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G.O.S.S Chapter 298: Dead!

“Don’t bother me when I’m eating.”
Roja, who was eating and didn’t even lift up his head, finally looked up toward the fatty and said.
If he remembers correctly, this guy was a pirate before.
In short, except for the guests, everyone else is a pirate. Roja treats his own people and other pirates with a different attitude.
The difference in attitude made Patty stiffen in his place somewhat fearful. He felt that Roja was a little scary and without realizing he took a few steps back.
Patty swallowed and suppressed his fear. He looked at Krieg and said: “If that’s the case, I will kill you now and send you to the Marine.”
When Patty was ready to attack, he got kicked by Sanji. The latter took a plate of rice and put it in front of Krieg.
“Hey! Sanji gets that plate back, don’t you know who this is?! He is the infamous captain Krieg.”
“This guy has no honor, he joined the Marine, killed a sergeant and took his boat to become a Marine… He won’t show mercy even if you save his life.”
Sanji listened to this and was slightly distracted.
The moment Krieg finished his plate, he stood up and slammed his elbow toward Sanji sending him flying.
The people looking were amazed.
Krieg showed an arrogant and cold face completely different than the previous him. He swept his gaze at the people here and said: “Good restaurant, this ship… I want it.”
“Look, this is Krieg, he wants to take our ship now!!”
The Chefs were full of cold sweat.
The guests fled in horror as the infamous Don Krieg was going to seize the restaurant.
“Hey Luffy, let’s leave now!”
Usopp looked horrified. Seeing that Luffy didn’t move, he couldn’t help but look at Roja and said: “That…  You are a Marine, right? Aren’t you going to arrest him?!”
Usopp’s words were heard by Krieg who looked coldly and said: “There is a Marine here?”
Krieg’s gaze fell on Roja, his killing intent was apparent in his eyes and at the same time, all the people here looked at Roja at the same time.
The atmosphere seemed to turn serious all of a sudden.
But at this time, Zeff who had been calm the entire time looked at Roja and suddenly his pupil shrunk as he looked at Roja strangely.
Wait… Marine?
This guy… He seems to be…
Even when Krieg came here, Zeff was calm. He was a man who went to the Grandline after all and his experience wasn’t as bad as Krieg who almost got killed by Mihawk.
So facing Krieg he was very calm.
But when he saw Roja, he couldn’t stay calm anymore and his forehead was full of cold sweat.
No one noticed this change. Krieg didn’t even care as he stared coldly at Roja only to find Roja completely ignoring him which made him Angry.
“Damn Marine… I will just kill you!”
One person actually destroyed his entire fleet. Krieg felt wronged and he didn’t have a place to release his anger but that suppressed anger broke out when Roja ignored him.
A few mechanical sounds were heard as soon as Krieg opened his coat. 10 gun barrels appeared out and pointed out at Roja.
Seeing this, Except for the Roja and Luffy and the people next to Usopp, all the others screamed and fled toward the distance.
Originally, they hoped that Luffy’s uncle could kill this guy but now it seemed that this guy’s weapons aren’t a joking matter.
On the other side, Nami saw this and was a little disappointed and couldn’t help retreat to the side.
Only Luffy, Zoro, and Roja remained calm.
“Zoro, Luffy please retreat!”
Usopp couldn’t help yelling at Luffy and Zoro, the both of them didn’t move at all.
Luffy and Zoro looked at each other and decided to deal with Krieg. But in the next moment, Roja finished eating and raised his head.
“Really, disturbing my meal…”
This guy really did a great job, Roja originally wanted to leave him to Zoro and Luffy but he had to target him out of everyone here… He’s just that unlucky.
“Damn it!”
When Krieg saw that Roja was still ignoring him, he finally turned crazy from anger and shot at Roja.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Dozens of bullets flew toward Roja and smoke filled the guns.
Seeing this, Usopp and the chefs couldn’t help close their eyes. They couldn’t bear seeing Roja getting hit by that many bullets.
But facing those bullets, Roja didn’t even stand up.
He held the handkerchief in one hand to wipe his mouth while the other hand grabbed a knife on the table and slashed the void.
A strange power forced the bullets to stop in midair.
Seeing this, people were shocked and felt like they were dreaming as they saw the bullets suddenly stop then fall one after the other to the ground.
“This, this…”
“What just happened? What did he do?!”
In addition to Zoro’s pupil shrinking, almost everyone felt incredible. Even Nami looked at him strangely.
Luffy who was preparing to help Roja opened his mouth.
“This is impossible!!”
Krieg saw this and couldn’t believe his eyes as he said: “Mu bullets actually…”
Krieg bit his teeth and continued to fire at Roja.
Roja finally looked at Krieg with a look as if he was looked at a dead person.
“Joined the Marine? Killed a sergeant and stole his warship?”
Execution on the spot!
Roja held the knife in his hand and waved it at Krieg.
The air seemed like the surface of the water as ripples suddenly spread toward Krieg’s bullets which fixed them in the air.
The ripples continued to spread toward Krieg which made him stop moving instantly with eyes full of horror. He couldn’t help looking at his armor which now had a clear-cut.
Blood gushed out of the cut while the people looked at this in silence.
Krieg just died by Roja’s dining knife which made them more horrified than shocked.
After Roja put the Knife down, not only Krieg body but also the wall behind him were cut in half.
It seemed like the whole world was cut in half by that strike.


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