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G.O.S.S Chapter 301: They Left!

Both Roja and Mihawk stood at the top of the world when it comes to Swordsmanship.  Mihawk didn’t use any trick as he only swung his sword as powerful as he could.
The same was true for Roja as he just wanted to know whether he really surpassed Mihawk or not.
Both of them used their full power. When the two strikes collided, nothing happened for a moment then waves started to form on the sea and wind blew like crazy.
It was just the collision of two swords.
Even though it was only a collision between two swords, the one holding the swords were Grand Master swordsman.
Waves after waves splashed against the sea restaurant which made the chefs catch the railings afraid of falling.
Is this something humans can do?
Zoro held the railings as he looked at this scene. His eyes were full of excitement and confusion. He already learned the rhythm of all things and officially entered the master swordsman realm so this fight will enlighten him.
Seeing this made him able to take a glimpse at the grandmaster swordsman realm.
He understood and was excited while watching this level of swordsmanship.
This is what he was looking for, this is what he wanted.
Roja and Mihawk stood in front of each other as the wrecked ship spread all over the sea.
Mihawk smiled a little as a small wound appeared on his body and blood dripped from it.
On the other hand, Roja stood straight while holding Sen Maboroshi.
“You can even go beyond that limit…”
Mihawk didn’t care about that small wound as a strange look appeared on his eyes.
This wound was nothing, Roja won against him but not by too much.
What made him unable to remain calm was that he stood at the peak for many years and reached a limit that he couldn’t pass.
Neither he nor shanks had crossed this line, all he could do was stand there without any way to move forward.
He didn’t find the way to improve further.
But now, he saw something different in Roja, Roja stepped beyond that line already.
“Let’s continue.”
Roja looked at Mihawk’s eyes without joy, he only let out a sigh.
As a swordsman, Roja was very appreciative of Mihawk but unfortunately, Mihawk was different from him.
Roja was after all from another world and he also had a zanpakuto, he already knew that there is still a long way ahead of him.
“You didn’t actually lose in the way of the sword.”
Roja sighed and said something to Mihawk.
Mihawk shook his head and said: “If you lose, you lose. There is no reason to be the strongest if you’re not.”
Putting Yoru on his back, Mihawk jumped back on his boat and drifted away.
Twenty-two years after the pirate’s golden era, Mihawk lost a duel against Roja and lost his title as the strongest swordsman.
“Who can actually be the strongest…”
When Roja looked at Mihawk’s retreating back, he shook his head and sighed. He could already understand Mihawks meaning but the latter couldn’t understand his.
After all, he isn’t someone from this world. He has Sen Maboroshi and sooner or later, he will reach a power that is beyond this world. He is already the strongest in this world, but in his eyes, he wasn’t strong enough.
There are different horizons and different realms.
That’s why Roja said to Mihawk that he didn’t lose in the way of the sword.
After this, Roja looked at Luffy’s group and shook his head then stepped on the sea gently and left.
The people in the sea restaurant suddenly woke up from the shock. Some people looked up at the sky while feeling that they were in a dream.
“The cloud… They are actually split in two?!”
“This is the battle between the strongest Admiral and the strongest swordsman… Are they even human?!”
Without anyone knowing, the cloud was split in half with a deep gully appearing. After a while, the clouds cleared and the sky returned to normal.
Looking at this scene, various emotions flashed in the hearts of Luffy and his crew.
Luffy excitedly clenched his fist while Zoro closed his eyes as he thought about the fight. Nami had a complicated gaze as she felt determined.
A few days later, in Loguetown the place that had seen a really epic event twenty years ago which is Roger’s execution and the start of the new era.
Many people passing through this place would go to the execution stand to see the place that triggered the new era.
This day, Roja sat foot into Loguetown. He looked at the Execution stand from afar. As if he crossed space and time, he saw the scene from twenty years ago.
Then Roja recalled the scene of him coming to this world, it has been eleven years since then.
“Twenty years ago the era of piracy began.”
“Gol.D.Roger… You did this for a purpose, I can almost understand one or two. I really admire you more than Shiki and Whitebeard.”
“Admiration is Admiration, even though many pirates embarked on their journey, you also started the most chaotic era… this is a sin.”
Everything has two sides, Roja admired Roger’s character, but at the same time, he didn’t agree with him starting this new era.
“The era of piracy will soon come to an end.”
Looking at the execution stand, Roja sighed.
No one could read Roja’s eyes at the moment as they were difficult to describe with words.
Taking a deep breath, Roja turned around and was ready to leave.
At this time suddenly, a loud noise was heard from a distance. Roja stopped and looked at the source of the noise.
“This guy is… The clown Buggy, he has a bounty of 15 million berry over his head, we mustn’t let them go.”
A young girl dressed in a sergeant uniform and wearing glasses held a sword in her hand with a serious expression commanded a small team of Marines.
“What nasty Marines.”
Buggy’s face was already ugly as he looked at the Marines. Although he was surrounded he wasn’t worried or fearful. “You dare have ideas of catching me, don’t you know my powers.”
“Captain buggy, we have to quickly go, this island is said to have a new Captain from the headquarters. He is a strong monster we can’t deal with him if he comes.”
The pirates nervously reminded Buggy.
When Buggy heard this his expression changed slightly. He said: “What about the Grandline, I’m in the end… In short, Kill this group of Marine and let’s leave.”
“The news of the treasure has already been obtained. I have no time to play with the Marines now.”


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