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G.O.S.S Chapter 300: Roja and Mihawk!

(T/N: IT seems like I made a mistake, Roja didn’t just cut the wall of the sea Restaurant, but he also cut Krieg’s ship in two.)
A boat was seen drifting past the scattered pieces of the shattered ships.
On the boat, a man was sitting alone carrying a long black sword on his back which was Yoru.
Naturally, everyone knew this man, it’s Mihawk!
Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!
Looking at the figure on the boat, Zoro seemed to be able to hear his heartbeats. He went out on the sea to defeat two people, one is Roja and the other one was the strongest swordsman in the World, Mihawk!
He already met Roja and wasn’t able to calm down after witnessing his power, now he encountered Mihawk!
From beginning to end, Mihawk didn’t make a single movement, but all looking at him couldn’t stay calm at all.
Usopp swallowed and looked at Zoro whose body was trembling slightly. He couldn’t help ask: “Hey, Zoro… Who is that?”
“Another man I’ve been looking for.”
Zoro’s hand were on his sword as he stared at Mihawk and responded to Usopp.
On the other hand, the chefs looked at each other then noticed Zeff’s expression.
“Bo… Boss, He is…”
“There is no mistake.”
Zeff was extremely serious as he said in a deep voice: “I didn’t think I’d meet two people standing at the top of this world in the east blue… He is the world’s strongest swordsman, Mihawk!”
The world’s strongest Swordsman, Even those who didn’t know the name Mihawk, they knew about the world’s strongest swordsman title.
The chefs trembled as they couldn’t believe what they saw.
Mihawk came in front of the Sea Restaurant, his gaze stayed at Luffy before shifting to Roja.
It turned out to be him.
“Ghost Sword…”
His eyes were sharp as he didn’t expect this meeting. He just went out because he was bored and chased after Krieg to the East Blue, but unexpectedly he met Roja.
Mihawk was preparing to cut the Krieg’s ship but he didn’t expect that the job was already well done. The strike’s power surprised him. Even for him, he would have to be serious to receive such a strike.
This was absolutely the top of swordsmanship!
“I thought that there was a strong swordsman in the East blue, I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Mihawks boat stopped as he looked at Roja.
Although Mihawk was sitting on the throne of the strongest swordsman for a long time, he wasn’t arrogant. He was looking forward to learning a new thing by fighting Roja.
Even if Roja was stronger than him right now, he wouldn’t cower based on his mentality.
“This is actually good.”
Roja stood up outside the restaurant as he looked at Mihawk.
Last time, Roja went to see the fight between Soros and Mihawk, and although he said he didn’t want to talk about it, he already felt sorrow in Mihawk when he defeated Soros which killed some of Mihawk’s battle spirit, so even if he was to fight him then, it wouldn’t be a good fight to learn from.
Both Mihawk and Roja belongs to the same type of people, and this encounter between them was fate. (T/N: Wtf Roja knew beforehand that Mihawk will come here, how is this fate.)
“How about a spar?”
Roja looked at Mihawk and smiled.
 Mihawk pulled out Yoru and leaped gently on a piece of wood from the ship.
“That’s what I thought as well.”
“Good then!”
Roja nodded and reached out to grab the void and in turn, Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hand.
Zoro’s attention was fully focused on Roja and Mihawk. The appearance of Sen Maboroshi from think air shocked him.
“Is this your sword?”
Zoro couldn’t help ask Roja, he met Roja twice and both times he saw Roja’s swordsmanship, but the first time Roja used a tree branch and the second time he used a dining knife.
He never saw Roja’s sword before.
Roja looked at Zoro and said. At the same time he noticed Zoro’s intent for battle and couldn’t help pause and say: “Sometimes, it’s good to see for yourself than hear from other people. You’re a member of Luffy’s crew now, so some things don’t need rush.”
At the moment Roja finished his words, he didn’t wait for Zoro’s response. He moved quickly and appeared on one of the pieces of woods as well.
“Are they going to fight? The strongest Marine Admiral, the Ghost Sword and the world’s strongest Swordsman, Mihawk. What type of fight this will be…”
The chefs couldn’t help but swallow. They were nervous, even more, nervous than the people fighting.
Whether it is Zeff, Luffy, or the others, they were staring at Roja and Mihawk without shifting their gazes from them at all.
Zoro’s hand pressed on his hilt and looked at both of them. But as he looked at the wrecked ship, he put his hand down and looked at Roja and Mihawk again.
Silence fell, as no one dared to speak.
Roja’s and Mihawk didn’t move. In their level, even a single mistake could cause a loss.
Their sword’s will swelled and reached the sky as the sea breeze blew between them. This breeze seemed to transform into sharp swords and when it reached the chefs, their cheeks were hurt.
Some people were in horror as their clothes seemed to receive some damage from that breeze.
Mihawk was fully focused on Roja, he wasn’t holding back his will at all as he put himself in the best state ever. He was also using Haki while Yoru became even shinier.
In front of Mihawk, Roja stood there seemingly relaxed.
The two moved at the same time, Roja didn’t use Getsuga Tensho nor any of his Zanpakuto’s abilities. He simply used his swordsmanship and Haki against Mihawk’s strike.
Mihawk poured all of his power into this strike.
A clear sound was heard as the two swords collided.
The whole world seemed to stop for a moment, and then a horrible storm blew up between them. The sea swept through the sky as the world seemed to turn upside down.
This left the audience stunned!


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