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G.O.S.S Chapter 297: Captain Krieg

Zoro was embarrassed because he wanted to compete with Roja again while the latter was his captain’s elder.
Roja smiled and ignored Luffy. Instead, he looked at Zoro and said leisurely: “So many years have passed, it seems like you have grown a lot.”
Just as Zoro put his hand on his sword and tried to challenge Roja, sword pressure emerged.
It wasn’t noticeable by normal people but Roja was at the top of the world right now, he was very clear what level Zoro was in.
Zoro has already understood the rhythm of all things, he was stronger than the original when he reached this place. His strength was about the same as after he fought in Alabasta.
When he heard Roja, Zoro stayed silent and didn’t speak.
At this time, Luffy suddenly looked at Zoro strangely and said: “How do you know him…”
“Don’t mention it.”
Zoro shook his head and walked toward the table.
At this time, Usopp looked at Roja curiously and asked Luffy: “Luffy, what does your uncle do for a living?”
Even Usopp could feel something from Roja, it wasn’t easy to offend him, he had a noble like temperament, there was no way an ordinary man could have that.
Nami was also surprised as she looked at the two of them.
“Ah… He is a Marine.”
Luffy said with a cute face.
Both Nami and Usopp exclaimed at the same time while looked at Roja strangely. What kind of joke is this, Luffy was a pirate and his uncle turned to be a Marine?!
When Roja saw this he couldn’t help but sigh and said coldly: “The straw hat pirates… Although there is no reward on your heads, I will catch you early so you don’t cause any trouble later.”
Usopp was shocked ad directly looked at Luffy and said: “Luffy what is happening here.”
On the other hand, Nami was full of cold sweet as she smiled: “That… I actually don’t know them.”
“You are my Navigator.”
Luffy looked at Nami innocently.
Nami slammed her fist on Luffy’s head and said: “Shut up.”
When Roja saw this he couldn’t help but smile and said: “Don’t worry, I’m just here for a meal.”
Even if Luffy wasn’t his nephew, Roja had no reason to actually catch them, after all, they were a group of people saving every island they go to while playing pirates.
In Roja’s eyes, Luffy was just a stupid kid who loves to make trouble.
“Hey, Luffy, you didn’t mention that you have someone in your family in the Marine?”
Usopp breathed a sigh of relief and asked Luffy.
Luffy looked at Usopp and said: “well, my grandfather is also a Marine but I hate Marines the most…Ouch!”
Luffy didn’t finish talking and fist slammed on his head.
Roja glanced at Luffy, although he didn’t care about his identity as a Marine, Luffy said he hated them in front of him and didn’t put him in his eyes.
Luffy was slammed on his head but the atmosphere seemed to ease up.
At this time, Sanji got two dishes from the kitchen and put them in front of Roja.
The stunned Usopp reacted and said to Luffy: “Wait, what does your other family members do?”
Luffy held his head and didn’t know how to answer this question.
Just at this moment, broken glass sound was heard and the restaurant became quiet.
Usopp, Nami, and the others looked around and saw a guest sitting by the window as he stood up to his feet trembling as if he just saw something terrible.
“That’s… that’s the pirate ship of captain Krieg!!”
Someone shouted and the whole restaurant became chaotic. Countless people panicked and didn’t know what to do anymore.
In this part of the sea, not many had heard about the Yonko or the Shichibukai. In their eyes the most terrible pirate here is Krieg.
He had 5,000 people in his crew and almost 50 ship which was actually had the same battle power as the Marine base in the east Blue.
“How come Krieg pirates came here!”
“Is it to avenge that man?”
The guests and chefs all panicked.
Usopp was also shocked and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He couldn’t help shout: “K… Krieg pirates!!! Luffy, let’s escape from here!”
However, Luffy seemed like nothing happened as he continued to eat. He only exclaimed about how that ship was big. Zoro next to him was also very calm while Roja ate slowly without even lifting his head.
The commotion outside led to red-leg Zeff, the owner of the restaurant, to step out.
As the ship was getting closer, its state was displayed. It seemed like a storm attacked it as it seemed broken all over.
“A large ship was damaged to such extent which is almost impossible to do by manpower. Most likely they encountered a natural disaster.”
Sanji took a cigarette and looked at the ship coming toward them.
When the ship arrived, two figures appeared at the restaurant’s door. One was Gin who ate here a few days ago and the other one was captain Krieg who was so weak that he couldn’t stand on his own.
“Sorry… Can you give me some food and water… I have money with me, how much do you want me to give you…” Krieg said in a weak state.
Seeing Krieg so weak, a chef from the restaurant felt funny and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Ha ha ha! So funny, is this the infamous captain, Krieg?!”
The fatty looked at Roja and he seemed to hear that Roja was a Marine, so he said: “You seem to be a Marine, hurry up and catch him. This is a rare chance.”


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