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G.O.S.S Chapter 299: Roja’s Identity!

The entire restaurant turned silent. Half of the wall that was cut fell into the sea which was a shocking scene to all people witnessing this.
“It was cut… Are you joking? What have I just seen?!”
“The wall of the big ship just…”
Patty and the other chefs looked at this and were shaken. they couldn’t hold the weapons in their hands anymore as they fell on the ground.
Sanji’s eyes widened and his forehead was full of cold sweat as the shock was apparent on his face. Even Zeff took a deep breath.
Sure enough, it’s him.
“He just cut a large boat with a small dining knife.”
Zoro couldn’t stay calm, his heart trembled but not due to fear. He was excited looking at a whole different level in swordsmanship.
When they heard Zoro’s voice, Nami and Usopp woke up from their shock as they looked at Zoro.
“Zo… Zoro, what are you talking about?! Just now…”
Usopp felt weird as he was about to ask Zoro a question, but he saw Roja put down the dining knife which made him swallow back his word while fear took over him.
Nami was also stunned by the level of power that she had never witnessed before.
She felt that Arlong was already very strong. She felt that it’s almost impossible for a Human to defeat Arlong, but witnessing Roja’s power, she felt that Arlong… Was nothing compared to Roja.
In the middle of the sea, the sea Restaurant was in a mess. Countless chefs were rushing out to avoid sinking with the Ship.
Luffy and the others also reacted and rushed out while Johnny and Yosaku saw the commotion and rushed toward the restaurant with the ship.
They were horrified by what they saw and couldn’t help ask.
“What happened just now?!”
They looked at Zoro full of shock as the scene outside was more terrifying than the one from inside.
Zoro didn’t speak but just looked at Roja next to him.
The waves gradually subsided and everyone in the ship looked at Roja, as for the dead Krieg no one paid attention to him anymore.
Zeff took a deep breath and awe appeared in his eyes. He found it difficult to keep calm anymore as he said: “I really didn’t expect a someone like you would visit the East Blue…”
If Zeff made up his mind to be a Chef and give up his dreams, than to Roja his nothing more than a chef.
“I’m a Marine, Isn’t it normal for me to pay a visit once in a while?” Roja glanced at Zeff and picked up a cup full of Wine as he said leisurely.
“Your restaurant isn’t bad.”
Someone looked at Roja then turned toward Zeff and said: “ Boss, He is… Who is he?”
Zeff didn’t speak and just stood there.
On the other side, Usopp looked at Luffy full of sweat as he said: “Hey! Luffy! You didn’t say that your uncle so powerful! Who is he exactly?”
Luffy was a little confused as replied: “It seems like he is… An Admiral?”
An Admiral!
When the words came out, no one could speak.
You could almost hear a needle hitting the ground if one was dropped.
This was the East Blue, so the highest ranking Marine was a Rear Admiral, even a Vice was hard to see in this area.
Among the Marine, A rear Admiral seemed like only a grade below the Vice and Admirals, but actually, the difference in power wasn’t something just one grade could describe.
They were at sea Restaurant, they don’t have much contact with the Marines here, but at most, a Commodore, to have anything above that was very rare, but now an Admiral was in front of them.
Almost everyone was afraid.
“An Admiral who is good with swords… He, He is the Ghost sword!”
Many people felt their hearts shook as they heard the name Ghost Sword.
Luffy’s uncle was actually an Admiral, is there anything more incredible than this?!
Under the gaze of the few people here, Roja continued to drink the wine in the cup then finally stood up.
“Since I have already eaten, I need to go now, as for you…”
 Roja looked at Luffy and Zoro and the others and said: “Following your dream is good, but if you become like that pirate, I’m the first one who will come looking for you.”
Roja though for a bit then looked at Zeff.
“You heard me and should get what I mean.”
The chefs behind Zeff looked at each other and nodded their heads like chickens while Zeff just nodded.
Roja nodded in satisfaction as he was too lazy to cause trouble for these people so he just turned around and left.
The people looked at Roja’s back and almost no one dared to move. Nami hesitated as she wanted to say something but didn’t dare to. As for Zoro, he clenched his fist several times but after looking at Luffy he endured his urge.
Just when everyone thought that Roja would leave, he stopped as he seemed to see something coming in the sea.
At first, no one dared to move but Roja stayed there without moving as he looked at the sea, which made Usopp and Zoro all show a strange expression.
Luffy was also curious as went out to see followed by Zoro.
As someone already took the lead, the chefs and everyone else went out and looked at the same direction Roja was looking at.
One the sea, at Krieg’s ship’s remains, a few pirates were struggling to grab on some pieces of the ship.
Everyone was puzzled as these pirates weren’t worthy of Roja stopping for them.
And just at this moment, a few people with sharp eyes saw a boat moving slowly on the sea.
“Look, there is a boat over there!”
Everyone looked immediately and saw a boat, Zeff’s expression changed as he saw the boat.
“That is…”


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