at Roja strangely and said: “Zoro, Luffy… Who is he?”
“A very strong guy.”
Zoro’s hands pressed on the sword as he said.
On the other side, Luffy said cutely: “He is my Uncle.”
“Your uncle?!”
Zoro, Usopp, and Nami looked at Luffy with wide open eyes.
Everyone couldn’t believe this, especially Zoro. It was unbelievable, no matter how you look at them, regardless of temperament or appearance, they weren’t the same.


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